New Study: A Girl Doesn't Need A Handsome Man To Be Happy

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New Study: A Girl Doesn't Need A Handsome Man To Be Happy
New Study: A Girl Doesn't Need A Handsome Man To Be Happy

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a woman with an unsightly husband is happier
a woman with an unsightly husband is happier

You have probably seen a situation when an incredibly beautiful graceful lady walks arm in arm with, to put it mildly, unpresentable spouse. Others may wonder “what did she find in him?”, But look around, such couples are common. It turns out there is a reason for this, which explains a lot. According to the latest research, women feel much happier when they are more beautiful than their husbands.

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  • 1 One objective of two studies
  • 2 Result of the second experiment
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One problem of two studiesi

Previous observations examined the relationship of married couples in which men were notable for their plain appearance, and wives were charming in appearance. Ironically, the results showed that this ratio of appearance creates the conditions for a successful marriage. Therefore, the interest of researchers has awakened the phenomenon of a more attractive husband than a wife.

Psychologists and sociologists at the University of Florida studied 113 newlyweds in their own state and over 20 couples in Texas to try to assess the role of appropriate attractiveness in relationships and marital happiness. The experiment consisted of several stages.

The participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire, which can be used to study their desires to follow a diet, have a good figure, be sexy. The research team then assessed the sex appeal of each of the couples based on their ratings of individual face and body attractiveness.

The result of the second experiment2

The study found that women who understand that their husbands are prettier than themselves are more likely to fixate on their bodies, they try to diet and lose weight in order to look their best. Sure, sticking to a healthy diet for health and wellness is great, but torturing yourself with salads endlessly until you feel dizzy isn't fun.

Why girls choose ugly guys
Why girls choose ugly guys

“The results showed that marriage to a physically attractive man can have negative consequences for wives, especially in cases where the woman does not have an interesting appearance,” co-leader of the project, Tania Reynolds, said in a university news release. "This can be the cause of more severe conditions, such as eating disorders, caused by the desire to become or remain slim."


This means that those wives whose husbands are by no means handsome do not feel the need to constantly restrict themselves in food in order to compete with other women and look sexy all the time. These women take pleasure in just being happy and spontaneous with their unsightly husbands. Incidentally, during the first experiment, it was not noted that men wanted to go on a diet based solely on the attractiveness of their partners.

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