Don't Be Born Beautiful! Why Do Ugly People Become So Much More Successful?

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Don't Be Born Beautiful! Why Do Ugly People Become So Much More Successful?
Don't Be Born Beautiful! Why Do Ugly People Become So Much More Successful?

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ugly girl
ugly girl

Beauty is a very loose concept. A couple of centuries ago, curvy girls were the favorite muses of great artists, and today famous models of photographers are afraid to eat an extra piece of apple. “If I was beautiful, then everything would be different…”, - the girls in the next entrance justify their failures. Without thinking at all that it is the plain ones who become much more successful people in life. Why is this happening?

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1 Reasons for the success of "ugly"

Reasons for the success of "ugly" _171187

First, in fact, a person stands out from the background of others with a certain charisma, a finished image or a message, as you like best. This can be clearly seen even at a beauty pageant. There are dozens of ideal beauties with "necessary" parameters, hair color and everything else necessary for such a competition

But, often we can't even tell one girl from another. And suddenly She enters the stage. Outwardly, it seems, the same as the previous ones. But, there is something special about it: the manner of presentation, smoothness and grace of movements, charm, expression of the eyes or the ability to correctly stand in the frame. And when she starts answering questions in the next round, you will notice an unstrained smile and lack of excitement.

And now we transfer this to our colleagues and acquaintances. And we notice that the most important thing is to present it correctly: hide or correct flaws, emphasize advantages. Thus, "ugly women" are patient and go to gyms, beauty salons and image courses. Whereas beauties can swim in excesses.

And five years later, it suddenly turns out that the figure created by hard work and the correctly chosen makeup of yesterday's ugly duckling overshadowed the slightly spoiled external data of the recent swan. Want proof? Ask the parents for their impressions after the alumni meeting 15-20 years later. As a rule, it sounds like this: “And what happened to her, she was such a beauty! And where our eyes looked, there was a gray mouse, and now - just a queen."

The second also comes out of the first: girls, who initially do not shine in appearance, absorb the rule "nothing will happen without efforts." They are ready to fight and improve every day. Thus, they not only create an outer shell for themselves, they become good professionals in their field, attentive interlocutors

And quality life companions too. After all, it is recognized beauties who are forgiven for mood swings, tantrums and all stamping feet. But, over time, life "on a powder keg" bothers men, and there is a need to see an adequate and balanced representative of the fair sex nearby.

don't be born beautiful
don't be born beautiful

This also includes another interesting phenomenon: those who initially did not shine with beauty are not afraid of refusals, they are harder to break with life's difficulties. This is all brought to the beauties on a silver platter. But, suddenly it turns out that behind her there are dozens of younger competitors, who have pushed her back today.

What's next? Nothing, depression, which can forever put an end to life. Purposeful girls who do not shine with unearthly beauty are accustomed to competition and overcome it every day. They constantly prove that they are better than colleagues at work, because no one gives them anything for "pretty eyes".

And finally, men like funny and witty young ladies. But it is the ability to smile for their shortcomings and laugh heartily at the fact that beauties are indignant, the main and most important "psychological therapy" of "ugly women." So they learn to relate more easily to their flaws and life in general

don't like the reflection
don't like the reflection

And why do the "princes" need angry and always pouty princesses? It is much more pleasant to have a smiling Cinderella next to her, who, like in a fairy tale, will say: “I am not tired on the way to you. I rested on the way. " That is why, not obvious beauties become the most successful. They move up the career ladder only thanks to their knowledge and talents. And they arrange their personal life with someone who appreciates them both for their inner peace and for the ability to present themselves.

They are much more resistant to adversity and difficulties, adventurous and ready for non-standard moves. After all, the ability to be flexible and creative allowed them to stand out. Therefore, do not envy those beauties who every day in front of the mirror think with horror how quickly their trump card fades. Take an example from those who see in this mirror how the figure transforms for the better from training, and love

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