Natural Body Scents: How Do They Affect The First Impression?

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Natural Body Scents: How Do They Affect The First Impression?
Natural Body Scents: How Do They Affect The First Impression?

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Every person has pheromones. They are secreted through the skin, which is why the body odor of an individual person is different. The smell we exude is as individual as fingerprints. It depends on hormonal levels. Scientists have proven that these substances are so strong that they subconsciously attract a potential partner.

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  • 1 Pheromone parties and how they go
  • 2 Correspondent experience
  • 3 Is there a chance to have a serious relationship?
  • 4 What scent did most girls like?
  • 5 How important is smell?
  • 6 Conclusions of the correspondent

Pheromone Parties and How They Goi

It is known that so-called “pheromone parties” are very popular in Los Angeles, where people sniff each other's T-shirts and choose a partner based only on the scent of another person. Sounds weird, right?

It works as follows. Each participant is asked to sleep in the same T-shirt for three nights and then place it in the freezer for 24 hours to "fix" the pheromones. After completing this process, you bring your pheromone t-shirt to the pheromone party in a clear Ziploc bag and you get a number - pink for girls, blue for boys. All T-shirts are then placed on the display table.

The person then has to sniff the suggested T-shirts, choosing the bags they like. Next, the person should take a photo of the bags they like. The images are then projected onto the wall for the owner to see and make a statement.

Correspondent experience2

Victoria Graham, a correspondent for a famous British publication, decided to go to a pheromone party and find out - is it true that you can find a partner in such an unusual way? Below everything is described with her words.

body scent
body scent

At first, everyone just sat embarrassedly and drank cocktails, waiting to see who would start sniffing the T-shirts first. It reminded me of those awkward school discos where nothing happened until the guy who learned all of Michael Jackson's dance moves started dancing. We were all a little scared - we didn't know how to mentally prepare for what we were about to do. After the second Margarita I drank, I began to sniff the first T-shirt I came across.

She smelled like a bed. Should I like it? It was weird, to say the least. The second T-shirt smelled like perfume, and the third smelled distinctly pizza. They were all so different, and indeed, in each dress I felt something individual and unique.

Is there a chance for a serious relationship? 3

When going to a party, do not create illusions. Treat it like fun. While searching, I found a T-shirt bag that I liked. She was number 24. I took a picture of her, but no one came up to me and said hello, and the owner of number 24 will remain Mister X for me.

body odor
body odor

What scent did most girls like? 4

It is difficult to single out one distinct smell specifically. However, most of the girls noted that “the fresh scent of cotton with a light scent of the male body” is the most winning combination. Some also shared what caused their disgust. This is the smell of old stuff, moisture, food.

They say that such disgusting smells without words speak of hygiene, which is not so successfully observed. “Wait, if he was preparing for the party this way (which involves observing personal hygiene in order to attract passion), then how does he generally take care of himself in everyday life? There is nothing more disgusting than neglect of cleanliness."

How important is smell? 5

I got into conversation with the same girls who told me that the scent plays a very important role for them. “A person may not start talking yet, as the smell of his body without words will say a lot,” shared one girl named Gabrielle.

“I often have to involuntarily smell. You know, I don't even pay as much attention to my appearance as I do to this. After a sense of humor, scent is the second most important thing I notice."

how does the body smell
how does the body smell

Thus, smells play a significant role in attracting a potential mate. Can your natural scent attract a woman? May be.

But of all the people I spoke to, the selected T-shirts smelled predominantly of aftershave or laundry detergent. Our noses seem to be programmed to find clean body odors rather unattractive on initial contact.

Conclusions of the correspondent6

I have no doubt that some people are subconsciously attracted to the "human" scent that is not clouded by deodorants. It should be understood that pheromones are something that cannot be controlled, and there is no single smell that everyone likes.

However, no one likes the unpleasant aroma associated with non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene - you can be one hundred percent sure of this.

about body odors
about body odors

Regardless of how your pheromone-producing hormones are working, make sure you smell good for a better chance of making a good impression.

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