I Like A Man At Work: What To Do And How To Deal With It?

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I Like A Man At Work: What To Do And How To Deal With It?
I Like A Man At Work: What To Do And How To Deal With It?
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a mess
a mess

Successful relationships between established colleagues are rare. But this does not mean that you should face a fiasco. It's just that building a relationship with a man from work is a little more difficult. I like a man at work, what to do? Before moving on to active actions, you need to understand for yourself, do you need this relationship? Affair often affects work negatively. In a situation where you break up, you will have to work side by side with your ex. As if this situation did not provoke a job change. But if you realize that you are aiming for more than just flirting and temporary relationships, then it is worth taking action.

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Role reversal i

It is difficult to start a relationship with a man from work because he already has an opinion about you. You are familiar, but only familiar in the business sphere, so he perceives you as an employee. Remember how schoolmates and boys didn't seem like boys to us at school? It's another matter, guys from parallel classes … A similar situation occurs in work. It needs to be broken, to show the man that you are a girl, to make him pay attention to you. For this purpose, a change of image, make-up or suddenly put on a blouse with a deep cut is suitable. If my colleagues talk about your hairpins and loose hair, instead of a bun and deaf jackets, the coveted man will also pay attention.

But this attraction is only external, it will draw attention to you, but will not make a man seriously think about a relationship with you. This is where the second stage begins.

Talk to me 2

Employees can work together for many years, but still not know anything about their personal life. This makes them faceless in the eyes of each other. It is necessary to begin a smooth transition from purely working topics to more personal ones. Of course, this cannot be done spontaneously. An unexpected interrogation about the well-being of parents or Friday get-togethers with friends will simply scare the man away, leave him in disarray. Like a man at work what to do? Try to subtly weave information about yourself into your work communication and try to learn about it. Find a common topic of conversation and approach him during your break. But do everything as naturally as possible.

I like the guy at work
I like the guy at work

Outside working hours3

If your communication has been going on for some time and is very successful, you need to try to bring everything outside the office. Tell him about the exhibit you wanted to attend or the premiere of a movie you were going to attend. Give him a reason to invite you to spend time with him outside of work. If the first time he did not understand the hint - repeat. With especially shy ones, it is worth taking the initiative yourself, but this is rather an exception to the rule.

Divide and Conquer4

Your relationship can turn out just fine, you can even live together, but you should not advertise it at work. Mixing work and love rarely ends well. Even if your colleagues know about your relationship, train yourself to turn on the worker mode when you come to the office. This way you will avoid unnecessary quarrels with your man and will not be constantly distracted.

Romance and society 5

Relationships at work in any case affect this very work. But there are a few rules that can help reduce the risk of losing your reputation or even your job:

Try not to have an affair with your boss. You will receive many benefits from the novel while it is there. But if it ends, your boss may well fire you

What if you like a guy at work
What if you like a guy at work
  • If the man you are in a relationship with is married - be especially careful! Watch your facial expressions in front of other colleagues and do not show special attitude. If there are rumors, deny everything. Even if you were seen kissing in the parking lot, deny it. This way you will at least formally preserve your reputation.
  • Don't flaunt your relationship. Colleagues can see your photos from a joint vacation on Instagram, but they don't need to see you kissing in the corners.
  • Assess the risks. It should be understood that if the relationship becomes permanent, you will most likely have to quit. And it's not even about the gossip of the working collective. No matter how much you love a person, working and living with him at the same time is very difficult. This problem can be partially solved without dismissal, if you transfer to another department. There is a possibility? Grab onto it.
  • Do not go over to familiarity in the office with a man, even if it seems to you that no one sees you. The walls also have ears, and you don't need extra problems.
Relationships at work
Relationships at work

When starting an office romance, you should always be aware of its purpose. If this is just an affair, the game is not worth the candle. The point is that real relationships at work are different from those shown in films. Colleagues are more caustic, bosses are in no hurry to congratulate lovers, and work or relationships suffer from this. Only start a relationship if you are sure you are serious.

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