A Cell Phone In The Bedroom Can Ruin Your Relationship

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A Cell Phone In The Bedroom Can Ruin Your Relationship
A Cell Phone In The Bedroom Can Ruin Your Relationship
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the phone in the bedroom can ruin your relationship
the phone in the bedroom can ruin your relationship

The largest in technical solutions company Asurion studied the habits of Americans living with a spouse or regular partner regarding the use of "sleeping" phones. It turned out that almost half of the respondents take mobile devices to bed and spend almost twice as much time with a smartphone than with their soul mate.

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Pressing questioni

This kind of research has become quite popular. The New York Post reported a 2015 study by Baylor University in Texas that 46% of people in romantic relationships answer calls and messages during sex. Scientists reported that "preference for the phone against a partner creates conflict, leading to decreased levels of satisfaction in the relationship and depression."

Equally shocking is a new study by SureCall, a manufacturer of cellular signal amplifiers. As a result of the survey, one in ten respondents admits that they check their phone during sex.

The global nature of the problem 2

According to Asurion research, among young people aged 18-34, mobile phone use actually becomes the number one activity in the last hour before bed. A quarter of those surveyed confirmed that the last thing they see every night before closing their eyes is their phone, not their loved one. The respondents and their partners spend an average of three nights a week, being in the same bed and staring at their own screen.

Phones potentially affect the communication of partners, and more than half (55%) of survey participants believe that as a result, they are missing out on quality time with the “better half”. More than a third (35%) say their sex life has become worse due to the use of the phone by them or their spouse before going to bed. A third of couples find it necessary to reduce their phone use in the bedroom to maintain their relationship.

Mobile phone in bed
Mobile phone in bed

However, 73% of respondents say that they need to contact by mobile regardless of the time of day.

Golden mean3

To keep the bedroom balance between phone life and intimate relationship with a partner, Asurion technicians offer several recommendations:

  1. After setting the alarm 30 minutes before bedtime, place the phone on the charger away from bed. This makes you less likely to automatically grab onto your cell phone, allowing you to relax without distraction;
  2. In the evenings, adjust your Do Not Disturb settings to allow only important or urgent calls and notifications;
  3. When chatting with friends online or using text messages, start ending the correspondence early in the evening so that you can not go to bed too late;
  4. Try using your smartphone for something pleasant for both of you. For example, find your loved one’s favorite music to help create a romantic mood. Or set up a slideshow of your unforgettable moments to watch together in bed.
Mobile phone can ruin relationships
Mobile phone can ruin relationships

Think, it’s much more pleasant to be with your partner, not distracted by this ill-fated phone, and pay more attention to each other.

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