What Is Pestis: Erotic Jewelry For The Female Breast

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What Is Pestis: Erotic Jewelry For The Female Breast
What Is Pestis: Erotic Jewelry For The Female Breast

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Women have been decorating themselves since ancient times. All kinds of beads, garlands, henna painting, piercings - there are just a few. To seduce men, women are generous. But at present it is difficult to surprise the mighty of the world. But the most attractive thing for them is the female breast. And, if bodies can still be seen in abundance on the beach, for example, the most interesting part of the body is hidden by a swimsuit. This is where pestis comes to the rescue.

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  • 2 History of appearance
  • 3 Taste and color
  • 4 Rules for the use of pestis
  • 5 Pestis comes to the rescue
  • 6 Younger brother - stikini
  • 7 Storage rules

What is pestice

Not all women know what pestis is. In fact, these are decorative nipple covers. They are made of silicone. Pestis has a sticky base, with which it is attached to the chest, namely the nipple. So a seductive sight opens up to a man's gaze, but at the same time, it is very elegant. No vulgarity and vulgarity. Everything is quite decent and aesthetically pleasing. Pasties are odorless, hypoallergenic and can be reused

History of appearance2

Pestises appeared not so long ago. Dita von Teese gave them a path to life. Of course, the furor produced did its job. And from that moment on, many stars are happy to show their breasts, without embarrassing fans. Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga and many other stars lit up wearing pasties.

Taste and color3

Now it became clear what a pestis is. But what are they? Oh, the world of erotic breast lining is striking in its diversity. For every taste and color: hearts, stars, flowers, and abstract shapes. The color palette is also abundant. For decoration, use glitter, chains, fluffy coating, brushes. There are also pestises with pictures.

Rules for the use of pestis4

Since the breast accessory has just begun to gain popularity, not all women know how to use it. In fact, everything is simpler than simple. There are only two mounting options:

What is pestis
What is pestis
  • Adhesive strips. A kind of double-sided tape. The strip is glued to the skin, and then the pestis is placed on top. A matter of two seconds. It is quite reliable. Minus one: to tear off this strip is not pleasant enough.
  • Glue for pestis. The substance is applied to the pad itself, pressed against the skin, and, voila, the breast decor is ready. Pestis keeps on glue for a long time. But it dries too. So you have to sit for a while, holding your chest.

Little life hack: if the pestis is not attached well, then you need to slightly grease the adhesive surface with BF-6 glue. It is absolutely safe for the skin, as it is used in traumatology. They glue the edges of the wound and stop the bleeding. You can buy BF-6 at any pharmacy.

Pestis Comes to the Rescue5

Decorative breast pads are used in many cases.

  • Intimate minutes. A chic decoration for an intimate evening. Men turn on one or two. If you want to surprise your loved one with some kind of surprise, then pestis can do it easily. Private dance, the atmosphere will be a great addition for seduction.
  • Beach. Allows you to get an even tan all over the body. And at the same time they attract the attention of men. What you need for a holiday romance.
How to use pestis correctly
How to use pestis correctly
  • Solarium. UV protection for nipples
  • Clothing. Lightweight, translucent fabrics, coupled with an open cut, can cause a lot of hassle for women of fashion when bra use is impossible. Pestis comes to the rescue. It covers the nipples for a more elegant look.

Especially pestis can help out girls. When the baby reaches the age of 8-10 years, the breast is just beginning to grow. The bra is still difficult to find, the T-shirt is already embarrassing, and the nipples puff up treacherously through the school blouse. It is quite possible to choose overlays with pictures: berries, flowers, cartoon characters. There is nothing seditious in this, and the girl will feel more confident. The use of patches and adhesives does not harm young skin.

Younger brother - stikini_8212

Young ladies come across them more often. This is a solarium. These pestises are made of foil. The principle of gluing is identical to the usual pestis. They are necessary to protect the teats from UV radiation. The stikinis have an expiration date. And on top of that, they are disposable.

Storage rules6

Every modern lady should know what a pestis is. Moreover, it is advisable to have this accessory, because it can help out in many situations. But pestis does not tolerate disorder. It requires some care.

How to wear pestis
How to wear pestis
  • You can store the accessory in a plastic bag, box, or simply by sticking it on a mirror surface.
  • Before using pestis, all cosmetics must be removed from the skin: the breasts must be dry and clean. If you neglect this rule, then the glue surface will very quickly become unusable.
  • Remove the cover very carefully. A sudden separation from the surface can lead to injury to the skin.
  • After removing the lining, it must be rinsed well and wiped dry.

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