Women, Be Kinder And More Affectionate To Men

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Women, Be Kinder And More Affectionate To Men
Women, Be Kinder And More Affectionate To Men
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Women, be kinder and more affectionate with men
Women, be kinder and more affectionate with men

Women are accustomed to perceiving men - as the stronger sex, fearless, brave, not old, with a cold heart and unbridled sexual desire. Women love to mock men, be capricious, tease, ridicule and, in some cases, humiliate.

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  • 1 Heavy burden: born a man
  • 2 Woman is a magician of kindness and love
  • 3 The main male question
  • 4 Man, you are the best!

They firmly classify men as horned and cloven-hoofed, and do not allow even a shadow of mercy over their personalities. "All men are goats!" - the great slogan of the weaker sex, roaming from generation to generation. Probably invented by some warlike Amazon, who took up arms against the masculine gender, after disappointments in love for one subject.

Heavy burden: born a man

In fact, men are very sensitive and vulnerable personalities. Since childhood, they have been under the psychological pressure surrounding the society of people in which they grow up. From an early age, the impossible is expected from them: to hide emotions, feelings, not to cry, not to complain, to be strong, courageous, because they are men! Sounds like punishment.

You, man, so you must … not be afraid of the neighbor's dog, so what if he is untied and is an evil Doberman; protect the younger ones, despite their puny growth and inability to fight; do not cry when he fell, even if the blood gushes incessantly, and the pain does not allow breathing.

From childhood, high hopes and demands are placed on boys. Almost from school, they learn physical labor, fix plumbing, electronic devices, locks and furniture. They are constantly criticized by adults, both parents and teachers. It is customary to accuse the boys of all mortal sins: in an indecent word written on the fence; in trampled flowers; in the exhaustion of the nerves of the history teacher Svetlana Emmanuilovna.

When a young man undergoes sexual changes in his body, he is subjected to personal experiences and ridicule from others. He becomes pimply, his voice sits down (or, on the contrary, does not break for a long time), and when he looks at the narrow skirt of a teacher or a pretty classmate, the genitals stubbornly stretch up.

what kind of girls do men like
what kind of girls do men like

This happens so often that it is not always amenable to control, but it attracts the attention of onlookers and relatives. Someone reprimands with a finger (as if the boy is to blame for something), or covers with his hand a mocking smile. The guy has grown up! So a man grows up in the eternal search for personal self-approval. He should be praised and sincerely confirmed that he is doing everything right.

Woman - the magician of kindness and love2

Since childhood, girls are protected, praised, treated with more loyalty and condescension. Therefore, women grow up as more stable personalities, confident in themselves and their external data. Girls fall in love with guys, suffer, fall into love experiences, throw tantrums and get jealous, unaware of the power they have. They are able to convince a man that he is beautiful, he is a king and a god, to raise a man to heaven and glory.

And with the same ease, women can humiliate the stronger sex, trample, humiliate, plunge into the abyss of fire. Actually, women's appraisal has a huge, if not basic, value of male self-esteem and self-confidence. Therefore, ladies should treat men with care, as with a crystal vessel. In order not to injure their delicate mental organization and inspire a sensual male essence that he is important, necessary and incomparable.

gentle girls are attractive
gentle girls are attractive

The main male question3

No matter how “stallion” who has seen various “stalls” for centuries, a man is in a sexual relationship with a woman who is interesting to him, he with timid hope and a tremor in his voice will ask: “… Do you like him?” This, of course, is not about the young man's elderly uncle, who made a good joke during a family dinner, but about HIM, the most important male organ.

And no matter what size and shape the reproductive organ is, a woman is obliged to assure the guy that "he is beautiful!" He has a wonderful shape and size that you need. "It" is pleasant to feel, and very much it is pleasant to touch "it".

Man, you are the best! 4

The behavior of a sexual partner is a strong confirmation of male competence or failure. A woman should show with all her being how much she likes the closeness of a real partner. After all, it will not be difficult for her to moan, wriggle, gasp and groan from the touch of a man and other sexual manipulations. This behavior will awaken the birth of an "alpha male" even in the most awkward lover. If the girl is good, then he does everything right, he is great.

tenderness attracts men
tenderness attracts men

Huge wounds are inflicted on a man by female criticism of him as a man and a lover. Such wounds do not pass without leaving a trace, and a feeling of insecurity will haunt the guy for a long time, until someone who can convince him otherwise appears on his way. Such is female power and power over men.

But how to affectionately call a guy, you can find out in our article further on the link.

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