A Girl Should Be Younger - Social Stereotype Or Reality

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A Girl Should Be Younger - Social Stereotype Or Reality
A Girl Should Be Younger - Social Stereotype Or Reality

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The girl should be younger
The girl should be younger

Sociologists, and scientists studying the psychology of relationships, have long deduced a magic formula for happiness, in which, in their opinion, a girl should be at least 5 years younger than her partner, and also have a higher level of education. The strength and stability of a marriage or civil union relationship depends on factors such as age, educational level, nationality, and previous experience of personal relationships.

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  • 1 Statistics data
  • 2 Girls prefer older men
  • 3 What a man finds in an alliance with a young lady
  • 4 Generational conflict

Statistics data i

According to statistics, most of the couples are those where the man is older. Is it correct? And does age really affect the development of relationships? Or maybe you should step over stereotypes and act as your heart tells you?

Many girls grow up earlier and are ahead of guys in their development, and thus are practical and ready for family life. For a man to be on the same level with a girl, she must be younger. Moreover, old age approaches women earlier than men, which affects their fertility. If a man can become a father at 50, and even at 60, then the childbearing age of women lasts up to 45-47 years.

Girls prefer older men 2

Impatience is a characteristic of young people. When it comes to relationships between equals, girls have to be very patient to wait until the boy becomes a man, while they themselves are already ripe for serious relationships. That is why it is much easier for women to communicate with older men and they prefer to choose life partners among the older generation. A union in which a man is 10-12 years older gives the girl stability and security. Such men have already asserted themselves in life, decided on the principles and desires, they no longer seek adventure and do not run after every skirt. With such a man, any girl will feel protected and confident in the future.

a man older than a girl
a man older than a girl

K / f "Beauty"

What a man finds in alliance with a young lady 3

Men who are looking for a young life partner subconsciously perceive this fact as a personal time machine in order to regain their self-esteem, years and youth. They had the opportunity to be with women of their own age and enjoyed their beauty, vitality and elegance. But over the years, their companions lost their charm and sex appeal, and this inevitably began to remind men that they, too, were losing their outer gloss.

In the eyes of a young woman, men see admiration, intoxication, respect and desire, all that they dream to feel again. Among other things, the attractiveness of young girls restores men's self-esteem and makes them feel that there is still something that can attract not only a woman, but a girl as well.

Conflict between generations4

Of course, in such a relationship, at some point the problem of intergenerational conflict arises. Sooner or later, the suspicion arises that he is with her only for the sake of sex, beauty and youthful spirit. The man begins to worry that the woman is with him only for the good of their relationship. However, different generations have different interests, lifestyles, tastes. The young woman has the energy, inexperience and vitality of her peers. The man, on the other hand, can hardly cope with the desire to please her - his preferences are mainly related to the need for rest and relaxation. This chasm is often at the heart of relationships.

if the man is older
if the man is older

A woman is faced with an emotional and rational dilemma - to be with a man who, thanks to his experience gained over the years, can give her what her peers cannot. Another option is to live with a peer, ignoring the pursuit of security and stability.

The man, for his part, is also struggling with his dilemma of being with a woman of his own age, who grew up with the problems and joys of her generation, and with whom he probably has much more common ground. His alternative is to be with a young woman, which significantly increases not only his self-esteem, but also every day leads to the need to use energy stimulants to keep up with the youth of his partner.

The difference in years, as a factor, seriously affects a person's feelings and intimate relationships. However, love works best on the basis of mutual attraction, shared interests, and compatible characters that do not obey the laws of time. The falling in love of two people with a difference in age is love, like any other, without any preliminary installations, reflections and planning. Therefore, no one can judge the relationship between partners of different generations, no matter how great the difference in their age. It doesn't matter if the girl should be younger or not, because, as history shows, a person is most often mistaken when he feels with his mind, and then when he thinks with his heart. Here's a pun!

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