Secret Thoughts Of A Woman About Her Beloved. What Women Are Silent About

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Secret Thoughts Of A Woman About Her Beloved. What Women Are Silent About
Secret Thoughts Of A Woman About Her Beloved. What Women Are Silent About

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secret thoughts of a woman
secret thoughts of a woman

If you don't love yourself, how can others love you? And what is it - to love only yourself? There is no woman in the world who would not be looking for an answer to these questions. Secret thoughts of women about their loved ones always arise in them, at any age.

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  • 1 What am I? That I love? What do I like and why?
  • 2 Am I beautiful?
  • 3 What does it mean to love yourself?
  • 4 Should I be perfect in everything?
  • 5 Is it possible, after getting married, to maintain your attractiveness for your husband?
  • 6 Is my husband cheating on me?
  • 7 Is treason a betrayal that can be forgiven?

What am I? That I love? What do I like and why? I

The swarm of these thoughts haunts both a little girl and a girl and an adult woman. The only difference is their depth and search for an answer.

Am I beautiful? 2

A curious little girl looks in the mirror, sees her reflection and asks her mother: "Am I beautiful?" She took the first step towards knowing herself. It is important for her at this age to hear the answer to her question. A loving mother will say: "You are my most beautiful!" And it will be right. There are no ugly children, just as there are no ugly women. And for her daughter, this answer will be the first step in fostering self-love.

What does it mean to love yourself? 3

There are so many women in the world, so many answers to this question. But the main thing will be traced in their reasoning. Self-love is a manifestation of healthy selfishness. Loving yourself is simply necessary, without this it is impossible to achieve success in anything. Each person is unique, his life is priceless. And who, if not he himself, should understand this in the first place?

Should I be perfect in everything?

The woman's secret thought about it haunts her, becoming an obsession. But we all know that ideal people do not exist, to be an ideal in everything and for everyone is a utopia. Complete perfection is impossible to achieve. The main thing is not to destroy your personality with the desire to be yourself - yourself!

It will be appropriate to recall an anecdote about a husband who returned from a long business trip. The house is perfectly clean, and at the door he is greeted by a tired wife with disheveled hair and in a dirty dressing gown - because of the cleaning, there was not enough time to put herself in order. Except for the wife and nowhere to spit. It is unlikely that you want to be in her place.

The thoughts of women
The thoughts of women

Working on yourself, growing professionally, taking care of your appearance and health, being a good wife and mother is natural for every woman. But the most important thing is not to lose your individuality, uniqueness, not to destroy the zest given from birth. To do this, read the article on life without panties!

Can you keep your attractiveness for your husband after getting married? 5

Marriage is an important and crucial period in a woman's life. The honeymoon was over and the routine of daily life began. Cleaning, cooking, shopping, plus she's still working, building her career. Having children also adds to the hassle. How not to lose your femininity, attractiveness for your beloved man in this daily whirlwind?

The answer to these secret thoughts of a woman, sometimes blowing up her brain, is obvious: not to lose love for yourself as a woman and a unique personality. It is not easy, but necessary. A new dress - yes, a trip to a beautician and hairdresser - yes! Makeup and beautiful home clothes! Smile and good mood! No prohibitions and restrictions in bed! No turning into just a housewife. An independent, self-confident woman always attracts a man, causing him not only to respect her.

What girls think of themselves
What girls think of themselves

Is my husband cheating on me? 6

Which of the women, sooner or later, does not come up with this secret thought? She tears her soul and tears her heart apart. How do you know that you have a rival? Observation and female intuition come to the rescue.

Began to stay late at work, comes home later than usual. He pays more attention to his appearance, being picky about his clothes. Answering a phone call at home, he tries to retire. Evasively answers your question about who called. I became less interested in your business. Sex is becoming rare. These are all signs that he has another. But you have no direct evidence.

Which exit? You decide. Try to analyze what is wrong in your relationship that prompts him to cheat. Try to turn the tide in your favor. Doesn't help - call for a frank conversation. Perhaps you are deluded in your suspicions. In any case, a bitter truth is better than a sweet lie.

Is cheating a betrayal that can be forgiven?

Each woman decides for herself this issue in her own way.

Nobody has the right to advise and offer something. She herself and only herself must understand whether she can forgive, start all over again. It is very difficult to forgive the betrayal of a loved one. You need to have good reasons for this, and they each have their own.

Secret thoughts of women
Secret thoughts of women

How many more secret thoughts of women are swarming in their heads? Hardly anyone will be able to answer. A woman is a part of the universe, multifaceted and unique, like herself.

What is her role in this world, why did she come to it?

To love and be loved, to continue the human race. To create and make the world around you better. It's so simple and so natural. And each has its own path along the way. May all of you, dear women, be accompanied by success and luck. You deserve it.

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