How To Recognize A Tyrant: Energy Vampires And Their Characteristics

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How To Recognize A Tyrant: Energy Vampires And Their Characteristics
How To Recognize A Tyrant: Energy Vampires And Their Characteristics

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According to statistics, every second man is a tyrant who asserts himself at the expense of women, including daughters. Every ninth person is considered an aggressor; their relationship is not complete without assault. Women are also like that, especially if in childhood their fathers did not allow them a lot. Children are treated the same way. To be a little safe, we decided to collect the main symptoms of moral abuse, which is limited to communication without bodily harm.

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  • 1 Weak physically, strong in spirit
  • 2 When does the moral noose start?

Physically weak, strong in spirit

Not exactly how the energy vampire is characterized. These are weak people, even morally, who are used to living off other people's emotions, but always negative ones. Themselves as vampires or psychological tyrants are different from the traditional types. In childhood, their parents disliked them, considering them a mistake or, to put it mildly, a coincidence. It was because of the sudden appearance of the child that parents could only feel discomfort.

As a result, such children grow up not only without love, but also without care. When parental selfishness appears in complete total control. Here the child belongs to himself. It is imperative for an adult to survive in an environment where couples love and want children. During growing up, such men see only one model: children are evil, you need to build yourself and preferably without parents.

As a result, they create single-parent families, but willingly marry. Girls next to such a tyrant will not need anything. Dependence is built, where the energy vampire takes care of, financially provides, but limits. On the feminine side, absurd arguments appear for refusing anything.

  • You can't already choose the style of clothing yourself;
  • Waste is strictly controlled;
  • Constant calls with questions where you are;
  • Being careless about your partner's feelings, especially when it comes to emotional outburst.
energy vampires
energy vampires

In this case, the phone will only be checked by the one who is wildly jealous. Energy vampires will not, because if nothing is found, there will be a reason to trust. This means that once again you have to slow down with calls and SMS. In addition, psychological tyrants rarely check the veracity, since they themselves know when they are lying. It is much more profitable to blame without waiting for an explanation. So the victim becomes completely dependent on the emotions of the feelings of the companion.

Women of this type are less common. They can morally put pressure on a man only if he does not want to start a family, earn money and devote his life to a newborn procreation. Pressure begins, in the argument - comparison with the former, constant humiliation, commenting on actions. Disrespect appears due to obvious things, but more often ends in divorce.

When does the moral noose start? 2

In order not to lose control over you, the partner tries to define his position in society from the first days of the relationship. As a rule, he speaks directly: the conditions that he likes and dislikes. For example, remember, darling, I do not eat in the evenings, but you must serve breakfast as if a feast is planned. Women may require constant reporting - where they were and with whom.

How to recognize a tyrant
How to recognize a tyrant

In return, of course, the tyrant will "feed" his spouse for obedience, thank him in every possible way with suppers, gifts, and be nice. But over time, for each offense, punishment comes, and the encouragement becomes less and less. This puts the victim under the emotional control of the fear of doing something wrong.

Another situation is when a person is self-sufficient, and losing him means the end of control of situations. Disputes over work begin. Domestic quarrel over children is extremely common - someone pays less attention to them due to official powers - children communicate less with one of the parents. This is an argument to close a person within 4 walls, not allowing him to develop.

It is impossible to resolve this issue, since even remote work will be accompanied by a power outage and the Internet. And in the end, they will be accused of poor housekeeping.

In the evenings, victims of psychological abuse listen to the negativity of someone who is very tired. By absorbing negative emotions, the tyrant clears his thoughts of bad events.

A moral rapist, even without suspecting himself, can leave a lot of negative impressions about his person. It is embarrassing to show him to friends and parents, but he will insist on acquaintance in order to control you through them. And God forbid, a friend will stand in the way with his own personal view of child-free.

Tyrant tactics
Tyrant tactics

Moral rapists always control their companions. This is not only about obvious things. For example, a spouse prohibits wearing a certain type of clothing, using a particular perfume; constantly speaks about the appearance and indicates the slightest flaw: gray hair, acne, cold on the lips, 100 g of excess fat.

And the victim receives all these injections every day, no matter how hard he tries not to let his life partner down. They will look appraisingly, purse their lips, listing the shortcomings until the "slave" gives up and does everything as the arrogant master of life wants. Therefore, you need to run away from such energetic gloomy people as quickly as possible.

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