Why Do People Kiss On The Street: Scientists Have Figured Out The True Motives

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Why Do People Kiss On The Street: Scientists Have Figured Out The True Motives
Why Do People Kiss On The Street: Scientists Have Figured Out The True Motives

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Why do people kiss on the street
Why do people kiss on the street

They are everywhere. They just filled everything around. Wherever you look on your way to work or to the store; wherever you turn your head - at any point there is some slobbering couple who have completely forgotten about propriety in a public place. Such citizens can be seen at McDonald's, at the bus stop. Open the lid of the fridge in the grocery store - go, and there you will find hugging lovers among the frozen dumplings.

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Do you think their passion is so strong that they don't give a damn about public opinion? Whatever it is. These couples have very different motives, according to new research published in the American Journal of Sex Research. This behavior has nothing to do with attachment or insatiable sex drive. In fact, we are talking here about hidden psychological motives, which we are rarely aware of.

Scientific research on the topic i

The researchers studied the behavior of 349 college students. The subjects were asked to answer questions related to such cases. For example, whether they have experienced kissing in public or other bodily gestures of affection; and what was the reaction of strangers to them. The survey was confidential, and therefore the researchers have no doubts about the frankness of the respondents and the final conclusions.

The results showed that at least 33% had committed this kind of behavior that violated social norms. As it became clear from the polls, it was characteristic of both men and women. This suggests that there is no difference between the sexes in the propensity to kiss in public.

Why do they need it? 2

But the motives of the stronger and the weaker sex were different. It turns out that the guys thereby wanted to emphasize their own social status, to look more "cool" in the eyes of others. At least that is how the majority of the male respondents behaved.

A slightly smaller number of subjects emphasized that they kiss in public to indicate their own power over the object of attachment (namely, the girl). Another small group of respondents claims that they kiss in public just like that - not really thinking about why and what exactly makes them do it.

why do people kiss on the street
why do people kiss on the street

Women in this matter turned out to be much more insidious. The girls shared secret information that they try to choose special public places for kissing. Namely, those where they can meet an ex-boyfriend. Obviously, this is necessary to cause jealousy. Or that "ex" wants to resume the relationship again.

Ladies are convinced that if they kiss in a public place, in front of others, there can be no doubt that they are in demand among the males. And in the event that the former passes by inadvertently, then he supposedly will have an irresistible desire to return her love. What, by the way, psychologists themselves deeply doubt. If female jealousy can still forgive any manifestations of betrayal, then men are much less likely to get away with this. This is confirmed by numerous partings due to "I just kissed him!"

Orientation and public kissing 3

The researchers made another interesting discovery. It turns out that all the guys who have ever kissed other guys in public were gay. At the same time, the girls who did this had a traditional orientation. I wonder what made them do it? Attract male attention? Or did they just bet their girlfriend a kiss? Or maybe they just wanted to challenge themselves? So far, this remains a mystery.

why do people kiss on the street
why do people kiss on the street

Still, most women with this behavior pursue the same goal: to annoy the ex. A slightly smaller group of subjects said that this is how they want to assert themselves in society, to be known as good party girls. However, there were not so many of them.

For both men and women, these goals are achieved in a not entirely noble way: by embarrassing those around them, sometimes completely strangers. The men interviewed say that this simply amuses them, allows them to create a reputation as a gentleman, from whom the female sex is simply crazy. The girls are not particularly enthusiastic about public kisses: some of them have heard such calls in their address as "whore", "here is shameless!" and other refrains.

Drawing conclusions 4

Based on this, we can conclude: men kissing in public are cool and brilliant; women - do it just for pleasure, to achieve hidden goals and sometimes to the detriment of reputation. Oh god, it looks like discrimination against women! Perhaps we should round off with the reasoning, since we risk becoming the target of angry feminists.

why do people kiss on the street
why do people kiss on the street

One way or another, public kissing is not always an uncontrollable passion. More often, it is about deep psychological motives over which most of us have very little control.

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