Top Female Tricks For A Man To Be Generous With Gifts

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Top Female Tricks For A Man To Be Generous With Gifts
Top Female Tricks For A Man To Be Generous With Gifts

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For a man to be generous
For a man to be generous

Women no, no, and they ask the question: "Why does my man not give me gifts?" After all, one girl can be surrounded by love and gifts, while another will not wait for a modest present.

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  • 1 Techniques of a wise woman
  • 2 Talk about your desires
  • 3 Acknowledgments
  • 4 Asking for help
  • 5 Mutual exchange

The Wise Woman's Techniques

Generosity, as a quality, is inherent in a man by nature - this at least flatters the pride that, here he, a handsome man, managed to get a mammoth for his woman. However, if the corresponding reaction from her did not follow, the partner's enthusiasm will subside, and over time it may subside altogether. And in order for a man to be generous, there are several techniques that every girl must master. After all, this is the basis of the psychology of interaction between a woman and a man.

Talk about your desires2

The most common mistake girls make is naively believing that a partner is able to guess what is going on in her head. The female brain, due to its characteristics, is designed in such a way as to constantly maintain some kind of riddle. However, men are frankly bad at such tricks. Some even in advance ask their girlfriend to speak directly about their desires, and not to play "Guess".

How do a representative of the strong half of humanity act in a similar situation? That's right, he informs his partner about his desires, speaks out about his preferences or says bluntly what exactly does not suit him. Dialogue in relationships is always necessary and important. However, one should not slip into reproaches in the style: “Don't you see that I need a fur coat ?!”.

As a rule, men do not understand the hints, just as they do not notice small changes in the mood of their lady. A hurricane of reproaches and hidden grievances to get the attention of your chosen one will not work. The effect will be the opposite - a heap of quarrels and a new portion of grievances will not keep you waiting. It is possible to resolve the situation. Namely:

Generous guy
Generous guy
  • abandon criticism based on one's own conclusions;
  • refuse to manipulate (no man will appreciate such games);
  • speak directly about your desires, no matter how uncomfortable the topic may be.

Following these unspoken rules will significantly save nerve cells for both lovers.


It would seem that such a trifle as showing gratitude can work miracles. It is not necessary to scatter in compliments and sing the praises of your partner for washing the plate after him. A simple "thank you" in this case will be more than enough. The male effort expended should be commensurate with the beloved.

In order for a man to be generous, one should not forget about the elementary manifestation of gratitude, care and admiration. Because the desire of a man to spend his time and money directly depends on the attitude of the passion to his person. And the girl will not even notice how her chosen one will change. After all, even an economical man is able to be generous with attention and pleasant trifles for his beloved for no reason.

How to get a guy to be generous
How to get a guy to be generous

Request for help4

A woman is by nature a fragile creature. And male logic is arranged in such a way that the chosen one must be protected, protected from surrounding troubles. Do not forget children's fairy tales, where a beautiful knight on a white horse goes in search of a princess, rescues a dragon from a lair, fights off predatory animals or destroys a bullying guardian. And all this is done in order to live happily with the princess, not to grieve to live, to acquire offspring and win half of the kingdom.

In the modern world, chivalrous urges are more difficult to implement, especially given the prevailing equality and feminist movements. Asking for help is important and necessary for both partners. Let it be difficult at first, and an annoying voice in my head whispers: "You can handle it yourself." After all, the key feature of a man is to be needed, important and useful for his lady of the heart, and most importantly, to prove this to himself in the first place.

Mutual exchange5

Nothing sets a man up to be generous like the mutual manifestation of this feeling. After all, generosity can be manifested in small things:

How to make a man generous
How to make a man generous
  • in the emotions, attention and feelings that a woman gives to her loved ones;
  • in words and attitude towards a man;
  • in pleasant gifts and little things that a strong half of humanity will be equally happy with;
  • in actions that were performed unselfishly and for the benefit of building a stronger bond in a couple.

Despite the fact that men rarely take hints, they will always notice a good attitude and sincere support. And what modern knight would like to deny a little feminine joy to his chosen one when she creates the appropriate atmosphere? After all, a person, regardless of gender, learns throughout his life. And for a man to be generous, it is enough to cultivate and develop this feeling mutually.

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