How Many People Are Actually Cheating On Partners?

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How Many People Are Actually Cheating On Partners?
How Many People Are Actually Cheating On Partners?

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How many people actually cheat on partners
How many people actually cheat on partners

Researchers from the University of Colorado surveyed 4,800 married women about their infidelity. In the scientific research, all confidentiality conditions were observed: in one part it was a personal interview, in the second - filling out an anonymous questionnaire. And as a result, only 1% of women in direct interviews reported that they had cheated on their husbands. As for filling out the polls, here as many as 6% of women went to frankness.

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  • 1 What is meant by infidelity?
  • 2 Results of a study by American scientists
  • 3 What could be the origins of betrayal
  • 4 Progress: the cause of female infidelity

What should be understood by infidelity? I

Meanwhile, scientists and psychologists are still arguing about what “infidelity” itself means. Most experts agree that this term should be understood as sex with a person with whom the individual is not in a marital relationship. However, how should we assess the sexual relations of separated spouses who are not divorced? What to say about petting without penetration? Or oral sex? Or just kisses? How to treat cheating with a representative of your gender?

Results of a study by American scientists 2

One of the largest studies on this subject has been conducted at the University of Chicago since 1972. For 37 years, scientists have polled people for infidelity. Surprisingly, however, the numbers remain practically unchanged over the years. Every year, approximately 10% of spouses cheat on their faithful. This number includes about 12% of the total male population and 7% of the female population.

At the same time, women are discriminated against from year to year. If it is customary to envy men who do not disdain treason, then women with similar views are regarded as supporters of easy behavior. As a result, it is much easier for men to admit that they are violating their vows of marital fidelity. And therefore, these figures may well be underestimated by the fair sex.

How many people cheat on partners
How many people cheat on partners

What could be the origins of cheating 3

Recently, researchers have found noticeable changes: spouses over 60 and under 35 began to show infidelity much more often. Sociologists believe there may be several explanations for this.

Among older people, the cause is most likely a shift in aging. In the modern world 60 years is the new 40. So it is quite possible that the notorious "midlife crisis" is shifting more and more.

Also, a number of modern diseases - such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity - cause problems with sexual function. As a result, people strive to prove to themselves the ability for further exploits, to stir up libido with the help of sex on the side.

Another suggestion of researchers is that elderly people are more likely to use drugs to enhance potency. That may be one of the main reasons for cheating among men. However, here the results of statistical studies do not confirm this assumption. According to surveys, only about 10% of men over 50 have even tried these drugs; not to mention becoming their regular consumers.

How many betrayals really
How many betrayals really

Progress: Reason for Female Infidelity 4

When it comes to betrayal among representatives of the category of early and middle adult - up to 35 years old - here researchers blame modern mobility and technology for everything. It is believed that the possibility of travel for work and more social interactions can be the reason for female cheating. In fact, a girl nowadays can find a lover anywhere - from meeting a colleague at work to a casual fellow traveler on a business trip.

But on the other hand, all these are just assumptions. After all, most women still prefer to keep silent about the fact of treason. So, most likely, until society changes its views on infidelity, it will be extremely difficult to find out the truth.

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