A Good Deed Will Not Be Called Marriage, But You Can Try

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A Good Deed Will Not Be Called Marriage, But You Can Try
A Good Deed Will Not Be Called Marriage, But You Can Try

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forced marriage
forced marriage

So that unexpected age has come, when one after another friends and girlfriends leave the young single life in orderly rows to build nests, someone even to reproduce and multiply. If such a prospect causes nervous pruritus, then perhaps it is worth first trying the "easy form" - to live together, fortunately, this has not caused public censure and curse of parents for a long time with deprivation of inheritance and deletion from the family prayer book.

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  • 1 Bets are placed, gentlemen, there are no more bets
  • 2 One among his own
  • 3 Keep the situation under control

What is the use of this? You can't go wherever you want, and you can't do what you want. In general, somehow strange and scary. So what's good about that?

The bets are made, gentlemen, there are no more bets

So you found each other. The choice may not be ideal, but it is made and you can relax. Every day you get to know each other better, not all discoveries are pleasing, but so much effort was spent on the move, and in general, there was plenty of hype among relatives, so backing up right away is somehow inconvenient and laborious. You have to learn to put up with other people's shortcomings.

Now, before doing something or going somewhere, you need to think about how the other half will react to this. Remember not only your plans, but also the plans of your partner. Think about how much he or she will like your plan. You have to learn to put up with other people's opinions.

You cannot empty the refrigerator from the contents - someone will be hungry after coming home from work. You need to learn to keep commitments, remember a whole bunch of things about what the other loves or dislikes. You may even have to learn how to wash the dishes and the floor, and in the most difficult case, even put mustard plasters and call a doctor. Oh yes! Still pay for an apartment and a communal flat on time! You have to learn responsibility.

After a while, you will notice that there are fewer sharp moments, there is no need to argue on many issues, compromises are easier to find. You will find that in conversations with friends, the pronoun “we” has begun to be used instead of “me”. Changes will also be found in oneself: calmness and confidence will come to the place of impetuosity and love for the unexpected. More and more advantages appear in each other, which outweigh all the disadvantages. You have learned to live together!

What's good about marriage
What's good about marriage

One among one's own2

Remember the lonely evenings when all your friends are busy and you have nowhere to go? There will be no more of them!

Now there is always an excellent interlocutor nearby, a partner for watching your favorite films and TV shows, even in order to bang a shot. Going out into nature, going to the cinema, even going to your parents: there is a suitable company for everything.

Another advantage: have you been dreaming about a car or buying your own home for a long time? Making big purchases together is much easier and faster, and less risky. Life is getting better!

Such a delicate moment cannot be disregarded: now you have a partner for sex every evening, and not only in the evening! Reliable, proven, who knows well and shares your preferences (you didn't just choose this person for a reason, right?). Perhaps regular sex at the first call is one of the main delights of living together.

One day, you will find that you prefer each other's company to a noisy company. You finally got used to each other!

Keep the situation under control3

Probably, everyone has had a period in life when it seemed that freedom could not be exchanged for anything and for anyone. With surprise, I have to admit that everything turned out to be not so scary. You have been living together for quite some time now and nothing terrible has happened.

Pros of marriage
Pros of marriage

Moreover, during this time pleasant expensive purchases were made, you went on vacation to a decent resort, although for some reason there was not enough money for this. Yes, and at the service, things went uphill, perhaps this is due to the fact that you are less often late in the morning, do not suffer from a hangover and lack of sleep, after yesterday's, the brain can completely devote itself to thinking about business, and not to plans for the evening and not looking for an opportunity to find someone for sex because of prolonged abstinence. You began to behave more confidently and more sedately, and one day you found that even senior employees listen to your opinion.

Parties with friends are not a thing of the past, but they have moved to a qualitatively new level. They no longer resemble orgies, but rather like parental get-togethers that you remember from childhood.

By the way, relations with my parents have become smoother. Strange, but many of their words no longer seem so outrageously old-fashioned and boring. They, in turn, also somehow mentioned that you finally got mad and became like a man. For some reason, you didn't snort in response.

Is there something good about marriage
Is there something good about marriage

Sometimes, of course, it is boring, but you can always start some kind of party. Lacking scope and scale? Have a wedding and have fun there!

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