Why Do Talented Women Live Mediocre Lives?

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Why Do Talented Women Live Mediocre Lives?
Why Do Talented Women Live Mediocre Lives?

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talented girl
talented girl

Many girls represent cute ideal creatures that have no flaws. Such goddesses from Olympus: beautiful, slender, smart, quick-witted. They understand politics, philosophy, religion, technology, poetry, physics. Such women can speak a foreign language, play the guitar, understand constellations and chess, I quote Nietzsche and Shakespeare by heart.

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  • 1 For the sweetheart
  • 2 For the sake of society
  • 3 In the name of femininity
  • 4 For the sake of procreation and cooking borscht
  • 5 All or nothing: glory or shame

And then in their life there appears the one about whom “she dreamed for so long”: an interesting man who touches the strings of the soul. She dreams of spending time with him, summer, vacation or life, and suddenly her image takes on dramatic changes. She stops eating like a fork on the right, a knife on the left, giggles and asks naive questions, stops speaking at poetry parties and taking pictures on the front page of the local newspaper. The girl seems to emphasize her own mediocrity, in no way wishing to stand out from other people. What caused this behavior?

For the sweet

Women simplify their complex and multifaceted nature for the sake of their beloved man. Smart young ladies know that too strong and literate persons repel the stronger sex. In order for a man to feel more confident, self-realized, in demand, a woman has to appear before him far from "in all its glory."

Perhaps her logical statements hurt the stupid or stupid kid. It is unpleasant for a man if he feels that he is losing to a lady in the presence of “brain convolutions”. So women have to naively flap their eyelashes, and ask questions, the answers to which they knew in the fifth or sixth grade.

For the sake of society2

Being next to her beloved man, a girl suppresses her vivid qualities, such as: a sense of humor, clarity of judgment, knowledge of psychology or politics, so as not to attract much attention to her personality. If a couple is sitting in a company of women and men, the “performance” of an interesting personality can bring in some awkwardness and other, not particularly, necessary moments: female envy, the interest of men and the jealousy of the second half.

Therefore, girls with a set of "intelligence and ingenuity" prefer to remain silent and remain calm, smiling softly and affably when asked questions or absurd statements "in the crowd."

masked girl
masked girl

In the name of femininity3

For the sake of an expensive object, girls not only stubbornly simplify their own nature, but also belittle their dignity in every possible way, refuse to manifest creativity. Women stop attending dance clubs, astrology courses in order, God forbid, to cause discontent in men.

But there is another reason for this behavior. Some of the fairer sex are of great interest in men's activities: football, martial arts, bodybuilding, chess. Despite the huge potential, women are embarrassed to express themselves in this field, sincerely believing that such hobbies will make them more rude, masculine, making ugly changes to their figure.

And the young lady sits at home, embroidering with a cross, watering flowers, and sighing heavily about how she wants to raise the barbell, pump up biceps - triceps, or fight in an equal fight with an opponent, demonstrating well-developed techniques.

mask on woman
mask on woman

For the sake of procreation and cooking borscht4

Gifted girls often do not show their talents and skills, as they were brought up in a strict family. The notions of relatives boiled down to the fact that the true purpose of women is to raise and give birth to children, to keep the house clean and tidy, the table is "a full bowl, a pot of porridge on the stove."

Faced with such an authoritarian imposition of values, the girl stops moving forward, does not seek to show her talents, pushing secret dreams deep into herself. From childhood, she grows up as a diligent student, a good housewife and a conscientious wife who cooks borscht in the kitchen, mechanically drawing extraordinary masterpieces in a notebook with a simple pencil. About which, no one will ever know.

All or Nothing: Glory or Shame5

In most cases, women simplify their dignity out of a sense of some insecurity and notoriousness. She knows that she is talented, she is supported by her parents, friends, boyfriend, neighbors … She would like to grow and develop, strive forward, reach the top, but she is too shy. She is so afraid of universal criticism and failure that she cannot allow a breakthrough and a certain risk to prove herself.

masked woman
masked woman

So she works as a grocery saleswoman, although she could become a blogger, animator, actress, singer or a talented dancer. She dreams of showing herself sometime in the future, but year after year, the lump of doubts and complexes grows and strengthens, and talents, not seeing development and demand, are gradually fading away.

Whatever reasons govern the actions of women, they should remember the following: you cannot hide a candle under the table, but an inner gift under a pile of life foundations and barriers. There is only one life! Like a flower that opens in spring, regardless of the weather and conditions, the fair sex should show their own gifts for the joy of themselves and people.

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