Having An Affair At Work: The True Pros And Cons

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Having An Affair At Work: The True Pros And Cons
Having An Affair At Work: The True Pros And Cons

Video: Having An Affair At Work: The True Pros And Cons

Video: Having An Affair At Work: The True Pros And Cons
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Romance at work
Romance at work

26% of couples meet at work. Most of them subsequently clearly understand that romance at work does not lead to anything good. It is extremely rare to find a happy ending, but people continue to fall in love and date.

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  • 1 Why at work?
  • 2 Arguments "For"
  • 3 Arguments "Against"

Why at work? I

Psychologists have long been trying to figure out the reasons why office romances happen so often. As always, when it comes to feelings, there was no definite answer. And yet, some common features stood out:

  • the uniqueness of the atmosphere. Meeting for the first time, a man and a woman are looking for common ground for a long time. Sometimes it takes weeks and months. At work, however, an order of magnitude faster. As the cat Matroskin used to say: "Joint work unites for my benefit!";
  • with a common lesson, mutual assistance and mutual assistance is manifested. It works to bring together and strengthen sympathy;
  • a long joint stay in the same room also contributes to increased attention to a colleague;
  • one goal unites better than many other common ground.

All this leads to the fact that sooner or later an office romance begins to develop. What's good or bad about that?

Arguments "For" 2

In human relationships, there is little unambiguous. There are undeniable advantages to romance at work:

  • a unique opportunity to study a partner in all its manifestations. For example, women see with their own eyes the status of a man, his authority, the ability to solve complex issues. He determines how she acts in conflict situations, communicates with other people, dresses, knows how to cook (if she brings food from home) and so on. With a serious choice of a partner, this plays an important role, rejecting losing options in advance and concentrating on worthy ones;
  • when choosing, you can take your time, take a closer look and make an informed decision. No wonder the alliances that began in the service are stronger than others. Provided that one goes to another job. But what can't you do for love?
sex at work
sex at work

On the positive side, most executives are loyal to romance at work. However, this continues as long as it does not affect the service points.

Arguments Against 3

A service relationship, if not tied to an all-consuming love, has more disadvantages than advantages:

  • when a romance ends with a happy ending, from a psychological point of view, the problems are just beginning. It is rare to meet people who live calmly year after year, without parting either at work or at home. Satiety leads to a number of problems and an ambiguous future;
  • the opposite of a happy ending is getting fired. So that the ex-partner does not loom before your eyes as a living reminder of the past, it is easier to get rid of him. You can, of course, get back on your feet, build a career, but it will take so much effort that you will involuntarily wonder what all this is for;
  • exalted ladies, like insecure men, can reduce personal space to a minimum, which leads to inconvenience and scandals;
love affair at work
love affair at work
  • co-workers will not be supportive of such a connection. Whispering behind the back, sucking bones, hints on the verge of decency are provided. You need to stock up on strong nerves;
  • according to a survey, more than 50% of managers believe that feelings in the workplace interfere with their duties. The attitude towards lovers is appropriate;
  • sometimes a reputation develops such that it stretches its tail, even if a person has switched to another job. In general, it can prevent you from settling somewhere else, the professional world is narrow;
  • the situation becomes extremely uncomfortable when parting occurs. This is already a psychological trauma, but here you have to look at how the ex is flirting with others. This makes it difficult to forget the past and start a new relationship. The recovery process is delayed.

The situation is compounded when he or she is legally married. But these arguments don't stay in your head when passion comes along.

romance at work
romance at work

Is romance at work good or bad? Everyone decides for himself. But there is something that unites - if a person gives free rein to his heart and desire, without connecting the gray medulla, everything ends in failure. It is better to look at things realistically and respond only to a sincere, light feeling that will help to cope with any obstacles.