How To See A Tendency To Cheat In A Person: General Recommendations

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How To See A Tendency To Cheat In A Person: General Recommendations
How To See A Tendency To Cheat In A Person: General Recommendations

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girl with heart
girl with heart

Have you noticed that there are people who literally at first glance at a person can say that he or she has a rather easy behavior, although it seems to you that there is nothing of the kind? The most interesting thing is that when some time passes, these "seers" are right. How do they do it? With such a foresight, it would be possible to make life much easier for yourself and not waste time on those who are not worth it.

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  • 1 Large life baggage
  • 2 The intolerable ease of relationship
  • 3 Bad heredity
  • 4 Modern technologies
  • 5 Common interests

Large living baggage

From someone who has already divorced, and even more than once, it is not necessary to expect marital fidelity. As strange as it sounds, this is the case when experience does not mean that a person is reliable and will cope with any situation, but vice versa.

As a rule, divorce is usually done by those who do not know how to cope with problem situations, seeing the only way out - in flight. To live together for many years, it turns out not for those who have no difficulties, but for those who know how to deal with them.

It is not necessary to register every relationship. Even if there are few or no stamps in the passport, this is not an indicator of a lack of experience of escaping from life's troubles. The mention of a large number of previous relationships should be alarming. It is clear that the older a person is, the richer his history is, but still everything should be within reasonable limits.

Unbearable lightness of relationship2

Perhaps you immediately had mutual feelings of such strength that in bed you found yourself on the first or second date. It happens. But if you are not sixteen years old, then you should still think about it. Is this really the kind of love about which legends are made or not? If you have doubts that this is the case, then think: what if this is a common practice?

Starting a relationship with sex may be enjoyable, but not promising. For a start, you should still get to know each other better, find out if there are any common interests, understand what can connect you. And the candy-bouquet period adds a lot of good impressions and memories to life.

the girl does not admit treason
the girl does not admit treason

This also applies to living together. If on the second day of acquaintance a person drags his things to you, then the likelihood of a long life together, alas, is small. Haste in making decisions of this level speaks rather of a too light attitude towards life. If it's easy to make the decision to bring things, then the decision to leave shouldn't take long.

Bad heredity3

Oddly enough, the tendency to cheat is inherited or, perhaps, is the result of a bad example or improper upbringing. Those who grew up in a complete family, and if divorces were not accepted among relatives, most likely, with all their might, they will strive for a strong relationship with a partner.

In ancient times, it was not in vain that parents looked closely, first of all, to the family of the future groom or bride. Of course, not with one hundred percent certainty, but with a high degree of probability, this is fully justified. Popular wisdom says: "An apple falls not far from an apple tree." This is just about that. Before making plans for a joint future, be sure to get to know as many potential relatives as possible.

girls are preparing for the wedding
girls are preparing for the wedding

Take a close look at the style of family relationships. Willingly or unwillingly, people copy the behavior patterns of their parents. There is harmony and mutual understanding - excellent. If the situation is approaching the frontline - think again before taking important steps.

Modern technologies4

Strangely, those who keep up with the times are more often incapable of lasting relationships than those who adhere to the traditional lifestyle. Perhaps the fault is modern trends in psychology and the abundance of articles on the Internet on the topic "A free person owes nothing to anyone", or it may be the fault of a large number of casual Internet acquaintances, but advanced Internet users often change partners.

The minimum number of betrayals and divorces among those adhering to the traditional way of life and, as expected, religious people. Of course, not everyone is ready to look for a life partner in the church, but there is something to think about.

husband cheats on wife
husband cheats on wife

Common interests5

If you both love dog sled racing, spend all weekends on country tracks, and on weekdays before and after work you run in the park with four-legged sports partners, then most likely you are guaranteed a long and happy life together. The risk of cheating is minimal. For whom will you trade a reliable partner who can easily distinguish a husky from a malamute and at the same time brings coffee to bed in the morning? You are a team.

If all the time you are not busy with sex, TV and sleep, you each spend with your gadget, perhaps the day is not far off when someone will be drawn to live communication on the side. If your smartphone or tablet is protected from you with passwords, this is an alarm bell. If you do the same, it is a reason to think carefully if you both need this relationship.

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