Left Bias: Why We Are Drawn To Polygamy And How To Get Rid Of It

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Left Bias: Why We Are Drawn To Polygamy And How To Get Rid Of It
Left Bias: Why We Are Drawn To Polygamy And How To Get Rid Of It

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why we are drawn to polygamy
why we are drawn to polygamy

Why are people drawn "to the left" even in stable and quite harmonious relationships?

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It turns out that by nature we are all still sluts (and regardless of gender).

Don't believe me? Swear that you have never had sinful thoughts and close your eyes when an attractive member of the opposite sex walks by?

It's not that we don't believe at all, but we still have a little doubt about the veracity of your words.

Be that as it may, we advise you to read the article. We won't tell anyone. If anything, you can enable Incognito mode in your browser.

We invite all shameless libertines with open arms to read.


It's a shame to admit this, but even the most monogamous representatives of humanity are not immune from a bitch in a long-term relationship. Especially if one or both partners do not make any effort to diversify intimate life. Let's face it, monotonous sex is boring sex. Boring sex is bad sex.

Bad sex - continue on your own. Sex may not be the main point in a serious relationship, but it is clearly somewhere at the top next to trust, love and support. It can be compared to the legs of a chair - once you saw off one, the relationship is on the verge of collapse and your ass is in danger of a painful fall to solid ground.

If you've already had a long-term relationship, you know that sooner or later, sex becomes a routine like brushing your teeth.

Cheating is, of course, a conscious choice of a person, and no one here is going to praise adultery. But part of the blame here lies with our brain.

The novelty disappears, our brain produces less and less dopamine, and as a result, sex with this particular person becomes much more insipid than it was in the beginning. Our brain is just a fan of novelty! Do not feed him with bread, let him process new information and fresh emotions.

And here the following happens: you lose interest in sex with your partner, it seems that sex has ceased to interest you at all. But as soon as you meet a new sexually attractive person, the brain and libido are immediately activated, sexual desire wakes up in you again, even stronger than before. The so-called Coolidge effect.

why we are drawn to polygamy
why we are drawn to polygamy

Named after US President Calvin - when visiting the poultry farm, a snide dialogue took place between him and his wife. The farmer painted in paints how the roosters on his farm fertilize chickens ten times a day (just Stakhanovites!). The first lady immediately stabbed her husband. He, in turn, asked the farmer if each rooster served one hen. And after the farmer replied that there are several chicks for each rooster, the president stabbed his wife.

Not to be confused with Jennifer Coolidge, better known as Stifler's mom. Although, if you decide to Google her pictures instead of those of Calvin Coolidge, we will not judge you.

Little of! It turns out that even porn can get boring. Men who regularly watch the same porn videos (of the same genre) get used to them, and it becomes more difficult to get aroused. Those who, as gourmets, try different "dishes", have no problems with arousal.

Another study says that if a man watches one porn for several days and then suddenly switches to something else, he will also cum much faster. In short, novelty is the head of everything.

Sexologists suggest that our desire for novelty has an evolutionary background - it allowed men to impregnate more women.

why we are drawn to polygamy
why we are drawn to polygamy

Thus, the Coolidge Effect has a large impact on long-term relationships. It's normal that after years (months) you get bored with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This does not mean that something is wrong with them. Think of it as a mind game and a legacy from evolution.

If your partner is really dear to you, and you do not want some president and chickens to ruin your relationship, use some tricks.

What to do if your relationship is on the verge of breaking up, read our article.

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Try to bring a novelty to your bedroom - sex toys, light (or lack thereof), BDSM, role play. If all of the above is tried and does not work, the problems are much more serious than we thought. Discuss the problem with your partner or contact a specialist.

If sex toys and BDSM games don't appeal to you, there is another option. Quite frankly, he's even more extreme, with bandages and lashes. We mean the so-called free relationship. You love each other and your hearts belong only to the two of you, but you also share the bed with third parties.

why we are drawn to polygamy
why we are drawn to polygamy

This option, of course, is not for everyone, some may be offended if you just hint at something like that. But for some couples, this lifestyle really helps save relationships.

Do not forget that an open relationship is when you sleep with other guys and girls, but your half knows about it. Otherwise, it is treason. Call a spade a spade.

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