The Main Ways To Get A Man To Use A Condom

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The Main Ways To Get A Man To Use A Condom
The Main Ways To Get A Man To Use A Condom

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Those who care about their health have less risk of ending up in the doctor's office. Any sane man has a contraceptive with him not only to avoid unwanted pregnancy, but also to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases. But those who need to quickly satisfy their lust come up with various fables.

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  • 2 Why men refuse a condom

How to Insist on Protected Sexi

In long-term relationships, where the couple remains faithful to each other, a condom is needed only to avoid pregnancy, in other cases people do not use it. And if the relationship began recently or the passion arose abruptly at a party, then a latex product is necessary. Of course, when the urge to have sex is so great, the mind shuts down completely. But this is not an excuse, because vigilance should always come first.

The most common guys' excuses and how to react to them:

  1. With a condom, sensations are dulled. Of course, there is a huge difference between washing dishes with bare hands or with gloves, but sex is not about washing dishes. Modern condoms are very thin and durable, they do not reduce sensitivity, it's all in the head. The guy screwed himself up and believed himself.
  2. I would like to feel a woman during intimacy. To feel each other, it is not necessary to have sexual intercourse, kissing and hugging are enough.
  3. "You still drink contraceptives." Pills just do not allow you to get pregnant, but they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, the virus can stay inside the body for several months and not make itself felt in any way.
  4. There is no "rubber band" with you. So what? If you could go to the store for cigarettes, then you can run there a second time, because condoms are now sold anywhere, even in eateries. Too lazy to get dressed and go? Then they drank tea and fled to their homes.
use a condom
use a condom
  1. "I'm not sick with anything." Fine. Then you need to show a certificate from the doctor, which was issued no more than three days ago. Trust, of course, is good, but the safety of your body is more expensive.
  2. "You're exaggerating." Not at all. Even if in a state of wild passion a woman demands to use a condom, this speaks in her favor. This means that she takes her health with great responsibility.

All these fairy tales are nothing more than old songs of irresponsible guys. If none of these answers gives results, you can safely turn around and leave. Sex is amazing, but the dire consequences in the future do not please anyone. And you don't need to think that he will have bad thoughts. If he is negligent about his health, it does not mean that everyone is the same.

Why Men Give Up Condoms 2

The most common cause is decreased sensitivity. In fact, all human problems are in the head. By focusing on the wearing condom, the man is distracted, thereby dulling the sensation. After all, even without a latex product to think about something, the erection can also weaken.

Another option for rejecting the "rubber band" is to switch attention. Passions are raging, the blood is boiling, the heart is bursting out, and the penis is already "smoking", as at this moment it is necessary to think about a condom. A man takes out a product, frees it from packaging, considers which side to wear, then distributes it along the trunk - all this takes enough time, and, accordingly, distracts.

force to use a condom
force to use a condom

There are often cases when it is not immediately possible to print the package, then the man begins to freak out, and as a result, the erection subsides. Plus, he thinks how he looks at the moment and what the woman thinks of him. This is especially true in casual sex, when people first see each other.

To avoid these awkward moments, the partner should not look at her lover from head to toe and wait for him to handle the condom. At this moment, she can additionally caress him with kisses on the neck, chest, and stimulate the testicles with her hands. With this attitude, she expresses respect for him, and the risk of an erection decline is reduced. Another aphrodisiac method is to stimulate the erogenous zones on your body. While the partner puts on the "elastic", she can caress her body, thereby igniting his imagination.

With long-term relationships, people get used to each other and are no longer shy, and at the first intimacy, confusion often arises. Lovers are nervous, afraid to make an awkward movement or appear ugly. Often the first sex takes place in the dark, so there are additional difficulties in using a condom. It is not necessary to make the room completely dark, but if partners are shy, the light from a pair of scented candles will help to quickly cope with putting on the latex product.

condom and first sex
condom and first sex

If a man feels that his erection is weakening, do not hesitate to stimulate himself. Usually this sight makes women even more excited. Having coped mentally with all the barriers, intimacy in a condom can be much more enjoyable. After all, it is better to take care of safety in advance than to “settle” in the venereologist's office later.

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