11 Habits Of Women That Men Are Crazy About

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11 Habits Of Women That Men Are Crazy About
11 Habits Of Women That Men Are Crazy About

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Women's habits
Women's habits

It's no secret that men not only love women, but also adore watching them. The weaker sex are funny, cute creatures. A minute ago, she behaved like a dignified queen, an hour ago like a capricious child, and now like an angry Gorgon Medusa. Women are unique and interesting creatures. Men replenish the supply of ardent feelings and passion, watching her actions. Many women's habits and gestures drive the stronger sex crazy.

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  • 1 Seductive mouth
  • 2 Hair pampering
  • 3 Games with his strands
  • 4 Charming "zamuhryshka"
  • 5 Barefoot and in a man's shirt
  • 6 Where it is cozy and not scary
  • 7 lounging in bed
  • 8 Ohee - sighs
  • 9 Puffs - Puffs
  • 10 Like a ballerina
  • 11 True Tigress

Seductive mouth

The girl talks to the guy, mechanically licks her mouth or bites her lower lip, looking into his eyes. The young lady does not understand what kind of seductress appears before the eyes of a man. His gaze will certainly stop on his lips, besides, there will be an unexpected desire to kiss the interlocutor.

Hair pampering2

Luxurious hair is a woman's pride and the envy of her friends. That being said, hair is a great tool for attracting guys. They are so mesmerized by the female careless play with her hair. A girl runs her fingers through her hair, winds a strand of hair on her finger, straightens a shock of hair or tucks a curl behind her ear - a man will not miss such a procedure and will remember every movement.

Games with his strands3

The partner gets great pleasure when his chosen one runs a gentle hand into his hair. She cannot imagine what pleasure she gives with simple manipulations: she strokes her head, fiddles with short curls, ruffles her short hair. And the man is balde like a cat, sated with sour cream.

Women's habits that guys like
Women's habits that guys like

Charming "zamuhryshka" 4

The well-groomed painted face, the girl's impeccable hairstyle arouses admiration for the gentleman. But how cute and sexy the beloved appears in a careless form after a sound sleep or a sexual battle! Her hair is disheveled, her lips are swollen, her eyes are narrowed and lazy … The woman wraps herself in a blanket and slides smoothly out of bed. She does not care about her own appearance and the surrounding opinion. And with this she conquers a man.

Barefoot and in a man's shirt5

The popular Russian hit read: "I like it when you walk around the apartment naked …" Undoubtedly it is. But the guys are more delighted when a young lady pulls on a man's shirt or a stretched T-shirt over her naked body. Dressed in the clothes of a partner, a woman identifies herself with him, which brings great pleasure to a man, both visually and morally.

Where it is cozy and not scary6

Guys love it when a girl sees him as a source of safety and warmth. In cold weather, she jumps into a strong embrace, during a horror movie, she hides her face on a man's shoulder. The man gets high and realizes how badly she is in need of his patronage.

Sit back in bed7

Men are unfairly accused of dryness and anti-romanticism. Women claim that "males require one sex from them" But this opinion is a mistake. Men are very fond of lying on the couch with a soul mate and watching TV, embracing. Perhaps the constant comments from the beloved are somewhat tiring, but it is so pleasant when her head rests on her shoulder, and her hand gently rests on the man's hairy chest.

Cool female habits
Cool female habits

Ohi - sighs_8212

Many female gestures cause a flurry of positive emotions and a surge of violent imagination in men. The girl bends down to pick up a heavy object, groans and groans, and a scene of a different nature flashes through the guy's head, with the participation of a friend. Men like to feel and hear how their partner flinches in their sleep, cuddles and groans. He wants to hug his beloved, calm him down, or lash out with passionate kisses.

Puffs - Puffs_8212-2

Probably in a past life every woman was a cat. How else to explain her favorite habit of pulling herself up and smoothly bending the back, after a long stay in one position. Guys really like this style. Feline grace and bliss glides over the female body at the moment of pulling up. Even if the lady's physique is extremely curvy.

Like a ballerina8

The partner enters the kitchen and is about to have a cup of tea. She asks the guy to get a mug from a high shelf, but the gentleman continues to sit motionless. The young lady angrily turns away, stands on her toes and reaches for the dishes. The guy does not take his greedy eyes off the woman's figure, from the way the round ass sticks out and the legs are slenderly extended. Girls are very seductive for men at such moments.

True Tigress9

Loving gentlemen love to make their chosen ones laugh. Seeing their happy faces is beyond pleasure. Men give flowers, get fluffy kittens just to please the fair sex. They are delighted when the other half looks with naive, trusting eyes and asks their "smart guy" about something. At this moment, the guy feels his mind, strength and significance. But most of all guys are excited by the angry look of their beloved woman. At such a second, her eyes shoot out lightning, her cheeks are filled with blush and the whole appearance is filled with the charm of the Amazon. Perhaps for this reason, men love to piss off their girls.

Women's habits
Women's habits

It should be noted that with frequent repetition, the angry look of women tires men and, on the contrary, causes annoyance and irritation.

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