How To Organize And How To Behave At A Dinner With A Girl?

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How To Organize And How To Behave At A Dinner With A Girl?
How To Organize And How To Behave At A Dinner With A Girl?

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how to behave at dinner
how to behave at dinner

Perhaps the most memorable moment in a relationship is the candy-bouquet period. But how many excellent chances were missed due to failures during the first trips to cafes, restaurants and other food establishments. Below are some tips to help you avoid mistakes during the initial phase.

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  • 1 Choosing a place
  • 2 How not to get lost in the menu?
  • 3 Generosity or stinginess
  • 4 A little about etiquette
  • 5 What to talk about?

Choosing a place i

Be that as it may, it is worthwhile to clearly imagine where exactly the man will lead the lady. Yes, many women crave to feel like a princess and a socialite. Unfortunately, not all of them are allowed to do so by their upbringing and behavior. And gentlemen, I must say, not everyone knows how to behave in society.

Therefore, if one of the partners or both cannot boast of at least basic knowledge of etiquette, you should not choose secular restaurants. And the point is not in the prices there, but in the fact that inappropriate behavior or statements that are out of the way of the norms of behavior in the "higher circles" will make a couple, albeit not explicitly, but an object of ridicule.

Likewise, understand that in a family café or pizzeria, no one expects customers to demand a wine list, a bell to attract attention, and gold-embossed napkins.

Therefore, you should objectively look at the level of the couple and choose the appropriate institution in order to avoid embarrassing situations caused by accidental (or not) violation of the rules of behavior adopted in one class or another.

How not to get lost in the menu? 2

If one of the partners has already visited the meeting place earlier, it will be optimal if he shares his experience with the second participant and suggests a dish.

Otherwise, the key point boils down to a single recommendation - you shouldn't take risks and take something completely unusual. It is worth noting that for the same reason, it is worth choosing an institution of the appropriate level, so as not to rack your brains over the complex names of, in general, simple dishes.

dinner with wife
dinner with wife

First of all, choosing dishes from familiar ingredients will help to get rid of the “fly in the ointment” in the form of tasteless food or drinks, and, as a result, “unpleasant aftertaste” from the meeting. As a matter of fact, the most logical thing for a man is to conduct “reconnaissance” by visiting the establishment without a lady and familiarize himself with the menu, procedures and peculiarities of the place of the upcoming date.

Generosity or stinginess 3

The issue of payment for the order plays an equally important role. If possible, it is better to find out in advance how the lady relates to this component of a joint pastime. In this age of equality, gentleman's generosity can be taken as an insult. So if there is no complete confidence in the views of the partner, then it is better not to put the companion in front of the fact, but to clarify whether she is against it if the sir takes the payment upon herself.

How to organize a dinner with a woman?
How to organize a dinner with a woman?

The girl at the rendezvous should also understand that the gentleman is unlikely to have telepathic abilities, so his desire to flaunt generosity is dictated not by the desire to “buy” a partner, but by education in a more traditional way regarding relationships. And therefore, it is clearly not worth making a scandal because of this. If the position is principled, then you should make a reservation about this before or at the beginning of the date, so that the man can “on the go” adjust the further plan of the meeting.

A little about etiquette 4

The rules of good manners require the following actions from the gentleman:

  • Open the door in front of your companion - not overtaking her “a mile”, but also squeezing in front of her. A couple of break steps are enough to not create an awkward situation.
  • Help remove outer clothing, if any.
  • Help the lady sit down.
  • The choice of dish, as mentioned above, should be left to the will of the partner, limited to a recommendation if the man has already visited the place before.
how to behave at dinner with a woman?
how to behave at dinner with a woman?

It goes without saying that everything depends on the girl and her views. One such treatment will delight and delight, the other will offend, the third will take it for granted, the fourth will simply be surprised, but will blame the old-fashioned companion.

What to talk about? five

So, after observing all the formalities, it's time for a conversation. And here the man, as well as the woman, are waiting for pitfalls that threaten the failure of the entire date.

First of all, one should not discuss deliberately critical topics - religion, musical preferences, political views. In general, at first, it is better to resort to general conversations, and even better - to unobtrusively ask the lady about herself, and she, accordingly, is interested in general information about the man. In principle, it should be remembered that any person, no matter what he says to others (and to himself), likes to talk about his own preferences.

Therefore, a man who seeks to interest a woman will become the ideal listener. However, you should not sit like an investigator during interrogation - you will need to express your opinion. However, there is a key “but” - this opinion should be dressed in the form of compliments to the lady. Cautious criticism also does not hurt, but without the use of harsh and categorical statements, if plans for further communication with a companion still have a place to be.

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