How To Get A Girl And Keep Her? Application Tips

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How To Get A Girl And Keep Her? Application Tips
How To Get A Girl And Keep Her? Application Tips

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on the journey
on the journey

You may know everything in the world, but you will never know exactly what is in the girl's head. That is how they are arranged. Because of their emotionality and spontaneity, it can be very difficult for men, logical beings to understand them. Because of this, the question of all times is born - how to get a girl? You can read a hundred manuals on this topic, but you still can't find a clear answer. There is no specific phrase after which a woman falls in love. You can follow all the instructions exactly, but you may not succeed. But there are things that girls tend to like. And what they hate. This is what will be discussed.

The content of the article

  • 1 An integrated approach
  • 2 Don't be a male, you are not in the wild jungle
  • 3 Learn about her interests
  • 4 Explore her social media
  • 5 Take your disadvantage to the next level
  • 6 Try to help
  • 7 Security
  • 8 Respect her
  • 9 Don't be desperate
  • 10 Things girls hate about men:

Integrated approach i

Do not even try to subdue the girl with one act or phrase. Of course, doing something romantic will increase her interest in you. But to get a girlfriend, you need to be patient and show your interest in her over time.

Don't be a male, you are not in the wild jungle2

Girls love it when men are a little dominant and show strength. But if you act too self-confident and in any case show that you are a "man" - she may not like it.

Learn about her interests3

Girls love it very much when they are sincerely interested. Not as a sexual object, but as a person. Find out what she likes. Try to memorize her favorite foods and films, and then demonstrate that knowledge. If she talks about her family or problems, try to listen carefully, and after a while, ask about it again. Girls really appreciate when they are listened to and sincerely interested in them. Show that you remember what she said in the last meeting, it can make up for even the smallest mistakes in behavior.

how to get a girl
how to get a girl

Explore her social media 4

This recommendation follows from the previous point. Viewing her news will give you the opportunity to get to know her better and will help in further communication. In addition, girls like it when in a pause between dates a man reminds her that he has not forgotten about her. A banal like under the new photo will tell the girl exactly that.

Take Your Disadvantage to the Next Level5

Let's say there is sometimes clumsiness in your movements. You can hide it, but because you still drop something, blush, apologize and lose points in the rating of your lady. And you can take it to a new level. Joke about your awkwardness, play around situations when you do something wrong. Make it almost your feature. An easy attitude to shortcomings and the ability to joke at them always work better than noticability and stiffness about this.

Try to help 6

If a woman tells you about her problem, always offer your action to solve the problem. Most likely she will refuse or may well cope on her own. But with such a gesture you show your strength, she will know that you can come to the rescue. This is very important for girls.

how to keep a girl
how to keep a girl


How to get a girlfriend? Make her feel safe. Even the strongest woman is a girl at heart. Give this girl safety. Hold her hand more often, show that she is not alone with her problems, offer help if you understand that she is in difficulty. Do the cute little things that make her smile. Nothing will endear a woman to you like her understanding that you can be relied on.

Respect her8

Respect her interests and her opinions. If you feel like it’s wrong, show it gently and constructively. In no case try to exalt yourself because of her failures, only weaklings do this.

Don't be desperate9

Girls, like men, do not like too intrusive. Even if you can't think of anything other than this girl, you don't need to show it. Let her know that you have freedom. There is a fine line between being interested and assertive - don't cross it.

10 things girls hate about men

  • Eternal rightness. Still right, even if wrong. Girls hate it when a man refuses to admit his obvious mistake. By denial, you will not achieve anything, unless you present yourself as a weakling.
  • Ambiguous compliments. If you haven't had sex yet, vulgar compliments are more likely to scare her away than ignite the flames of passion.
how to win a girl
how to win a girl
  • Criticism towards the former. Women don't like it when you talk about your past girlfriend, but praise her. How does she know that the same kind of study will not wait for her? And no one has canceled women's solidarity.
  • Inability to control your emotions. Here we are talking specifically about the negative. The inability to keep your green under control and hot temper clearly do not paint a man in the eyes of a woman.
  • Cheating. If you can't come or something happened to you, it is better to tell about it honestly. Girls recognize evasions very well.

Most of all, women value in a partner the ability to be themselves. Try to show your strengths, but don't create an artificial look. You can't stand on the image of a relationship.

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