How To Become A More Attractive Girlfriend: Self-Confidence Rules

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How To Become A More Attractive Girlfriend: Self-Confidence Rules
How To Become A More Attractive Girlfriend: Self-Confidence Rules

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two friends

If you think that you are receiving insufficient attention, and your friends have reached great heights in this regard, it's time to start working on yourself. So, if you don't know how to become a more attractive girl, there are a few tricks that will help you:

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  • 1 Feel sexy
  • 2 Take care of yourself
  • 3 Use your body language
  • 4 Fill your life with events

Feel Sexyi

This rule is very simple. And it works elementary: you feel yourself in a certain way = you look like that. How can this be achieved? By creating a comfortable and attractive image for yourself. When a young lady is confident in herself, men like it. If you are going somewhere to a party, wear only the most-the-most that you have. And it's not just about visible toilet items. EVERYTHING should be at the height. No creepy panties (throw them out altogether, without them your life will be better, believe me). No sewn-in tights, tight leggings that squeeze the waist and from this give the impression of extra pounds. You need to understand that it is in these clothes that you are one hundred percent. Let no one this evening and not see your stunning underwear, but you yourself will realize that it is luxurious! This adds grace.

Take care of yourself2

Here is the same principle as in the previous paragraph. If your eyebrows are plucked, your legs are smooth, and your nails are painted - wow! Self-esteem skyrockets. This effect reaches the unusual: I used a scrub, and now it seems to you that your skin shines from within. Although in fact the scrub only removed the keratinized particles.

There is another benefit: when a madame is well-groomed, she is more often gazed at. Hairstyle is very important in this regard. If the hair is out of order, cut or hanging by February icicles, the overall look immediately loses all presentability, whether you are wearing at least three-tight skirt and four-time adorable shoes.

Give special importance to makeup. Don't overdo it, they don't like it. Otherwise it will be like in a joke: “There was so much foundation on her face that I wrote“help”with my finger.

"War paint" is not in vogue these days, we are not in the 80s. Everything should be moderately decorative. A group of scientists conducted research, during which it turned out that guys pay a lot of attention to the eyes of young ladies. Therefore, take care to emphasize exactly them.

the girl must take care of herself
the girl must take care of herself

Actress Deepika Podukon

Use your body language3

Let your posture reflect comfort and confidence. Train not to take "closed" poses, that is, do not slouch, do not cross your legs and arms. Chin higher, shoulders relax. It looks very cool and is called "demeanor". Nobody makes you constantly laugh like a regimental horse, but provide a light half-smile. Try not to twitch fussily, not to walk off your heels like a soldier on the parade ground. No harshness, it's not feminine. Do everything smoothly, let the steps be smaller. At first it seems difficult to control all of this at the same time, but trust your motor memory. You will get used to it and you will always behave this way.

If you have just met a potential partner, watch your movements even more carefully. After all, at the moment of meeting we are embarrassed. Especially if shyness is your characteristic feature, which is not yet very successful to fight against. Do not "close", do not shrink, do not mutter something inarticulate. If there is some kind of "zashkvar", and you in your soul do not know what to talk about further - just stop, be silent mysteriously. You can calmly and dreamily look somewhere (but not down! They don't look dreamily at the floor !!!), despite the fact that your thoughts are rushing about like chickens in a henhouse. This policy will not work for a young man. He will probably be considered an idiot (or, at worst, a poet) if he starts to fumble in the sky with a mischievous face. But for ladies, this behavior is quite acceptable.

use body language
use body language

Actress Mila Jovovich

Fill your life with events4

Long gone are the years when silly dolls were in vogue. In our time, a strong half of humanity appreciates not only the beautiful, but the smart and interesting. Expand your horizons. Find something to your liking, at the same time and talk with a guy about what. There is a huge number of all kinds of evening "schools of something there", studios and sections. Pick up something for yourself. Stop wiping your lace panties while sitting on your buttocks straight and buried in your phone. Get up and do it. In addition, in various classes, you will be able to meet new young people (on cross-stitching - hardly, of course, but in the gym - for sure). By the way, in this respect, he is a real find. There, and guys "are found", and do something, and "pump over" appearance. Just do not be lazy, because it is impossible to become a more attractive girl if you do not work a little.

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