To Believe Or Not To A Guy Who Cheated On An Ex-girlfriend?

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To Believe Or Not To A Guy Who Cheated On An Ex-girlfriend?
To Believe Or Not To A Guy Who Cheated On An Ex-girlfriend?

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beautiful girl
beautiful girl

Love, like a dream … girls only dream. And there, and here, it is only said that all the guys are lustful males who always cheat on their girls. Everyone changes! At least that's what they say. The girl herself more than once encountered men, handsome, interesting, who showed interest in her, called for a date and unexpectedly covering the phone, answered the "bunny" that they were busy and would soon come home.

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Well, yes, God bless them, with married guys. Here is the limit of her dreams sitting in front of a woman: a handsome, self-confident, sincere, warm man. It is interesting and comfortable with him and I want to talk about everything in the world. It seems that she has already found her ideal, when suddenly, during a confidential conversation, the guy confesses how he cheated on Verka, and Svetka, and Natasha too. The girl gradually returns from heaven to earth, looks desperately into his brown eyes and thinks: “Oh, me? … He will cheat on me too ?!"

Left Walker

Betrayal and treason characterizes a person as a person who is not faithful, not worthy of love and devotion. When a woman finds out that her boyfriend walked in a past relationship, she will deeply think about whether it is worth getting involved with such a reveler. The fact how she found out about the darling's adventures is quite significant.

Perhaps there are similar rumors about him, and about a dozen of the same brown-eyed handsome kids are walking around the city, like their careless folder. Or maybe his neighbor Nastka, who is a local "walking column of information", told about his adventures in all details. You should not blindly believe someone else's rumors, but you should not ignore them either.

the guy is lying
the guy is lying

The girl has two options: to sniff out as much evidence and evidence as possible to confirm this information, or to completely renounce the past of her beloved man, preferring to start a relationship with him from scratch. From pure perception of the partner.

Men's opinion2

In some cases, when a guy himself confesses to past infidelities, the girl should pay attention to how and under what circumstances he took such a step. His attitude to the infidelity committed in the past novel is also important.

The stories about walking "to the left" will show the true essence of the young man.

  • "All men are cheating!" In front of a woman is a typical womanizer. He looks at the lady with some surprise and mockery, as if not understanding how one can be so naive as to believe the opposite. This subject, in all likelihood, will begin to cheat on her too, since he so easily and openly declares such actions.
  • "Whats wrong with that?" Before a woman is a frivolous person who is indifferent to the feelings of other people. Perhaps he was rather indifferent to former passions, or brought up by the morality of Emanuel Arsan, not considering it a crime to change partners and free sexual relations while in a couple.
what if the guy is lying
what if the guy is lying
  • "It happened by chance …" A guy was walking along a crowded bus and pressed by a crowd, he accidentally had "sexual intercourse" with a girl standing next to him. Who Doesn't Happen Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and unpredictable situations.
  • "I've never loved anyone." The reason is clear: I did not love anyone, therefore I betrayed my passions in search of positive emotions. You can understand the poor thing … as well as his girls, who may have loved and suffered from the behavior of the young man.
  • "I was accused of treason so many times that I ended up doing just that." As they say, call a person a pig a hundred times, and for the hundredth time he will grunt loudly.

Whatever the reason for the guy's infidelity, the girl should think about it and decide for herself whether she is ready to take the risk and tie herself and his love ties.

Reasons for male infidelity3

Some complexes encourage the guy to assert himself due to the huge number of sexual partners. If in adolescence he considered himself an insolvent guy, and when he became a man noticed how the weaker sex came running to him like a bee for honey - a sin not to take advantage of this position.

what if the guy is lying
what if the guy is lying

When a man experiences complexes associated with small stature, or a small genital organ, he pushes from woman to woman, making sure once again that he is desired and in demand. In some cases, sensitive guys who, once have broken and trampled a loving heart, become cheaters. Such men become insensitive womanizers who have no feelings, but have sex. Lots of sex and lots of women.

From scratch4

Whatever the reasons for the past betrayal, if a woman loves a man and wants to start a relationship with him, she must close her eyes to his past. There is no need to doubt your partner, sniff information about him, rummage in your phone. Perhaps her sincere love and trust will direct the young man on the right path. On the road of eternal love, in which there is no place for betrayal and betrayal.

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