What A Surprise To Make A Guy On February 23rd To Please Him

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What A Surprise To Make A Guy On February 23rd To Please Him
What A Surprise To Make A Guy On February 23rd To Please Him

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On the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day, men expect something special from their beloved ladies. Even if he did not serve, he is still a defender, a man, so you need to congratulate on the holiday so that he will definitely like it. Throw away ideas with socks (even "tanks" twisted from them), deodorants, mugs with photos and inscriptions, it's all tired for a long time. Think about what a surprise to make a guy on February 23rd, and in our article you will find interesting ideas.

The content of the article

  • 1 Theme party
  • 2 An evening just for him and you
  • 3 Extreme
  • 4 Rest
  • 5 And about gifts

Theme Partyi

This option is perfect if your couple has a lot of mutual friends. Gathering a friendly company is always pleasant, and a holiday is a reason for meeting.

Chat with other girls (wives and girlfriends of your lover's friends, your personal girlfriends), and jointly arrange a holiday for men. It should be a themed evening dedicated to military service. Prepare in advance an army uniform for men, and for yourself and your girlfriends - general's shoulder straps and other attributes of the uniform (everything is sold, rented). Today women will be in command, and their husbands and boyfriends will serve! Of course, don't make them set the table and serve, come up with contests with the rest of the girls.

It remains to collect all the guys. Tell your chosen one that you just decided to sit with your friends in honor of the holiday, men are also invited. When they come, give out your uniform and start the party!

An evening just for him and you2

If you do not want to have a party with friends, you can be alone on a holiday. What's a surprise for a man so that the two of you are not bored? There are tons of options:

Get up early, prepare a uniform for yourself, and a commander's uniform for the guy. As soon as he wakes up, meet him already in the role, give out the uniform prepared for the guy, and say that today he orders, and you do. Even if there is no money for a uniform, then when you wake up, appoint your loved one as a commander, and say that today all his desires are law. Let him give him plenty of commands. True, there can be a snag here. Men are very turned on by girls in shape, and you can spend all day in bed (which is also very good)

Surprise for the guy on February 23
Surprise for the guy on February 23
  • Rent a limousine, buy champagne and take a ride to the sights of your city together.
  • You can just get behind the wheel myself today. The empty guy will rest, take him wherever he needs (to work and back, for a beer to his friends, and so on).


If your boyfriend does not like to sit at home, enjoying the comfort, and he is constantly drawn to nature for a hike, in the mountains, he likes any extreme, then give it to him. If you don't know what kind of surprise to make a guy on February 23rd, organize some extreme vacation for two:

  1. At the end of winter there is still a lot of snow, and this should be used, because soon everything will melt. Book a horse ride or sledding, skiing, dog harnessing.
  2. If your financial situation allows, you can also aim at piloting a helicopter, at a visit to a car drift site.
  3. In areas where the climate allows in February to jump with a parachute, it is a sin not to take advantage of this.
What a surprise to give a man
What a surprise to give a man

In the end, you can just dress warmly, prepare a picnic set, marinate the meat, and go to the forest for a barbecue. Take on all the preparation, even fry the meat on the fire yourself, let your loved one enjoy this day.


Many women try to turn Defender of the Fatherland Day into a holiday for themselves: they serve dinner by candlelight, arrange quests for their beloved with the search for a gift according to prompts, and surround them with care and love. But you are you, one such, unique and mysterious. What surprise to give a guy on February 23 to really surprise him? Give him a break from yourself, let his holiday be only his.

Invite his best friends to visit, secretly of course. Set a men's table consisting of beer (or something stronger), barbecue, cold cuts, pickles and so on. That's it, you can also go to rest with your girlfriends or your mother, let your man spend time with his friends, without female company.

Surprise on February 23rd
Surprise on February 23rd

By the way, a couple of years ago a survey was conducted among men. They asked what they would like on February 23rd. And the majority of the surveyed guys said that they expect a holiday from everyday life, family, want to communicate with their comrades, and, preferably, without the supervision of the faithful. Therefore, if you give your boyfriend such an opportunity, he will be grateful for a long time, and his friends will be envious!

And about gifts5

Whatever the surprise, it won't be complete without a gift. Don't even look in the direction of perfumery sets, continue to surprise and delight. Men are like children, and this must be remembered when choosing a presentation. We found out what men would like to receive for their holiday, but we were embarrassed to say about it, and decided to share it with you. If you don't know what surprise to make a guy on February 23rd, then you can buy him something from the proposed list:

  • radio-controlled helicopter;
  • quadcopter;
  • home brewery;
  • rubber chest "Antistress";
  • tapcomobiles;
  • piggy bank for wine corks (oh, those men!);
  • A lot of sweets.
Gift for a guy on February 23
Gift for a guy on February 23

Remember, gifts for February 23rd are preparation for March 8th. The more a guy likes your surprise, the more he will invest in a holiday for you!

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