Silent Dialogue: Non-verbal Signs Of Female Sympathy

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Silent Dialogue: Non-verbal Signs Of Female Sympathy
Silent Dialogue: Non-verbal Signs Of Female Sympathy

Video: Silent Dialogue: Non-verbal Signs Of Female Sympathy

Video: Silent Dialogue: Non-verbal Signs Of Female Sympathy
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signs of female sympathy
signs of female sympathy

Non-verbal body language, or more simply gestures and postures, can tell a lot about a person's true attitude towards anyone. People who possess this knowledge can easily determine what is of vital interest to someone. This knowledge allows you not to waste time on conquering impregnable fortresses.

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  • 1 A smile will make everyone warm
  • 2 The look of an alluring antelope and a proud eagle
  • 3 strand by strand
  • 4 At attention!
  • 5 Voice melody
  • 6 The tie is tighter, the earring is deeper
  • 7 Right to error

A smile will make everyone warmer

A smile is the very first sign of interest. This is especially true for strangers. If suddenly in the metro someone smiled at someone just like that, then this is a clear sympathy and an invitation to communicate. Of course, you don't need to burst through the crowd to say: “Hello, I'm Vasya!”, But keeping the person in sight or even continuing your path after him, if time permits, is quite a good idea. So a smile is a great start to an acquaintance, unless, of course, there was a contemptuous "fi" in response.

The look of an alluring antelope and a proud eagle2

The eyes are the window to the soul. But not only. The eyes are also a great tool for expressing sympathy and interest. The man looks at the girl hungrily. He looks at her frankly. The look is appraising, approving. There is no need to give this any negative connotation, a man does not choose a horse for himself.

In general, they evaluate each woman from the perspective of future motherhood, the ability to bear and give birth to healthy offspring. And this is confirmed by numerous studies, surveys and tests. 90% of the men surveyed spoke about possible motherhood when assessing the female figure.

Girls have been playing with their eyes since childhood. They have it at the genetic level. The look is direct, but with a drag, and at the moment when the man meets her gaze, she sharply lowers her eyes and raises them again. Such "peepers" are very funny, but at the same time they establish eye contact, which then gives a chance for further communication.

Strand by strand3

Hair comes second. The girls begin to twist the curls, and the men carry them along their crown. This unconscious movement suggests that the man at this moment wants to look better, and the girl shows her wrists and the beauty of her hair. And if at the same time she shakes the whole shock, then yes, she clearly seduces. But there is one caveat: twitching the strand or pulling it. This suggests that the girl is out of her comfort zone and further communication is not of interest to her.

female sympathy
female sympathy

At attention! 4

Max Eggert, the author of books on body language, has clearly noted the position of the legs if a person shows sympathy or, on the contrary, wants to leave. If a person is interested in the interlocutor, then the toe of one leg is directed towards the object of interest. If communication is not interesting, then the leg is directed in the opposite direction, for example, towards the door. This posture is rather relaxed at first glance, but at the same time it gives more stability to the initiator of the acquaintance. Although not always. But, if you observe the people who stand in a circle and communicate, then you can easily understand who is sympathetic to whom.

Another pose, legs apart, especially for girls, shows that it is time to approach her and strike up a conversation. In such a pose, she demonstrates the slimness of the legs, with a slight turn of the body - the beauty of the buttocks and the bend of the back. You can even see a light, unconscious hint of a more intimate continuation of the acquaintance.

Voice melody5

If you are lucky, and the person supported the acquaintance with a conversation, then by the timbre and intonation of voice and speech, you can easily determine what the chances of continuation are. The female voice is hemmed with velvet, it becomes lower and deeper, the intonation is playful and languid at the same time, the speech is slightly stretched, acquires melodiousness.

female flirting
female flirting

In men, the voice also becomes brighter. But insinuity, hypnotic notes appear in it. Coupled with a boring look, this technique works flawlessly. Moreover, in 90% of cases, this behavior is absolutely instinctive. But at the same time it is quite conscious.

Tie tighter, deeper earring6

Accessories and clothing items play an important role in determining whether you have sympathy.

In men, this is manifested in the fact that they straighten their tie, pull on their jacket or jumper, straighten the hood or headdress. That is, they give their image neatness and notes of completeness. It is also important for men to present themselves in a favorable light, and they make no less effort to this than women.

The girls start fiddling with earrings, straightening their watches, the strap of the bag, shaking the bracelet on their wrist, demonstrating their wrist. They can play with a chain or pendant, drawing attention to the chest and neck. If a girl is holding a glass in her hands, then she will certainly do it so that the man pays attention to her hands: fingers, manicure, wrist.

signs of a girl's liking
signs of a girl's liking

Right to make mistakes7

But everyone has the right to be wrong in their interpretations. Before jumping up and down after the object, you should still slightly doubt that it did not appear. And then suddenly the return smile was just caused by the remaining cream on the lips after the cake.