How To Express Feelings With Kisses? Where To Kiss?

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How To Express Feelings With Kisses? Where To Kiss?
How To Express Feelings With Kisses? Where To Kiss?

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It is a mistake to believe that partners can only kiss each other on the lips. There are many other places where you can kiss your loved one, even in front of the public. There are also secret places that need to be fondled only in the bedroom, on the edge, somewhere in secluded places. Not to say that they are erogenous zones, but little unpleasant. Oh yes, there are also so-called points of influence, which do not excite, and do not cause disgusting sensations when touched.

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  • 1 Neck and décolleté
  • 2 Tummy and lower back
  • 3 Hands and wrists

Neck and décolletéi

For example. And what, there are many girls and guys who are not averse to studying each other for accessibility, tickliness and illusion in those parts of the body that seem to be closed and less sensitive at first glance.

In men, the neck area is a stimulating factor that sends echoes to the groin area through brain impulses. And for women, not quite - the back of the head is a kind of point of pleasure when you massage or touch it. No wonder a relaxing massage can start from there, and finish in a completely different place. And the girls quickly fall asleep if pressed along the vertebrae.

It is possible to descend to the Y-shaped pressure points. Usually, athletes are given an invigorating massage, but girls just like it when someone touches or squeezes there. If you can find the very points, you can delight your partner. True, it will not be superfluous to study the sports anatomy and the anatomy of sex - massage with invigorating elements is great for complementing kisses.

We go down below and pass to the chest. Exactly. Not the chest, but the cage - is the most sensitive to all touch. Men love it when they touch their nipples and collarbones, and girls love it higher while their breasts are at rest. There are erogenous zones in the décolleté or chest muscles. This advice is worth using when you want to please your loved one. It is enough to walk from the neck to the collarbone, with your hands touching the pectoral muscle in the solar weaving area.

Feelings with kisses
Feelings with kisses

Sexologists say that girls and guys have certain points in the sternum area. Due to physiology, women tend to react sharply to touch, while men willingly enjoy the process itself. If the peak of pleasure falls at the moment of touching the breast, then the speed of arousal is reduced by an order of magnitude.

Tummy and loin2

The area where the most important is concentrated is the reproductive system. She has some fat in the tummy area, and a little orange peel on her thighs. These are warming materials, because people's buttocks are always cold, mostly.

He has an erogenous zone that stirs up interest in sex at the moment of touch. As soon as his lips stick there, the man is already dreaming about sex, because all the paths lead down. Going down to the lower abdomen, we approach the lateral "chain" lines connecting the lower abdomen and the upper point of the iliac region.

How to express feelings with a kiss
How to express feelings with a kiss

There is a separate excitation point map. The first one is "CV" - it is 5 cm below the abdomen. "CV1" is the symphysis and is located at the top of the pubic bone. The pubic tubercle is located between the previous two. On both sides of it are the most sensitive areas. You can kiss there, but not for long, as the arousal effect will pass and be replaced by tickling. If you caress all three points alternately, you can achieve an interesting result.

Hands and wrists3

And most of all I like it when you kiss your hands and wrists. Some of the sexologists even conducted an experiment - a man who kissed his hands from the back, licked his fingers, became aroused faster than from a blowjob. The thing is that in 78% of cases, these zones work faster, since there are many sensitive endings on the fingers. Imitation of warm and wet (mouth cavity), finger, like imitation of a penis, and that's it … the man is turned on like a car in non-frosty weather.

A woman gets aroused by kissing in the same area for other reasons. According to research, there is "Lu-9", which is located in the pulse area. Above is "Tsun" from ancient Chinese mythology. It is based on physical thinking, and if it is influenced by kisses, a person will think about pleasant things. In this particular case, about sex.

Feelings with a kiss
Feelings with a kiss

Above the wrist, there are also such endings, but less sensitive. If you like hands, forearms, you should study the body not only with your eyes, but also with your lips. Many people find it unacceptable to caress those parts of the body that are not erogenous. But who knows exactly where they are, and what is hidden behind the unexplored portals of pleasure.

Sometimes, an excited person can be understood, especially when it gives him incomparable pleasure to kiss the body of a loved one. Let it be somewhat unusual. And did someone say that the Kama Sutra was written by scientists? Kissing is a sign of attraction that goes beyond the mind.

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