Profile Of A Man On A Dating Site: What To Write In The Profile

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Profile Of A Man On A Dating Site: What To Write In The Profile
Profile Of A Man On A Dating Site: What To Write In The Profile

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man doing yoga
man doing yoga

With all the development of society and the removal of many prohibitions in society, the introduction of the Internet into the masses - more and more men are registering and spending time on dating sites. But what should a man's profile look like on a dating site? Let's analyze further.

The content of the article

  • 1 Your name on the site
  • 2 What is worth writing about yourself?
  • 3 Who am I looking for
  • 4 Body type and type
  • 5 Work
  • 6 Financial situation
  • 7 Hobbies and hobbies - tell a lot about a man
  • 8 Marital status
  • 9 Auto and apartment

Your name on the sitei

It is the name that is the first thing a girl will pay attention to and therefore it should be given priority importance. It should be unique and, at the same time, simple and consonant. Agree, if you just call yourself Kolya or Vanya, it will not be remembered, and the lady will simply walk by, or, as they say, flip past you.

How to identify yourself on the site? So the following options can be attributed to bad examples:

  1. Kolya - Kolyan. Rough and boyish, but if you put Nikola, it turned out as simple as in the village.
  2. Vasya - Vasily. Simple and not noticeable.
  3. Misha - Mishka or Miho. Well, somehow gangster.

The following options are good examples:

  1. Kolya - Nicky. Simple and exquisite in the French manner. Or Nicolas.
  2. Vasya - you can define yourself as Basilio or Vasil.
  3. Misha - Miguel or Mika.

What is worth writing about yourself? 2

First of all, a man's profile on a dating site contains such a section as about himself - we write briefly and to the point. What you are, what you want and what you strive for, your profession and hobbies - you shouldn't write all at once and a lot, chop the womb - the truth and be such a shirt - a guy.

men on dating site
men on dating site

Of course, you are educated and smart, honest and you can safely classify yourself as workaholics - this is all good, but women are interested in a man with character, sexuality. The main thing is to show that you are confident in yourself and are ready for everything for the sake of your lady of the heart.

The main thing! You should not write about your problems in your personal life and the fact that you are looking for your love - this puts you on a par with a woman, and they do not like these.

Who am I looking for3

So that the girl can fully appreciate you as a potential gentleman - write in the questionnaire who exactly you want to find, what kind of future relationship you see. And here the main thing to remember - write about who you want to see next to you, but not a list of bad habits that repulse you in a woman.

Physique and type4

And in this case, do not exaggerate your physical parameters. A man's profile on a dating site must contain truthful information - height and weight, foot size and even the size of ….. a friend. The thing is that too exaggerated and embellished parameters will not play into your asset.

Do not write that you are a sambo master if you don’t understand anything about it, a cook - if your masterpiece is maximum scrambled eggs. Just give your person a minimum of attention, giving a general description of your appearance, without emphasizing them. We are all not ideals, and therefore we should not focus on big ears or a small nose.

how to fill out a questionnaire for a man
how to fill out a questionnaire for a man


A girl can reread this section several times - everyone is interested in who and how the potential gentleman works. Of course, it is worth telling the truth, but there are also some bones and nuances here. Many men work in simple jobs - security guard, driver, and so on. But there is no romance here. Therefore, think about how you can call your profession according to the newfangled one, and if you are, for example, a security guard, write that you are a bodygart, not a hairdresser, but a stylist, not a salesman, but a sales manager.

Financial situation 6

The best option is to write that you earn good money, you are provided for, because every woman sees in a man not just a male, but also a breadwinner. Can a loser really make good money? Not.

Hobbies and hobbies - tell a lot about a man7

And it's true - tell me who your friend is (read what I'm fond of) and I'll tell you who you are. And even if you work in a boring and uninteresting job - a hobby, interesting and exciting can play an asset for you. Many hobbies are romantic in nature - writers or travelers, hikers and climbers, and much more.

So good examples of men's hobbies that attract women can be - rollerblading and jogging in the morning, cooking or water scooter riding, skydiving or street dancing, massage and so on. Basically, even if you don't have a hobby - why not start right here and now.

what to write to a man on dating sites
what to write to a man on dating sites

Marital status8

It is to this point of the questionnaire that the lady pays attention most often. And even if you were married, but divorced - feel free to write about this experience. But with one condition - you should not paint your ex in black, because this will not do you honor, and the lady will take note of your character trait.

Auto and apartment9

In big cities, life is especially expensive and therefore girls pay special attention to the presence of a man's car and their own, but not rented apartment. Therefore, if you are renting an apartment while living in a large city, you should not write about it on the site. The best option that you can write in this case is ready for joint rent or, for example, that you will soon issue a mortgage.

As for the car, almost everyone has it. If you want, you can put your photo next to the car on your avatar, but even better - take a photo inside the cabin. So you will look more vital, real person.

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