Combining The Incompatible: How Can Sex And Religion Coexist?

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Combining The Incompatible: How Can Sex And Religion Coexist?
Combining The Incompatible: How Can Sex And Religion Coexist?

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Sex and religion
Sex and religion

According to the old adage, three things should not be discussed in the company of polite people: sex, politics, and religion. Why? Partly because not to acknowledge how overlapping these themes are. A person's sex life influences his politics, religion influences his sex life, and religion influences his sexual politics. An endless stream of emotional energy flows through each of these topics, so it is very foolish to deny their mutual intersection.

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  • 1 Sex and religion is a difficult conversation
  • 2 Back in history
  • 3 Some religions have seen sex differently
  • 4 Modern religion is growing in understanding of sexuality
  • 5 How about perversions?

Sex and Religion - A Difficult Conversation 8212

It has always been believed that sex and religion have a complex relationship with each other. But at the same time, they existed hand in hand. Every religion on the planet has something to say about what sex should be, what is right and what is wrong. In society, it is customary to consider differently: if a person is religious, the topic of sex is alien to him, and vice versa. Question: can sexuality and religion intertwine in one person, or are they like water and oil?

Back in history

To find the answer, one must turn to the past centuries. In prehistoric times, matriarchy reigned. Before people realized that sperm was critical to fertilization, it was believed that women reproduce on their own. This gave rise to the deification of female sexuality. Even as patriarchy replaced, people believed that sex was a healthy and sacred part of life.

Abrahaimic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) have many stories and rules regarding intimacy. There is one interesting story known (it was not in the Bible, but still). Lilith was the first wife of that very Adam. She was kind of a feminist in that she didn't want to be on the bottom during sex. Because of this, she was expelled from Paradise, and a submissive and obedient Eve was granted to Adam. This story has been around for a long time, and in it sex is denounced as something shameful.

Some religions have seen sex differently2

In every religion and country of the world, sex is interpreted differently. For example, Hinduism praises sex. They have elevated it to a cult: Hindu temples are full of images of sexual intercourse in different positions, and there is nothing shameful about it. The Kamasutra outlines the paths to sexual pleasure and its realization, there is an expression of the third sex (hijra), and in tantric yoga, sex is described as a sacred union.

sex and religion
sex and religion

Modern religion is growing in understanding of sexuality3

Today, some adjustments are being made in religion regarding the understanding of sexuality. Pope John Paul II wrote A Theology of the Body, which is based on the study of the beauty of the body and the purpose of sexuality in Catholicism. There is now more and more talk in religions such as Islam and Judaism on previously forbidden topics related to homosexuality or transgender people.

How about perversions? 4

There are special religious communities on Fetlife. There the question was discussed: can faith and sexual perversion (in a reasonable sense) be combined? As the answers have shown, most likely they can.

Natalie West, a believer in one of the communities, shared her thoughts on this subject: “When I began to view sexuality as an integral part of me, I realized that it is not evil. If God created me like this, with this sexuality, then it should be good. I began to view sexuality from a perspective that helped me strengthen my mental connection with God. For example, I began to thank the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to enjoy carnal pleasures."

religion and sex
religion and sex

Psychotherapist Lauren Barnes, a psychotherapist, argues that sexual perversity and religiosity can exist in one person. If spirituality is important to a person, there are ways to make it work while still respecting your sexuality.

However, the nuances of the intersection of these two areas of life will vary greatly from person to person. Each has a unique sexuality and spiritual life. For some, finding a clear balance between these areas of life can mean finding a religious community in which they feel more comfortable, which can take time, patience, and trial and error.

That is, it could involve reading literature, exploring what theology actually claims about sexuality. After all, other followers are often not sufficiently aware of this, and their views are actually rooted more in the dominant culture than in their religion. Sexuality and spirituality are the two most opposed, but at the same time, the same aspects of a person that are the most vulnerable.

religion in sex
religion in sex

That is, sexuality and religion can exist in one person, and this does not contradict spiritual beliefs. It is important to learn how to interpret sexuality from the perspective of a religious person. Know how to interpret your sexuality through the spirituality, and there will be no conflicts with your mind and body.

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