What Is Stealth? How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Such Violence?

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What Is Stealth? How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Such Violence?
What Is Stealth? How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Such Violence?
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In January 2017, the first trial took place in Sweden. The accused took off the condom during sex without the knowledge of his partner. At the same time, the woman did not give consent to sex without protection, and the man justified himself by the fact that he dreamed of experiencing brighter sensations without an elastic band. The court sentenced him to one year conditionally, and the first precedent of criminal punishment for stealth appeared in the world.

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  • 2 Stealth Practitioners - Who Are They?
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  • 4 Can you protect yourself from stealth?

What is this stealth? I

Stealth is a phenomenon that has appeared recently, but it already has its own convinced followers. During intercourse, they quietly remove the condom without the consent of the partner. There is no legal classification and responsibility for stealth, but since the removal of the condom takes place without the consent of the woman, it can well be equated with violent acts of a sexual nature or even rape. As for the opinion of sexologists on this issue, the works that have studied stealth lovers are still not enough to draw conclusions about whether to consider them perverts, rapists or simply shameless people.

In any case, stealth is unlikely to receive a positive assessment from adequate people. Sex should take place by mutual consent of the partners, and if the girl did not give her consent to sex without a condom, and the partner stealthily acted against her will, then the principle of mutual consent is violated. So, by all accounts, stealth is logical to equate with sexual violence. Even before the first decision of the Swedish judge, feminists did it, and it's hard to disagree with them.

Stealth practitioners - who are they? 2

Even a cursory examination of the problem can make a surprising, if not disgusting discovery. There are numerous communities of stealth practitioners who brag to each other about their "victories", keep lists of victims, and exchange ways to discreetly get rid of a condom. For an outsider, it looks at least disgusting.


However, the stealthy themselves justify their actions. They consider themselves "real males" who have the right to decide who to inseminate and who not, and it does not matter if they want a child, and refer to their "natural masculine nature." Some even argue that science is on their side, but professional sexologists would disagree. Sexual relations between people do not fit into stereotypical opinions about those in the animal pack. And in animal flocks, everything is far from what the typical "male inseminators" see.

Psychologists suggest that the practice of stealth is the result of the psychological problems of insecure people, for whom it is important to rise among their own kind by humiliating someone else. In this case, a woman who suffered from stealth.

What's wrong with that? 3

Stealth comes with all the same risks as any other unprotected intercourse. Unwanted pregnancy, infection with sexually transmitted diseases are the most obvious of them. But psychological factors cannot be ruled out. Victims of stealth feel humiliated and deceived, for some this state developed into disappointment and loss of trust in men, neuroses and even aversion to sex in general.

It should be understood that agreeing to have sex with and without a condom are two different things. If a girl agrees to sleep with a guy, this does not mean that she automatically agreed to all possible sexual practices that exist in nature. And to refer to the fact that a girl could take care of contraception herself is just as incorrect in this situation as accusing his victims of rape.

Can you protect yourself from stealth? 4

Alas, it is quite difficult to defend against this form of sexual violence, and the example of the Swedish court is of little use for domestic reality. A girl who comes to the police with a statement that her partner took off the condom without her knowledge will most likely simply be ridiculed, and some measures can be taken except in case of deliberate infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

However, even if a woman can bring the case to court, it is almost impossible to prove this willfulness. The accused can always say that the condom has accidentally broken or slipped off, and there is practically no way to refute this statement.

As a result, the only way to resist stealth is to be vigilant and not hesitate to stop intercourse if you suddenly feel a change in sensations, and to make sure that the protection is in place. Most stealth workers rely on the fact that the girl, even if she feels that something was wrong, will not be distracted from the process.

how to protect yourself from stealth
how to protect yourself from stealth

And, of course, this problem should be discussed in public space. By publicly denouncing stealth followers and educating women about the problem, you will reduce the number of victims of this form of violence. And, of course, you can join the feminists who are fighting for a special law to criminalize stealth.

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