Signs Of An Ideal Partner Or Fire, Water And Copper Pipes

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Signs Of An Ideal Partner Or Fire, Water And Copper Pipes
Signs Of An Ideal Partner Or Fire, Water And Copper Pipes
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girl and mannequin
girl and mannequin

Every person is looking for a worthy match. The partner must be ideal, suitable in all respects, meeting all the requirements. Of course, everyone has their own vision of ideality, but there are a number of signs that are the same for everyone. They apply equally to women and men. There is no difference.

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  • 1 I am personality
  • 2 "A smile will brighten everyone …"
  • 3 Kindness and forgiveness
  • 4 Leisure
  • 5 Intelligence
  • 6 Thrift
  • 7 Silence is golden
  • 8 Ability to love

The ideality of a partner was revealed by psychologists, but it has always existed, just before people could not really choose their husband and wife. But now, when marriages are carried out at will, and not by compulsion, the question of ideality is most acute. So what have the bright minds of psychology dug up there? What criteria can be used to conclude that there is a person nearby who is worthy of becoming a spouse?

I am an individual

One of the important criteria for choosing a partner is his attitude towards himself. He must love himself. Not to the point of insanity, of course, otherwise it is already a pathology, a syndrome of narcissism. In moderation. And the measure is this: a person accepts himself as he is. He does not get hysterical from the nose of a potato, he does not have depression because of a little fat on his belly, he does not focus on his face and does not ask stupid questions, such as, "should I change the shape of my ears?" He just lives with what nature has given him and enjoys love.

"A smile will brighten everyone …" 2

Positiveness is one of the indicators of ideality. A cheerful, friendly and peaceful person, he will charge everything around with positive energy. With such an easy and simple way to go through life, because he calls the problems "adventures", and the period of "preshirak" mono-diet, reminding everyone that children in Africa live much worse. But he does not suffer from unrestrained fun and takes important things quite seriously. He never makes a tragedy out of life's difficulties, but tries to overcome them with the most positive result. In general, the sun man is an ideal partner.

Kindness and forgiveness3

Just don't try to test the patience of a kind person who knows how to forgive. No need to slap him on the cheeks, wondering how many times he will substitute them, he does not deserve it. Kindness manifests itself in different ways: you can endlessly feed stray cats and constantly send 100 rubles in favor of sick children, but at the same time walk past a fallen person or coolly shoot an accident on your phone. True kindness is where it is most needed. Transfer the granny across the street, go to the bedridden neighbor with a cake, take part in the volunteer movement in the hospice. Just make a bird feeder.

ideal guy
ideal guy

And more forgiveness. The ideal partner knows how to forgive idiotic offenses. He will forgive everything: and treason too. Forgive, but will not tolerate. There is no canine obedience in him. He simply understands that everyone has the right to make a mistake, and therefore forgives.


The ideal partner loves fun. But not the one that causes complete degradation: instead of the club, he will prefer more intellectual entertainment. This does not mean that he is a member of the “What? Where? When?”, Just instead of dull twitching to a set of sounds and alcohol, he is much more interested in horseback riding, rafting on the river or banal reading of good books. It is much more fun with him on carousels than on obscure parties of random people.


The ideal partner will be able to look elegant both at a social event and on a fishing trip. He knows how to keep up a conversation with any member of different social backgrounds. He possesses a different set of knowledge: from the design of a moped engine to the structure of the solar system. And even if this is not a deep knowledge of a specialist, but it means in his head he has brains, and not a thread for attaching his ears. At the same time, the ideal partner does not have a sense of superiority over other, less educated people. He eagerly absorbs knowledge from any available sources and knows how to apply them.

business man
business man


The ideal partner doesn't need a bib or spoon-feeding. He is able to survive in any conditions and cook a restaurant dish from the infusion. And, of course, if he goes to a desert island, he will take a medical guide and encyclopedia of animal husbandry and agriculture, not the fashionable authors of dubious bestsellers.

Silence is gold7

The ideal partner is silent. Any secrets can be entrusted to him. But, like any virtue, this property requires a kind of proof. But you don't need to run around your friends and arrange checks. It is enough to ask about the past. From the ideal partner, the most you can hear is general information about the relationship and nothing more. There won't be any details. From this it is concluded that a person knows how to remain silent.

Ability to love8

This is the most important quality of an ideal partner. These people know how to love. They love unselfishly and selflessly. In a relationship they give all of themselves without a trace. And most importantly, nothing is demanded in return. The potential of their feelings is enormous. But with such people you need to be infinitely careful. They know where the shutdown button is. If the situation requires turning off all emotions, then you should not count on a return. Feelings are cut off forever.

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