Stereotypes And Myths About Cheating: How To Solve A Delicate Problem

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Stereotypes And Myths About Cheating: How To Solve A Delicate Problem
Stereotypes And Myths About Cheating: How To Solve A Delicate Problem

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An interesting topic that causes controversy and bewilderment. Where is the line that separates what is permitted from what is forbidden? Eric Saltzman, a psychiatrist at Brown University and an expert on barracks and relationships, argues that one of the greatest relationship problems is when one partner goes outside the box and makes a physical or emotional connection with another person.

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  • 1 After cheating, you can't be together again and live happily
  • 2 Infidelity never touches sex. This is due to other family problems.
  • 3 A story where there was no sex cannot be called cheating
  • 4 It's all about sex drive
  • 5 Cheating happens due to marriage problems
  • 6 Whoever changes once will always change
  • 7 After cheating, say goodbye to marriage
  • 8 They are looking for a replacement young, beautiful and energetic
  • 9 Change by those who seek it

When a partner finds out from the infidelity of his other half, he tries to understand why this is happening. And often he comes to the wrong conclusions. For example, did you know that the most prone to cheating are those who have not even thought about it? Surely, they did not know - after all, we often follow the worn out clichés that have been hammered into our memory for years from culture, the media, friends, and parents.

We live in an unspoken culture when it comes to cheating. There are many prejudices and claims about fleeting intrigues, but they often turn out to be false. Which is why here are nine of the most common misconceptions about infidelity to keep you from going with the flow.

After betrayal, you cannot be together again and live happily

Cheating happens, people go through it and stay together. There are more such pairs than it seems - no one talks about it.

You will be surprised, but many psychologists note that after cheating, relationships for many couples become stronger, as they just learned to talk to each other and solve problems together.

Talk more often - sincere conversations will help not only strengthen the relationship after cheating, but also prevent romance on the side.

Infidelity never touches sex. This is due to other family problems

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and extramarital sex is just sex. Don't look for pitfalls - everything is much simpler. If a partner is looking for affection on the side, this is all he needs and this does not apply to other family problems. In this situation, the reason is superficial - the partner does not have enough sex, and he tries to find it with other people. Of course, a minority of cases may be associated with emotional dissatisfaction, but most simply want to satisfy physical needs.

A story where there was no sex cannot be called cheating3

Many cheating occurs without sex. Have you ever seen a partner texting with a "classmate" in the middle of the night and smiling sweetly at the screen? Most likely, he exchanges erotic fantasies with his passion. This does not mean that your partner wants to cheat - most likely, he simply does not consider it cheating. But no. If a person shares something intimate, important with someone with whom he can have physical intimacy, this is real betrayal, albeit without sex.

how to forgive treason
how to forgive treason

actress Angelina Jolie

It's All About Sex Drive4

When a person is determined to have an affair with us, he chooses a partner not based on sexual desire - yes, yes! - an emotional connection is very important for a person. Of course, there are isolated cases when sex happened simply as a fact, and there was no talk of any emotional connection - but this is a minority of betrayals scenarios. Frank conversations seduce much more than a short skirt and plunging neckline.

Cheating happens because of marriage problems5

Every marriage has problems, but not everyone changes, right? There is no betrayal due to the fact that something is wrong in marriage. They happen in part because couples don't know how to properly tackle backlog of problems and find compromises. Having relationship difficulties does not justify cheating.

He who changes once will always change 6

Yes, there are some individual “males” who need to inseminate all females within a two hundred miles radius. However, those who value family and marriage often settle down after what they have done and are determined to remain faithful.

If you have changed - tell us about it. Taking action in general will help fix what could have gone downhill overnight.

how to live after betrayal
how to live after betrayal

After cheating, say goodbye to marriage7

Not so fast! Only if you yourself want it, you can end the relationship. More than half of marriages go through fleeting romances with others, and not all get divorced. Cheating is far from the first item on the list of reasons for divorce. The main thing here is the desire of both to keep the family together.

They are looking for a replacement young, beautiful and energetic8

It's good when a 60-year-old corporate CEO is looking for sex girls who are half his age. But more often than not, lovers are people no younger, richer or more attractive than their spouses - they are just looking for someone new.

Change by those who seek it9

No, in most cases people didn't even think about it. This is especially true when it happened to change once. They just met a person with whom they are emotionally comfortable, and then according to the scheme.

Be that as it may, learn to talk about your betrayal to your partner and look for ways to solve the problem. Anyway, always talk about everything - we are not talking about a showdown, but about simple conversations. They work wonders.

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