Men's Safety Rules When Shopping With A Girl

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Men's Safety Rules When Shopping With A Girl
Men's Safety Rules When Shopping With A Girl

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There are two unique ways to experience shopping with your girlfriend - stay at home or be in the men's corner. If it didn’t work out, then you have to stock up on … anything you like, if only it would end in peace, not war. What can you do to keep your relationship going on a shopping trip?

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  • 2 The Real Things To Help Survive Shopping
  • 3 Little Tricks for Big Shopping

Ideal options

They are really unique, because they perform the main function that is so necessary for a modern person - they preserve nerves. Moreover, both.

If you split up: she goes to the store, he goes to the sofa, then everyone is happy. A friend does not come across every minute on an impatient glance and the phrase: "We are soon?". And he does not think about how many useful things he would have done during this time. For example, I watched football.

The second option was first thought up in Sydney (Australia). There, in a shopping center, a men's corner was created, in which representatives of the strong half of humanity hid while the ladies spent their money. Again, everyone wins. While the men were playing the playstation, eating hot dogs, watching TV and chatting, the women slowly emptied the store shelves.

The real things to help you survive shopping2

If it didn't work out, then one thing remains - to share with your beloved the joy of the process of replenishing your wardrobe. It is clear that the biggest will be when it ends, but you need to live up to this happy moment. What should you do to reduce the trip to a minimum in psychological and temporal terms?

1. Accept.

Take it for granted. Psychologists assure that women view shopping as an opportunity to shake off the accumulated fatigue and stress. If you stand across, it will be more expensive. Better to relax and let it happen. Do not fiddle with it every minute, as soon as it seems that a lot of time has passed and it is time to get out of the shelves and hangers.

2. Get distracted.

The wisest thing to do is to take a magazine, book or gadget with you to fill in the pauses between the dashes between departments and shops. Taking a laptop and doing serious work is unwise, because your beloved wants to know the man's opinion, so you won't be able to concentrate. And the phrases thrown casually and aside: "Oh, how well it sits!" about and without reason will cause just anger.

safe shopping with a girl
safe shopping with a girl

3. Be close.

An excellent option that not everyone can do. It is good to use at the beginning of an acquaintance, when you have not yet become boring to each other. In this case, you can consider such a trip as an opportunity to get to know each other better, to enjoy the happiness of your beloved. This behavior makes a woman so happy that she wants to go to meet the same hot night.

4. Take compensation.

In general, a woman understands that it is not easy for a man to endure her shopping. And therefore, it will reward patience not only with passionate sex as gratitude. Here you can bargain for what she protested for so long. For example, buying another irreplaceable eighth fishing rod or an evening in the garage. But you never know!

You can come up with your own options that will help you come to terms with the inevitability.

Little Tricks for Big Shopping3

There are things that make it easier for a man to be in the shopping bustle:

about safe shopping with a girl
about safe shopping with a girl
  • insidious but working advice. Before docking to the shelves with women's clothing, go with the faithful to a specialized fishing or spare parts store. Spend as much time there as your friend can handle. This trump card can be pulled out in any situation;
  • volunteer to bring things to the fitting room. This is also a bonus in a relationship, and in case of particular fatigue, the opportunity to say that there is no required size;
  • to shorten the time spent in places so full of things, to give "practical" advice. When a girl asks which dress is best, examine both, and then poke a finger at either of them. The main thing is more seriousness in the look;
  • to the questions: “Why this dress? How do you like that? " answer only positively, without expressing any of your points of view: "You are simply charming in him", "You look sexy." Everything like that. If it doesn’t help, kick off: “How are you doing yourself?”;
  • what is definitely not necessary is to argue. If you really want to, then at home, and it is better to do without a dispute there;
  • while the lady is busy with an important matter, on the sidelines to think about the unimportant, for which there is always not enough time - a new project, increased sales, improvement of the psychological climate in the team, and so on.
about safe shopping with a woman
about safe shopping with a woman

Yes, you need to treat the buying process as an opportunity to be creative, to show yourself that you can find a way out of any situation.

Shopping is inevitable, it's better to get used to this idea. Even more, a woman's opportunity to relax, have fun, come to terms with some unpleasant moments in life. And if you manage to peacefully survive shopping with your girlfriend, then you can overwhelm with pride and feel like a real man - a breadwinner, strong and calm, able to survive all life's storms.

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