Why Is Feminism Bad And What Is It Really?

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Why Is Feminism Bad And What Is It Really?
Why Is Feminism Bad And What Is It Really?
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why is feminism bad
why is feminism bad

In the modern world, people more and more often have a stereotype that feminism is bad, and its active representatives are increasingly at least strange and narrow-minded women. Let's try to understand whether this is really so and whether it is worth fearing representatives of this movement.

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  • 1 History of origin
  • 2 So what is this feminism?
  • 3 Let's summarize and understand why feminism is bad

History of origin

In the beginning there was the word, and the word was "Suffragettes." Let's call them the wise grandmothers of modern feminism. So, in the 9th - early 20th centuries, suffragists advocated the provision of voting rights to women, as well as, in general, against discrimination against women in the political and economic spheres. This was the "First Wave" of the Western women's movement.

By the end of World War I, suffragists in most European countries had generally achieved an equalization of civil, political and economic rights between women and men.

And if before that a woman was considered the property of her husband (there was even a judicial practice according to which if a woman steals a purse from another woman, then their husbands were the plaintiff and defendant), by the end of the first wave, women were no longer considered inferior and in need of care. Now the modern reader may wonder: Why is feminism bad? So let's continue.

And now we come to the "Third Wave" of the feminist movement. Here, decisive mothers are replaced by daughters and sisters. The main feature of the third wave is sexuality. The fight against prostitution and pornography begins, and not because of deep moral values, but because a woman should not be an object of desire.

Even beauty contests fall under the hot hand, because: "Women's beauty is not a product." In some European countries, if a man gives way to a woman on public transport or offers to pay a bill at a restaurant, such an act would be considered humiliating. It turns out that feminism, fighting for the rights and freedoms of women, to some extent ultimately only limited them.

Resolute mothers came to replace the wise grandmothers, the forefathers of feminism, and with them the "Second Wave" began. Representatives of this wave considered that there are not many rights, and since the 60s of the twentieth century, they began to actively advocate for complete social and legal equality between men and women. Let's give a small example.

Feminism breaks stereotypes, which is bad
Feminism breaks stereotypes, which is bad

United States of America, 60-70s of the last century, every fourth married woman sits at home all day, cooks and washes with her beloved children, and in the evening, straightening her perfect curls, meets her husband from work.

And all this idyll is only because of the stereotype that a woman's place is in the kitchen. But then came their saviors, a kind of miracle - women in red raincoats and with a flag with a fist (perhaps this is one of the reasons why I think at least most of them are lesbians).

And they began to advocate for equality, so that women, oppressed and poor creatures, living on their husband's salary and doing nothing at home, could work on an equal footing with men. But the state, if you think about it, was not strongly against such a change. The number of labor force is increasing, the rate of production is growing, and taxes have begun to flow many times more. Some pluses.

So what is this feminism?

In the modern world, it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question. Within this movement, many groups and various trends have already formed.

Feminism has several directions
Feminism has several directions

Spiritual feminism, vumanism, lesbian feminism, liberal feminism, Islamic feminism, male feminism, radical feminism, sexually liberal feminism, and this is just a small part of such movements. As you can see from the names alone, some of the groups may contradict both other trends and the very ideology of feminism.

Currently, feminism is actively influencing various aspects of the life of modern society. It influences the language, even in Russia the names of professions are beginning to spread, such as: administrator, cook, doctor, accountant, cashier, or absolutely crazy: authorization, author, autoress, doctor, administrator, accountant, plumber, and so on. Also, not a small influence is exerted on the morality and education of society, on religion and heterosexual relations.

Let's sum up and understand why feminism is bad3

At the very beginning, when the movement for the struggle for women's rights was only gaining momentum, it was a very correct and liberal-minded movement, the goal of which was to build a society in which women are not a thing or property of their husband.

Feminism diminishes the importance and strength of men
Feminism diminishes the importance and strength of men

Show the world of men that women are the same people and have the right to vote and that the rights of people cannot be infringed on only by gender. But over time, the number of good ideas came to naught, the movement was divided into various contradictory trends. And no one really knows what he is fighting for.

At the moment, the stereotype of rabid and angry feminists is spreading for a reason. Basically, this movement is represented by precisely such women who cannot achieve success either in their personal lives or at work, and can only accuse other people, in particular men, that their rights have been violated.

According to the International Business Report, Russia is the country with the largest percentage of women in leadership positions. In total, 46% of leadership positions are held by women. Therefore, now feminism is most often used, only to try to justify their failures and promote some stupid ideas and controversial values.

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