What Does A Man Want Or How He Imagines An Ideal Woman

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What Does A Man Want Or How He Imagines An Ideal Woman
What Does A Man Want Or How He Imagines An Ideal Woman

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What does a man want
What does a man want

The recipe for becoming a woman of dreams:

Shows initiative

She does not lie in bed on a log, waiting for sex to be created with her, but takes the most active part. Openly expresses his desires, and during sex does not play silent.

Outside the bedroom, women's initiative has its limitations - the guys are ready to put up with the girl's first step (they even dream about it), they are cool about the lady's desire to pay for herself on a date, but it is not recommended to propose herself and make all decisions on her own. In any case - this is too much.


Unconditional self-confidence and the accompanying emancipation and the ability to enjoy intimacy is the main fetish of any man.

"Love yourself and others will love you" - this is not just a hackneyed piece of advice from psychological books, it is a recipe for a happy life (both sexual and in general).


This is not about the fact that she can buy herself a car or a villa in Spain, but rather about the inner freedom of a woman and her ability to enjoy her life alone.

A woman fixated on a man and having no interests of her own looks, let's face it, quite pitiful. This may flatter some guys, but a man who expects from a woman not only sex, but also spiritual exchange, will eventually run away, changing the locks and phone number.

what does an ideal woman look like?
what does an ideal woman look like?

Looks after itself

Men love with their eyes. Everyone's tastes and preferences, of course, are different. Breast size, height, weight, hair length and color and other individual characteristics in general are not as important to men as the grooming of these very characteristics. Long, lifeless hair, unpleasant to the touch and stiff with styling products, or short, soft curls? Plump with firm skin and a healthy appetite, or a long-legged model, sadly picking at the plate? The answer is obvious.

Men also pay attention to manicure and pedicure. They do not care what pattern on the nails and in what technique the manicure is made, the main thing is that the hands are more beautiful and well-groomed than his.

Treats yourself easier

Doesn't get hysterical about the weight gained or the broken nail. Doesn't cancel a date because she didn't get the perfect styling. He wants to date a living woman who enjoys life, not sitting in a water park with a compact.

sexy woman
sexy woman

Doesn't shift responsibility for romance to him

It is pleasant for a man to delight his beloved woman with gifts, surprises and unusual dates. But sometimes he also wants to be the host. Or at least he will be glad if the girl gives him a couple of ideas for the next "unusual" date.

Enjoys life

All the guys unanimously say that a cheerful and cheerful girl is sexier than any languid nymph with a sullen face. From such a girl, I want to get infected with the positive and, holding hands, go together to enjoy this wonderful world.

Doesn't overdo it with jealousy

Being the guy of a femme fatale, after whom all guys from seven to seventy turn around with admiration, is great. If at the same time the beauty does not provoke male attention and does not overdo it with flirting, this is doubly pleasant. Men are not afraid of beautiful women. They are afraid of those who show with all their appearance “I can go to someone better at any moment”.

varied sex
varied sex

Open to experimentation

Men are by their nature active beings, and therefore they want to match their partner. No matter how good sex is, the routine will soon get boring, heart and eyes will require change.


The ideal woman does not have to have three degrees. But being able to distinguish between the meanings of the words "incest" and "kurtosis" is a useful skill. If you don’t believe it, then you haven’t seen memes where a girl happily shares information with the Internet community that the new phone was delivered “without incest”. Who would want any pineapple socks from Aliexpress to be delivered with incest?

In other words, the ideal woman can keep up a conversation on various topics and does not throw words, the meanings of which she does not know.

Has a sense of humor

You can go through hundreds of opinion polls and flip through dozens of women's magazines - girls are ready to put up with everything except the complete lack of a man's sense of humor.

what does a man want
what does a man want

But the male gender also does not want to work as a part-time clown. The guy also wants to have a girl next to him who can laugh at a joke and release a successful wit on her own.

It's just fine with her

A man is looking for a meeting with the woman who makes him feel special. In a special way, strong, funny, smart and good. And it's not about her acting or other tricks - she really believes in her man and does not skimp on words of support.

An important point: a man can think of a long-legged brunette with the forms of Kim Kardashian as an ideal, and he himself will fall in love with a short red-haired girl who is not distinguished by feminine curves. But if her worldview, life values ​​and plans for life go against his own, it will be much more difficult for him to come to terms with it.

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