Do Women Love Successful Men Or Are They Instinctive?

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Do Women Love Successful Men Or Are They Instinctive?
Do Women Love Successful Men Or Are They Instinctive?

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Women love successful men
Women love successful men

Most women are so predictable that it is possible to imagine what the man of their dreams should be, but to understand why they choose their opposite for a relationship is completely impossible. Psychologists, and just men, have always tried to understand why, giving preference to an outwardly attractive man, a lady is trying to jump out to marry an elderly rich man? Do women really love successful men or do they speak of self-interest?

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  • 1 Why do women love successful men?
  • 2 Which men do women choose according to different experts?

Why do women love successful men? I

A successful man is usually rich, famous, and very smart. They never suffer from a lack of female attention, even, on the contrary, do not know how to get rid of it. But why do women love successful men, who are often middle-aged and not particularly attractive?

The first reason is evolutionary. Even in primitive society, the task of a woman was to create a family and preserve it. The man was assigned the role of earner and protector. Even ancient women were smart enough to figure out that it was better to stay close to the male, able to get as much food as possible, protect from wild animals and take one of the leading positions in society

It was also much more profitable to give birth to children from such an alpha male, they grew up smart and physically developed. Thus, even in those distant times, successful males were an enviable acquisition and were worth their weight in gold.

The second reason is intelligence. Successful men have high intellectual abilities, or some rare skills and abilities. Women, being intelligent creatures, do not want to rely only on wealth, they want to be close to a man who can maintain the well-being of his family not only with what he has in the present, but also with opportunities

successful man
successful man

For example, a brilliant scientist will be able to create new inventions that will bring him a lot of profit. Famous singers or artists will continue to conquer the audience with their talent and gain success.

The third reason is to share your success with me. The rich and famous attract women like a magnet. Women are not alien to vanity, especially if they themselves are nothing. Therefore, having got a famous and popular man as a companion, they raise their own importance in the eyes of others. They are flattered by the envy of competitors and the increased attention of the public

The fourth reason is big ambitions and complete disbelief in one's own strength. It happens with many women that, eager to be rich and famous, they cannot see in themselves any talents that could be developed and realized. And if there are any, then again money is needed in order to give them a start. Therefore, women are doing everything possible in order to get men who can make all their dreams come true

Women love successful
Women love successful

The fifth reason is stereotypes. For several decades, people have changed their values ​​and guidelines. Thanks to the media, people do not want to be content with what they have, and how can you be satisfied when information slops are poured from newspapers, TV and the Internet every day, the meaning of which is that you need to be more successful, famous and richer

That you are a complete sucker if you do not have the latest iPhone model, and your wife has an expensive fur coat, etc. At the same time, no one will say that if you have an education and a job, then this is very good, but there is also a smart wife and the kids are healthy, then life is good. Therefore, girls from childhood begin to understand that if they do not have money and influence, then they need to find someone who will share all this with them.

Which men do women choose according to different experts? 2

Proponents of the evolutionary theory are firmly convinced that healthy and strong men are attracted to any woman at the level of instincts. Thus, they opt for a good genotype, choosing the best candidate for the father role for their child.

Psychologists say that women will want to start a family with a caring and constant gentleman, whose reliability there is no doubt. In such an important matter as creating a family, they will prefer a sober calculation to falling in love, that is, the candidacy of a macho is not considered in this case.

Rationalists are sure that most of all women are attracted to wealthy men who can create a solid material base for their family.

Women love successful men
Women love successful men

Sociologists have determined which men women want to create a family, namely they choose those that women pay the least attention to. Thus, they have no competitors and it is easier for them to keep a partner near them.

Women love successful men and almost every lady would like to get a rich and famous person as a life partner. This is as natural as the desire of men to have the most beautiful woman, the desire of a poor student to become an excellent student, or the dreams of a private about the rank of general. All these fantasies belong to the category of unrealizable desires that you can dream about, and then return to real life and be a completely happy person and, even more so, a very happy woman.

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