6 Reasons Why She Doesn't Appreciate Your Good Attitude

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6 Reasons Why She Doesn't Appreciate Your Good Attitude
6 Reasons Why She Doesn't Appreciate Your Good Attitude

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disgruntled girl
disgruntled girl

The relationship between boys and girls is a very confusing story with elements of lies, intrigue, passion, self-interest and pure feelings. It is very difficult to build them. Often in modern society there are very attractive, educated, but, unfortunately, lonely young people. Some guys don't understand why girls don't appreciate caring and kindness. Aren't all girls so grateful, and is it all about girls? Let's try to analyze.

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  • 2 Patriarchal foundations
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The girls got drunk i

Perhaps statistics are to blame. It has long been known that in our country there are nine guys for every ten girls. But this state of affairs was observed in the first decades after the Great Patriotic War. If we turn to the research of Rosstat for 2018, then the ratio of boys and girls is approximately 1000 males to 960 females. That is, there are more guys now.

Based on this, each more or less pretty devouli has several cavaliers. She reluctantly accepts the advances of an unpromising candidate and twists her nose. Such a girl knows her own worth well, but does not appreciate care and kindness. And he keeps the guy next to him "just in case."

Patriarchal foundations2

You should also not discount the fact that often in families in the post-Soviet space, the relationship between parents is built on a patriarchal principle, where a man is endowed with comprehensive power over his wife, legal property and financial income. And the lot of a girl is to enjoy the status of a married woman, to serve and obey her husband in everything.

caring guy
caring guy

The young man adopts the model of behavior of his parents and carries it into the modern society of his peers. And he is simply shocked that girls do not fall into ecstasy just because he showed signs of attention to them and cannot understand why girls do not appreciate care and kindness. To build a patriarchal model of relationships, a guy needs a beautiful, hard-working, submissive, but stupid girl. Where can one find such, and even if not Chris Hemsworth himself.

Beats, it means loves3

There are situations in general out of the ordinary when a guy shows physical aggression towards a girl. The guy sincerely believes that the girl provoked him to this with her ambiguous behavior. There is a stereotype that if in the company of friends or at a party a girl allows herself to have a drink, and she is also wearing a mini-skirt, and indeed she came, then this automatically means that she “does not mind.” And if she suddenly starts to resist, reassuring that this is not so, the guy can hit her, or use sexual violence. And then he tries to smooth over the guilt, fearing the consequences, hoping that with care he will be able to persuade the girl not to give way to business, sincerely does not understand why she does not accept his kindness. And you don't need much. It is possible to injure the delicate mental organization of a sensitive girl by both a rude act and a careless word. And then wonderwhy girls don't appreciate caring and kindness.

caring husband
caring husband

Who would have known4

And it also happens that a guy still does not know absolutely nothing about his chosen one. And he already wants to please and shows all kinds of care in relation to the girl. So he gets into a mess. Well, for example, he brings her chicken from a sushi cafe, and the girl has been a convinced vegan for many years. Or, with a smile, he hands her a tangerine, and she grimaces and even cries, because she is allergic to citrus fruits. Or happily hands her a ticket to the concert of Stas Mikhailov. And she has a gag reflex from his songs. Sorry.

We are so different5

If you go deeper into the male and female psychology of relationships, you will immediately see that boys and girls see the picture of ideal relationships differently. Guys in this matter are more material, by care they mean financial rewards, material goods, that is, I bought her a fur coat / car / ring, but she is still not happy. And the girls expect manifestations of a romantic character from the guys - gentle words, joint trips to the cinema, conversations about how her day went.

Selling Soul 6

Yes, girls need money. They want to eat too. Love alone will not be enough. If a guy sits in front of you all day, holding your hand, looking faithfully in your eyes, then both of you will die of hunger. A bouquet of fallen leaves, a pencil portrait with your own hands and poems of your own composition are, of course, very romantic. But it would not be bad if the guy still got a job.

caring man
caring man

And, of course, why then wonder after that why girls do not value care and kindness. They all appreciate when they love. And with great pleasure they themselves show both care and kindness. And if there is no love, then caring does not bring any joy. Maybe, after all, if your good attitude is not appreciated, maybe it is worth ending this relationship?

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