Why So Many Women Don't Orgasm: Top Reasons

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Why So Many Women Don't Orgasm: Top Reasons
Why So Many Women Don't Orgasm: Top Reasons

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Doesn't have an orgasm
Doesn't have an orgasm

The female orgasm is the subject of close attention of many psychologists and sexologists. Researchers have found that there are four main factors that influence the likelihood of achieving the highest pleasure in the fair sex. It:

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  • 1 Australian Survey Results
  • 2 Happiness in a couple is a guarantee of satisfaction
  • 3 The Key to Female Orgasm, or How Men Pleasure Their Partners
  • Social characteristics. The older the woman, the higher her education level of income - the more chances she has to get an orgasm.
  • Beliefs. There are women who adhere to religious views on life, and believe that the main thing in the life of any lady is the famous “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” - children, kitchen and church. They are much less likely to reach orgasm.
  • Relations. The closer a woman is in a relationship with her man, the more trusting their relationship, the higher the chance of getting an orgasm.
  • Sexual trauma. If a girl in the past has not been subjected to any type of sexual abuse, including incest, then she also has more opportunities to enjoy.

And also the researchers focused on what happens in bed with women, and why, after all, they can not get an orgasm much less often than men. It turned out that this is directly influenced by such a factor as the duration and quality of the foreplay.

This has been confirmed by one of the studies conducted in Australia. Scientists have found that the ability to experience orgasm is much less dependent on these four factors than on the characteristics of erotic stimulation during intercourse (and especially before it).

girl gets pleasure
girl gets pleasure

Australian Survey Resultsi

One Australian study involved 5,118 men and women aged 16 to 59. The subjects were asked a question about the four factors already mentioned. They were also asked to describe what happened during their last sexual contact, and whether they managed to achieve orgasm. It turned out that about 95% of men reached the highest point, but among women, this number was only 69%.

Social characteristics, psychological beliefs, sexual trauma, and relationship patterns certainly played a role. However, the influence of these factors was not as great as scientists had previously thought. About 70% of women who are satisfied with their relationship with a partner reported having an orgasm. For comparison, with casual partners, this figure was only 49%.

The researchers concluded that all of these factors may be associated with the frequency of reaching orgasm. But their influence can be easily neutralized with the help of skillful sexual stimulation.

Happiness in a couple is a guarantee of satisfaction2

Interestingly, scientists have found a link between the rate of sexual activity in a couple as such and satisfaction with relationships in general. It turned out that partners have sex much more often if their needs of a different plan are satisfied - for example, the psychological need for love and acceptance.

no orgasm
no orgasm

In the same couples, where one partner or both are not particularly happy together, the situation was different. As a rule, one of the couple members showed dissatisfaction with the intimate life: there was either not enough sex, or it was absent altogether.

The Key to Female Orgasm, or How Men Pleasure Partners 3

In general, the researchers divided the information received from the subjects into 6 main categories. They included 6 types of sexual intercourse:

  • Classic penetration sex. 96% of men and 94% of women reported that they had last had this type of sex.
  • Hand massage of the penis - 81% of men and 76% of women.
  • Hand massage of the partner's vagina - 79% of men and 75% of women.
  • Blow job. This type of sex was used by 26% of men and 24% of women.
  • Cunnilingus. 30% of men and 24% of women.

Orgasm achievement rates among men did not differ by type of sex.

  • During classic intercourse, 96% of men experienced an orgasm.
  • During manual massage and other caresses without penetration, this figure was 95% of men.
  • If sex included massage, blowjob and penetration, 98% of men reached orgasm.
girl gets pleasure
girl gets pleasure

However, for women, these numbers were slightly different.

  • During classical intercourse with penetration of orgasm, only half of the women reached.
  • If during sex there was both hand massage and penetration, this number was 71%.
  • And finally, about 86% of women experienced orgasm under three types of stimulation: massage, cunnilingus, and penetration.

So men can take note of this information.

What is the reason for this difference? Scientists believe that the whole problem lies in physiology. In men, the glans of the penis contains a large number of nerve endings responsible for pleasure and orgasm. During classical intercourse, these nerves are sufficiently stimulated to achieve orgasm with virtually no obstruction.

In women, however, the nerves for the most pleasure are not in the vagina, but in the clitoris. So the more caresses during intercourse fall on this area, the more chances a girl has to achieve orgasm.

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