What Eyes Do Men Like The Most? What Does The Research Say?

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What Eyes Do Men Like The Most? What Does The Research Say?
What Eyes Do Men Like The Most? What Does The Research Say?

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beautiful eyes
beautiful eyes

Oh, those eyes, they are able to win the heart of any man. But what color has an advantage over others? What kind of eyes do men like to trembling knees and trembling in their chest? Beauty is of course a subjective concept, each person has his own preferences. However, researchers conduct numerous experiments, polls of men and their results confirm that there is no single opinion about the most beautiful female eyes in the world.

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  • 1 The attitude of men to different eye colors
  • 2 Green
  • 3 Brown
  • 4 Blue
  • 5 What does the research say?
  • 6 How to change eye color
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Attitude of men to different eye colors

The color depends on the iris and is laid at 4 months of age. The back part consists of pigment epithelium, the more of it, the darker the eyes.


The color is considered rare. During the Inquisition of the XIII-XIX centuries, their owners were considered witches and burned at the stake. The most beautiful shade is called emerald green, which has a certain mystery, which explains the love of men for the color of the sea wave. The hue is obtained from the yellow shell and the blue background. The owners of a large number of green eyes are Germans, Scots and Oriental women.


Such eyes are mesmerizing. They look the most expressive because of their wide iris. Against the background of the whiteness of the eyeballs, they seem larger and brighter. Owners of brown eyes are considered passionate natures, which attracts men. The color is due to the high pigment content that protects the retina from the sun's rays. The nature of the famous beauties Penelope Cruz and Monica Bellucci has awarded such soul mirrors.

Blue 4

The color is associated with a clear sky and is recognized as the most romantic, kind and innocent. Especially beautiful is the cool greenish tint. Some representatives of the stronger sex, on the contrary, consider blue eyes too pale and direct. Scientists have conducted research and found that blue-eyed men are more likely to choose women with the same color of eyes. It can be assumed that this is due to trust in his companion, since the child should have eyes of the same color. But the child may have completely different eyes, for example, brown.

What kind of eyes do guys like
What kind of eyes do guys like

What does the research say? 5

Many psychologists and scientists conduct surveys to determine which eyes men like. Unambiguous results are not observed, perhaps it depends on the nationality of the subjects. Here are the results of several studies:

  • So in the first experiment, 1100 men took part. Their task was to match the color of the eyes and the romance of the girls. 51% of respondents named blue as the most romantic color. In second place are green-eyed women (10%).
  • Participants in the next survey were asked to choose the sexiest eyes. The first place was taken by brown (26%), in second place - by blue (25%).
  • The most mysterious of the respondents in the same study called brown eyes.

How to change eye color6

If a woman decides to become the owner of a different color of soul mirrors, there are many ways:

The most affordable method is to use contact lenses. Light green, blue, golden brown shades are popular. In most cases, it is women who want to change the color of their eyes

What kind of eyes do men prefer
What kind of eyes do men prefer
  • Correct makeup can accentuate the eyes, make them brighter or paler. Overly painted eyes look cold and indifferent regardless of their color.
  • The eye drops change shade, but this method is not recommended for permanent use.
  • Any eye color looks different in combination with a girl's hair, for example, brown eyes with black or light brown hair attract the most attention from men.
  • Surgical intervention includes the installation of eye implants that change color. The procedure is very expensive and takes only 15 minutes. The doctor makes a 3 mm incision and inserts the implant, then the incision is sutured. The color can change to any other.
  • Laser correction. The procedure takes only 20 seconds. The laser burns out the melanin in the iris, which provides a brown tint. After 3-4 weeks, the eyes brighten and turn blue. The method so far only works with brown eyes.
What eye color do guys like
What eye color do guys like

Interesting facts7

Only 69% of the world's people are happy with their own eye color, but they also sometimes want to change the color.

63% of those surveyed say that no one compliments their eyes.

Summing up, we can say that a woman's eyes become beautiful along with all other parts of the body when sympathy arises between people of the opposite sex. Therefore, the results of the polls are different, it turns out that each color finds its lover. The majority of the stronger sex, when asked what kind of eyes men like, answer: burning, in love, those in which sparks run.

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