Is Kissing Cheating: Results Of A Sex Poll

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Is Kissing Cheating: Results Of A Sex Poll
Is Kissing Cheating: Results Of A Sex Poll
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Is a kiss considered cheating
Is a kiss considered cheating

Absolutely everyone will agree that being loyal to a loved one is terribly painful. You begin to feel worse than the one with whom you cheated, self-esteem goes down, ego goes down below the plinth. Cheated people lose trust in others, and yes, cheating is very, very bad. We all want to avoid betrayal, but betrayal still concerns the best people who are worthy of loyalty and respect.

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Unfortunately, there are some people who believe that sleeping with another person is the norm. About a quarter of the population of our planet believes that one night is not betrayal at all, but just entertainment "for the soul", a break from everyday worries. And what is deception? How do people think? Some do not understand this expression at all, and scientists decided to conduct a survey on this matter.

The thin line of betrayal

For each person, the word “betrayal” will have different meanings, and this depends on the standards of personal upbringing and self-awareness. For some, the real deception of a loved one is to sleep with another person, for others - personal space and freedom (if the half does not know, it will be fine, if they find out, we will somehow solve the problem, there is nothing wrong with that, I didn’t leave / left for good).

Recent studies have shown that the lion's share of people do not consider oral sex to be cheating. Well, yes, someone gave you pleasure, and you gave him pleasure, but his genitals did not touch yours! Scientists were alarmed and agitated by this fact, and they decided to find out further how far an unfree person could go in a relationship on the side, and would not consider it treason.

Research results2

In the studies, 2,000 people took, the first question was: "Do you consider sex with another person cheating?" To which 99% of American women and 97 American boys answered in the affirmative. The percentage is low, only 1% of girls and 3% of boys. But one has only to think about the fact that all these people consider it completely normal to "fuck" on the side, and then, as if nothing happened, come home, where a loving spouse is waiting.

kiss like treason
kiss like treason

But the researchers did not stop there, and began to question people in more detail, which of the proposed they would consider a betrayal of a loved one.

So, what do people consider cheating:

  • Conventional sex with vaginal penetration is considered cheating by Americans: 99% of women and 97% of guys; Europeans: 85.6% women, 81.4% men
  • Oral sex - Americans: 97.6% women, 96.6% men Europeans: 83.8% women, 78.2% men
  • Anal sex - Americans: 98.1% women, 95.3% men Europeans: 81.9% women, 76.2% men
  • Kissing - Americans 88.7% women, 80.7% men; Europeans: 78.4% women, 66.5% men
  • Mutual caress with hands - Americans: 88.5% women, 75.3% men; Europeans: 72.2% women, 62% men
  • Courtesies - Americans: 70.8% women, 60.7% men; Europeans: 44.1% female, 35% male
French Kiss
French Kiss
  • Caring, courting - Americans: 67.5% weaker sex, 62.7% stronger sex; Europeans: 42.8% female, 29.8% male.
  • Emotional closeness, interest in each other with another person - Americans: 70.8% ladies, 52.9% gentlemen; Europeans: 46.6% girls, 32% men.
  • Sleeping in the same room - Americans: 62.2% girls, 51.2% boys.
  • Holding hands, taking hands - Americans: 52.6% of women, 46.4% of men Europeans: 33.1% girls, 24.8% boys
  • Have a friend of the opposite sex - Americans: 43.5% women, 29.2% men; Europeans: 23.4% girls, 18.6% men.

Yes, the results are really stunning! And yet, Americans are more highly moral than the people of Europe.

Ka managed to find out that more people recognize treason in ordinary kisses than in the indiscriminate pawing of a loved one with their hands (from the section mutual affection with hands). That is, a kiss is considered a manifestation of emotional interest, physical attraction. And to get an orgasm from the fact that someone crawled into the most intimate places with their hands is so, to dump the negative that has accumulated during the day.

beautiful kiss
beautiful kiss

Therefore, before kissing another man / woman, think about whether it is safer for a relationship with a loved one to give free rein to hands!

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