Gay Marriage As A Way To Realize That You Are A Lesbian

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Gay Marriage As A Way To Realize That You Are A Lesbian
Gay Marriage As A Way To Realize That You Are A Lesbian

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heterosexual marriage
heterosexual marriage

Marriage is a sacred bond for most couples. This is the closing of the doors to the world of past relationships, the eternal "chur, this is my man" in every photo with flowers posted on the network. And we like it. The wedding ring is a symbol of joint eternity “in sorrow and in joy”. But sometimes the ring ceases to mean anything and one of the partners finds a relationship on the side.

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  • 2 Reasons for Desiring Same Sex Love
  • 3 Lack of clear delineation of orientation
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Due to the fact that cheating is more and more common in the modern world, finding a partner in soul and body is not difficult. This allows you to experiment more with intimate life, moving from one person to another. Often times such experiments lead people to interesting discoveries.

It happens that an unsuccessful marriage completely discourages love for the opposite sex, or helps to realize that before a person was looking for love in the wrong place. Today, such incidents occur more often than ever.

What the statistics sayi

On the dating site Gleeden. com recently conducted a survey of users in which they asked if they were considering the prospect of a relationship with a person of the same sex with them. In 2009, 15% of heterosexual women said they were not opposed to experimenting with the female sex, and today this number reaches 18%. The percentage of men willing to make love to men has increased from 3% to 6% from 2009 to the present day.

These are only results based on site data. In fact, this phenomenon occurs more often when women, after having been married to a man, want to enter into a relationship with a woman. They are called "late maturing lesbians."

Reasons for Desiring Same Sex Love2

So why do hetero women prefer same-sex dates over guys? According to Gleeden users, more than half (52%) admitted that they had a real desire to have same-sex sex. But 76% of girls said that having sex with a woman would spice up their daily sex lives, taking them away from their routine, while others just find it wildly arousing.

girls kiss
girls kiss

“It is well known that women are more erotic than men,” says Juliet Grayson, a sex and relationship therapist. “This means that male orientation is more fixed and unchanging. While women are more prone to varying orientations throughout their lives.

"They may feel that having sex with another woman will be less destructive to their husband or male partner than if they were cheating with a man." However, Grayson, as a man with a wealth of years of experience, claims that men see the very fact of betrayal, and with whom he was - it doesn't matter, they are equally devastated. To think that having sex with a same-sex partner is less destructive and hurtful is fundamentally wrong.

Lack of clear delineation of orientation3

It is no secret that we live in one of the freest periods in history, where everyone is allowed to say and do what he wants. The idea that two people of the same sex are enjoying each other sexually is no longer judgmental. In the past, orientation was genetically based: either hetero or gay.

heterosexual marriage
heterosexual marriage

Now strict distinctions have lost their force, and are associated with liquid. Sexual beliefs have become more fluid and changeable. People no longer need to classify themselves in just one category - they can love anyone, and this is not considered a deviation.

Rationale for researchers4

Erotic plasticity has been scientifically proven. In 2010, Kristan Moran, a researcher at Southern Connecticut State University, presented a study called Sexual Fluidity and Late Awareness Lesbians, which found that after interviewing more than 200 married lesbians, they wanted or already had sex with a woman.

Moran studied the lives of heterosexual married women over the age of 30 who became sexually attracted to women. Moran said that a heterosexual woman can become completely lesbian without looking back. However, 72% of those who first were in same-sex relationships and then switched to heterosexuals identify themselves as bisexual. And 28% decided to finally associate life with a person of the same sex. In general, this is a large number, indicating an increase in the number of late maturing lesbians.


There are many other studies that indicate an increase in the number of women becoming late-maturing lesbians. Regardless of any investigation, we know that men and women today are more sexually liberated than ever before. There is nothing shameful and abnormal in the fact that people are trying to find a kindred spirit in same-sex love and no longer see the previously established boundaries. Who knows, maybe up to this point they did not live their own lives, but heterosexual marriage helped to correctly prioritize and find a life partner among their own sex.

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