How To Cure Thrush: Folk And Drug Methods

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How To Cure Thrush: Folk And Drug Methods
How To Cure Thrush: Folk And Drug Methods
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white panties
white panties

The milkmaid, as well as the baker, the greengrocer and, of course, the butcher's shop assistant must be completely healthy, otherwise it is dangerous to buy food from them. But if this infection is attached to you, jokes aside. Thrush is a disease in the vast majority of cases, not dangerous, but very unpleasant. How to cure thrush and prevent relapses is useful for everyone to know.

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  • 2 Method one, correct: medication
  • 3 Method two: controversial
  • 4 Can a thrush go away completely

The Candida fungus settles on us in the first hours of life and accompanies us to the very end. It is safe and even necessary as long as it is present in small amounts in the microflora of the mucous membranes. But something went wrong, the immunity failed, and then she appeared - a thrush.

Advertising often mentions thrush in women, but in fact, absolutely everyone from babies to old people is exposed to it. She is also tolerant of gender selection. So if a white bloom appears on the mucous membranes and itching has joined it, you can say hello to your thrush.

In severe cases, it can cause eczema and ulcers. Although thrush is not a sexually transmitted disease, it must be treated. Actually, it will not heal and will not work - the itching will intensify, and the white bloom will corrode the mucous membranes, causing severe pain with persistent itching.

Where does she come from?

Thrush does not come by itself. She is always caused by something, what exactly - it is better to let the doctor figure it out. So, just some of the reasons:

  • Violation of the normal diet: a lot of sweets and carbohydrates;
  • Obesity: not only mushrooms feel at ease in the folds of the skin;
  • Metabolic disorders: with diabetes mellitus and similar diseases;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Pregnancy can cause thrush;
  • Decreased immunity in chronic diseases;
  • The use of antibiotics;
  • Undergoing chemotherapy;
  • Stress, vitamin deficiency and general loss of strength;
  • Climate and water change;
  • Violation of the microflora of the mucous membranes when using certain hygiene products.
Thrush in woman
Thrush in woman

The reasons can be very different. In order not to miss a serious illness, it is better to consult a doctor, let him find out where it came from, tell you how to cure thrush and eliminate the causes that caused it.

The first method, the correct one: medication2

After finding out the cause of thrush, the doctor will prescribe treatment. As a rule, it takes place in two stages:

  • Drugs are prescribed for the treatment of thrush directly. They can be of different dosage forms: suppositories, gels, ointments, solutions.
  • Prescribed prebiotics restoring healthy microflora.

In addition, you need a diet, vitamins and a regimen. In general, “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is just about thrush. She is one hundred percent indicator of the general condition of the body and immunity.

Thrush - unfortunately, the disease is not uncommon, so advertising of funds from it is on everyone's lips. It is tempting to buy some medicine on your own and quickly say goodbye to thrush. Of course you can. However, if the yeast has a serious cause, you cannot get rid of it. She will definitely return, and the disease that caused her can turn into a more serious stage without proper treatment.

How to cure thrush
How to cure thrush

Method two: controversial3

Our ancestors were also sick with thrush, therefore traditional medicine keeps many secrets of treating this ailment. Unlike many other diseases, it is this that lends itself well to treatment at home. But therein lies the danger: thrush itself is not dangerous, but what caused it may require serious treatment, so it's better to start with a visit to a specialist.

For the treatment of thrush, infusions and decoctions of herbs and other medicinal plants are used, both internally and locally. You can try this treatment and, if it does not help, go to the medication method.

If a girl has thrush
If a girl has thrush

They say that thrush can go away on its own if you start eating right, observe the daily regimen, personal hygiene, and get rid of bad habits. Perhaps there is a rationale in this. For the prevention of disease, this advice is definitely suitable. But wait until it passes by itself is not worth it - progressive thrush causes very unpleasant, sometimes painful sensations, it is better not to start it.

Can a thrush go away completely4

It will not be possible to cure thrush once and for all, immunity does not develop to it, since these fungi are necessarily present on our body. But the cause of thrush, unless it is some kind of serious chronic disease, can and should be cured or at least kept under control.

If there was no objective reason for the occurrence of thrush, then for prevention it is enough to observe personal hygiene, daily regimen and lead a healthy lifestyle, which, moreover, is now very fashionable. So it turns out that fashion trends lead to maintaining health and preventing thrush.

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