The Main Mistakes Of Men Who Are Looking For Love For Life

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The Main Mistakes Of Men Who Are Looking For Love For Life
The Main Mistakes Of Men Who Are Looking For Love For Life
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Tired of the eternal search for the very one, the one and only? Are the new results getting worse and worse than the previous ones? You dash like a squirrel in a wheel, trying to see the full depth of a woman's soul, but instead of the latter, you end up finding an ordinary viewing hole? Stop, friend! The proverb "the further into the forest, the more firewood" works in such cases exactly the opposite.

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  • 1 Finding a Girl After Midnight
  • 2 Finding a girlfriend among colleagues
  • 3 Search among the married
  • 4 Living with an unloved woman

Yes, of course, girls are different. Whatever one may say, but you can never get into her head and understand what she wants. Who is in front of you - an angel with a devil's soul or a devil in a beautiful appearance - will only show the time and the perfect deeds of the chosen one.

Let's, as they say, not pull the cat by the tail, and let's analyze the four main mistakes that men most often make while searching:

Finding a girl after midnight

No, in no case will we now talk about the need for daily visits to libraries, museums, exhibitions of the national economy and similar cultural institutions. But believe me, the chances of finding a good and well-mannered girl in such places are much greater than in a smoky tavern in the morning.

It is quite possible to meet your soul mate in a cafe or at a disco, but according to statistics conducted by a group of American sociologists (ACA) in 2017, the probability of success of such a search, you will not believe, is 1: 150! That is, in this case, you need to not only meet 150 girls you really like, but also try to start a serious relationship with them (sex for one night, unfortunately, will not work).

Are you ready to start immediately on the task outlined above? Then go ahead! Just for a start, remember how old you are, but if everything is in order and there is enough time left, then go for it!

find true love for a man
find true love for a man

Finding a girlfriend among colleagues2

Ready for gossip, smirks, squabbles and eternal jokes - build relationships in the workplace! Yes, of course, at the beginning of a relationship, it's funny and romantic. You are hiding behind corners, devouring each other with glances, winking and smiling at the intersection of gazes, but, be sure, everything will pass soon.

Whether you want it or not, you are not Stirlitz, and she is not Kat's radio operator, so that for several decades in a row your connection is not declassified. Sooner or later, someone will get tired of hiding, or, for example, attentive colleagues will still find themselves in the right place at the right time, catching you by surprise. Then, as they say - everything, "branches"!

Of course, if your relationship has become so serious that you don't care about the opinion of others from a big mountain, then you can only rejoice and sincerely wish you good luck! But the latter, alas, not everyone can do. Remember, envy and rumors have not been canceled. "Well-wishers" will always be found.

find a man a long relationship
find a man a long relationship

Plus, do not forget about the option that the relationship can be "covered with a copper basin" at any time. What will you do then? Looking for a new job or pretending to see this woman for the first time? Think carefully whether or not such a play is worth it …

Search among married3

Yes, among married girls there are those who are not very happy in marriage, or, for example, live for the sake of children, or because they have nowhere else to go. Situations are different.

In that case, try to analyze the following. Now she spends time freely with you, allows herself kisses and other bodily pleasures, despite the fact that she has certain family obligations to her husband. Yes, maybe you two are incredibly good … But, take courage, and ask yourself a question: Will she not do the same when you are already her husband? " The choice is yours. But remember one thing: before starting a relationship with a married woman, analyze not only the benefits of such dates, but also all the possible risks with the ensuing consequences.

Life with an unloved woman4

Back in 2016, the Christmas group released a song, the words of which, just as opportunely, will be able to characterize the above error. In this song they sing "… do not live with the unloved - they are just friends, but look for your loved ones, without whom you cannot live …"

male mistakes in love
male mistakes in love

Yes, indeed, no matter how simple and trite it may sound, but when choosing a companion, be guided first of all by your heart, and only after that - by common sense. Remember one thing, no matter how she is (good, kind, beautiful or rich), sooner or later such a girl will start to strain you a little. But whether you can, with the onset of this moment, return, as they say, everything "to square one", and continue to live peacefully further, you can hardly predict now …

Agree, it is very difficult to live your whole life, guided by a deep reason, sound mind and a sense of respect. Of course, such people exist, have been and will be. Whether you replenish their ranks or not, live with love in your heart or with a weight in your soul - it's up to you! Just make sure that later, in extreme old age, standing in front of the mirror, you end up asking yourself the question: "Have I ever been myself?"

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