Dangerous Connections Or How To Forget Someone You Shouldn't Want? We Analyze The Question

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Dangerous Connections Or How To Forget Someone You Shouldn't Want? We Analyze The Question
Dangerous Connections Or How To Forget Someone You Shouldn't Want? We Analyze The Question
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balloon girl

Sexual interest is a completely healthy part of human life. But not always appropriate. Love is a wonderful feeling, but sometimes it ruins families, lives, careers, and the psyche of people. Sometimes, for one reason or another, we cannot be with those with whom we would like. Either you think that the relationship is hopeless, toxic, or you are already in a strong relationship and do not want to change it for some kind of affair. There are often cases when your mutual friends / acquaintances interfere with being with a person, and so on.

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  • 1 Operation Out of Mind
  • 2 Cut and glue to your headboard

The reason is clear, and you think it is significant enough. Have you considered the current situation and decided that you should get rid of a vicious desire immediately? In this case, we turn to strategic actions.

Operation Out of Mind i

Forget about the urge to always be with this guy or this girl. In order to stop thinking about this person day and night, you need to protect yourself from her. Being in the same company of friends / acquaintances / colleagues / relatives can seriously interfere with the recovery from a dangerous desire. If you can't avoid meetings for good reasons (“I miss” is not a damn good reason, okay?), Try to limit communication with this person, but do not bring it to the point of absurdity. Not walking on the heels of the object of passion and jumping under the table at the sight of it are two different things. An excessive tendency not to show interest can, on the contrary, indicate your feelings. Turn off notifications about new posts of this person on social networks. Whether the desired girl broke up with her boyfriend, whether the chosen one is preparing for the wedding - this no longer concerns you

Don't go beyond friendship. Consciously and not very much, but guys and girls who fidget nervously while sitting in the friend zone betray their sexual interest. Yes, friends can exchange vulgar and double-valued jokes, but if among "just friends" they look harmless, then in the case when one of the friends or both feel interest, sexual tension dangerously increases from any ambiguous jokes, phrases and looks. Do not throw hints of sex and romance, communicate with this person as with all other friends of the opposite sex. If you cannot control yourself from the word at all, see paragraph 1 - limit communication and in no case be left alone. Especially in alcoholic intoxication and high spirits

sad girl
sad girl

If you are absolutely serious about not letting go of your desire, do not discuss your feelings with mutual friends and acquaintances. No matter how they vow to keep your secret a secret, the truth can somehow come out. Think for yourself, if rumors reach you that the object of your best friend's or girlfriend's secret passion is responding in kind, would it be easy for you to take this with you to your grave?

For the same reason, you should not confess your secret feelings directly to the person to whom they are directed. You will throw off the burden from your soul and move on, and the person will have to live, knowing that one kind of him brings you suffering.

Imagine that this all the same happened - you slept, had an affair and everyone found out about it. Play a simple game "What if?" - imagine the most realistic outcome of events. Count the losses on both sides. Is this affair really worth breaking up relations, losing a friend, breaking up a family, problems at work? Maybe you should look for other ways to get adrenaline and new emotions? Skydive after all

sad girl
sad girl
  • Do not play dangerous games. A guy or a girl can be quite flattered that you want them and can barely contain yourself - who wouldn't be flattered? You can be used to indulge your feelings. Sleep or not, in the long run it still won't do anything good. Don't respond to tempting offers and invitations to “watch a movie at home”. Don't react to outright flirting and ambiguous messages. The adversary's stubbornness directly depends on his self-esteem - if he is not used to being rejected, he will take it as a personal insult and will make every effort to get you. Are such selfish motives worth the loss in the future? We think not.
  • Don't make excuses for yourself. Sleeping with someone else's wife or husband is treason. Even if you are three times drunk, even if now you have a discord with your other half and it seems to you that you are not appreciated. Lies smell like lies, whatever you call them.
  • Don't hope to hide the truth. Even if your vicious connection will remain a secret for months and years to come, one day someone's careless hand pushes the cabinet door, and this unsightly skeleton will fall right at your feet. And if a well-aged wine is good, then a lie that has been hidden for years and decades only brings more suffering than it could if it was revealed at the very beginning.
the girl is sad
the girl is sad

Cut and glue on the headboard2

  • Avoid
  • Don't flirt
  • Don't get in the game
  • Don't make up excuses or excuses
  • Look for poignant emotions elsewhere
  • Do not talk
  • Change your social circle
  • Make sure that this memo is not seen by strangers (will have to explain)
  • Don't be alone if there is no way to escape
  • Do not see pictures
  • Don't reread messages

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