Why Do Men Like Externally Or How To Please A Woman?

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Why Do Men Like Externally Or How To Please A Woman?
Why Do Men Like Externally Or How To Please A Woman?
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how to attract the attention of women
how to attract the attention of women

Unlike men, women do not fall for just one attractive shell. For them, it is just as important as the other criteria by which a man's personality is assessed. Of course, this does not mean at all that good looks are not conducive to meeting girls, but something else is important here.

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  • 6 Most Attractive Types of Men

You don't have to be an Apollo to impress a girl, but you need to be able to make an impression. You like a man outwardly, if he is remembered for something, of course, something pleasant and exciting. As a rule, an attractive appearance can arouse interest only in the first minutes of the meeting, then the boyfriend will be assessed according to completely different parameters.

Height i

Girls are more impressed by tall guys or those whose height is not below average. However, they still try to maintain a balance and not attract guys whose height is in stark contrast to theirs. Short men should not be upset, because the world is full of miniature beauties, next to whom they will look like real "macho".


A man likes outwardly if his seductive body does not have fat "depots". It is best if it is athletic and fit, but it will do just fine without excess fat. In order to get rid of it, you need to go to the gym or go on a diet. The savings can be spent on new stylish clothes or a visit to the hairdresser.

Men are used to thinking that girls like pitching. However, this opinion is completely unfounded, as ladies simply prefer guys in good shape. But the ladies can meet a couple of times with the "jock" just for their image.


It is best if the man's hair is short, a prerequisite is clean and without "white flakes". A man who regularly visits a hairdresser can be immediately distinguished from the crowd. Long greasy hair looks not only untidy, but also makes men look effeminate.

what kind of men do women like
what kind of men do women like

Most ladies like it when men have their armpits shaved. Some guys may have extra hair in their nose, ears, or above their eyebrows. If they are not removed in a timely manner, they will add untidiness to the image.

Nails are a separate topic of conversation. No one requires a man to visit a manicurist, but every man should regularly cut his grown nails and do a manicure on his own. Gnawed or overgrown nails can push any woman away.

One of the indicators of good looks is clear skin, without pimples and blackheads.


The most important requirement for clothing is cleanliness and tidiness. It is best if it is muted. If a man considers himself a modern and stylish young man, then he is advised to get rid of old-fashioned trousers, home sweatshirts, stretched T-shirts and old alcoholic T-shirts.

attractive men to women
attractive men to women

Bad taste in clothes can be observed when mixing incongruous styles and colors. If guys want to get acquainted with expensive and stylish "things", then they should keep in mind that such "mademoiselles" like men who wear branded things, the brand of which these ladies recognize at first sight.


Since women themselves try to exude only pleasant aromas, they expect the same from men. It should be based on the smell of a clean body, supplemented by weak notes of perfume. Its smell should not be too strong or strong. Do not forget that antiperspirants can overcome the smell of sweat, and in order to freshen breath and whiten teeth, it is enough to brush them regularly.

The most attractive types of men6

At any time, women were attracted by the following types of men:

"Bad guy". A man who goes against the system and is in constant struggle with unfair circumstances. Such guys very often lead a criminal lifestyle.

attract a woman by her looks
attract a woman by her looks

Athlete. These men have a damn attractive body that can get up to all sorts of things, including in bed. In addition, they have much less bad habits, and they try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Romantic. The so-called amateur "to ride on the ears." These guys have compliments in their arsenal for all occasions and situations. They know what girls love. They know a lot about flowers and gifts. Understanding perfectly well that girls love with their ears, they are able to become a nightingale.

Men should pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to mental development and communication skills. How to attract a girl's attention to one meeting? Quite simple. But to interest for a longer period are completely different things. It is men who, according to the old habit, can choose by their faces, but women understand that no matter how handsome a man is, he will not be full of this and will not break his way in life.

Wanting to be better, cooler and more attractive, a man should not forget about who he really is. So that, after a long acquaintance, he does not begin to remind the girl of a decorated Christmas tree, from which needles crumbled in the spring.

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