Why Fall In Love With Married Men? Main Reasons

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Why Fall In Love With Married Men? Main Reasons
Why Fall In Love With Married Men? Main Reasons

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Why fall in love with married
Why fall in love with married

Often, the world around them cruelly condemns girls who have had imprudence, fall in love with a man who already has a legitimate companion. With whatever words they are called, and what intrigues are not being built against them. And did anyone seriously think about the question of why they fall in love with married men? What is this, a subconscious attraction or a banal selfish whim?

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  • 1 Someone is the best
  • 2 Forbidden Fruit is Sweet
  • 3 Lack of paternal attention

Someone's means the best

Strange as it may seem, but subconsciously, many girls perceive a married man at least one level higher than a single man. Their subconscious screams at them, since someone has already "ringed" him, he was better than the others who remained free.

In most cases, a man who is legally married or in a long-term stable relationship is firmly on his feet. He already has everything he needs - work and a successful career, a spouse and children, a favorite hobby. He is self-sufficient and self-confident. And it is this feeling of confidence that is transmitted to the girl in love with him and attracts her to a risky relationship like a moth to the flame of a burning candle.

This is a completely illogical paradox. On the one hand, it is impossible to trust a married man to the end in any case. From another point of view, his stable family life instills some confidence in himself.

Forbidden Fruit is Sweet2

Nobody canceled this expression known to everyone from childhood. You always want exactly what is strictly prohibited. And this applies not only to an extra chocolate bar or a publication banned from publication. Directly the rule works in relation to forbidden relationships with married men.

The risk of being caught "in the most interesting place", the danger of being recognized on the street or in a restaurant pursues such a relationship every minute. And, it leads to a huge amount of adrenaline, which the body emits in incredible quantities.

why fall in love with married
why fall in love with married

This is a kind of a certain type of drug addiction, when, without the risk of being caught with someone else's husband, a girl simply cannot do. Another type of pleasure, where the man is completely free, does not bring her the slightest pleasure.

Lack of paternal attention3

Scientists have long discovered the relationship between an insufficient amount of care and affection from the father and the desire of an adult girl to have a relationship with a married man. In that case, the companion simply reminds her of her father. And then what to do. Older and more sophisticated (and often gray-haired) in the overwhelming majority of cases are already married.

Young women, unencumbered by their own life experience, simply do not know how to build relationships and develop them. This is where a wise experienced man comes in very handy, so similar to dad.

In addition to the fact that such a companion already has the necessary experience, he is gallant, knows how to please a girl, he has one more clear advantage. In addition to the desire and ability to look after beautifully, an older man who has managed to earn his capital has such an opportunity.

why fall in love with married men
why fall in love with married men

Here we should not forget that at this age he already knows perfectly well "what a woman wants" and satisfies all desires even before an inexperienced girl dares to voice them. So he turns out like a good wizard. But few people think that it is very easy to indulge all the whims of a loved one if you see her for only a few days, or even hours a week. There is no ordinary daily routine here, and the companion simply does not have time to bore the "daddy" with her whims and whims.

At the same time, inexperienced girls perceive the lack of conflict of an adult man in a legal marriage as a sign of his ideality. Each of them sincerely believes that the moment is about to come when he will leave his family and stay with her forever. But, according to psychoanalysts, such a miracle can happen only in the first half of an extramarital affair. Well, the maximum in the first year. Further, the man stabilizes the situation and separates the extramarital relationship into a separate independent niche between work and home.

Thus, he standardizes relations, they take their position and become commonplace. A man will never be able to change this, and he will not want to. His mistress is faced with a difficult choice - to leave him right now or stay in the background. The second decision can be dangerous because such painful love will remain forever and ruin the girl's best years.

The same psychoanalysts insist that relationships with married men should be ended, chopping them right at the root.

why fall in love with married guys
why fall in love with married guys

They have absolutely no continuation, especially since there is no happy family future. And here the reasons why they fall in love with married men are not important. The result and the aftertaste are important.

It is precisely the latter in such a relationship that, as a rule, turns out to be long and very memorable. But you only have to remember pain, mutual resentment and disappointment.

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