Men's Health Issues. What Is Useful For Strengthening It?

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Men's Health Issues. What Is Useful For Strengthening It?
Men's Health Issues. What Is Useful For Strengthening It?

Video: Men's Health Issues. What Is Useful For Strengthening It?

Video: Men's Health Issues. What Is Useful For Strengthening It?
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male health
male health

Women's health, child's health - this is constantly spoken about on TV screens, articles are written in smart magazines, and the Internet broadcasts. And, somehow, no one remembers at all about men! As if men's health is less important than any other.

The content of the article

  • 1 What is "men's health"
  • 2 Sleep
  • 3 Healthy genitourinary system
  • 4 Sexual life of a healthy man
  • 5 The importance of exercise
  • 6 Rational male nutrition
  • 7 The negative impact of the environment on the male body
  • 8 Hardening
  • 9 Need to be wary
  • 10 What you need to do for this

Meanwhile, there are fewer men on earth than women, this time! And that means they need to be protected more! In addition, male mortality is higher than female mortality (and this is no longer a joke), and then there are completely catastrophic statistics. It is known that men live less than women, but the fact that their life expectancy has decreased by three years in recent years is no longer in any way! You just have to ring all the bells! And shout at the corner “Men !! Take care of your health!"

But, in order to take care of this very men's health, you need to know well what it is about.

So, today let's talk about men's health.

What is "men's health" i

What do we mean by the phrase "men's health"? This is a condition of a man's body in which there are no physical pathologies, organ dysfunctions and various diseases. A man's health combines such important factors as:

  • sleep;
  • a healthy genitourinary system;
  • normal hormonal background;
  • physical exercise;
  • rational male nutrition;
  • negative impact of the environment on the male body
  • hardening;
  • physical activity;
  • of course, strong, reliable potency and regular sex.

Now about each factor in more detail.


Sleep is extremely important for anyone, regardless of gender or age. It is necessary for recuperation, for deep rest of the body. However, in men, sleep is directly related to the release of the main male sex hormone, testosterone. And it is he who is responsible for men's health. If the representative of the stronger sex does not get enough sleep, then he simply will not have enough strength for night "feats". Moreover, lack of sleep will immediately affect potency. The entire hormonal background will suffer, as well as the cardiovascular system will be strongly affected.

the man is sleeping
the man is sleeping

Therefore, it is necessary to draw the correct conclusion - a man must get enough sleep!

How long does it take for a man to get enough sleep? Under normal conditions (if there are no unusual situations), he needs to sleep at least 8 hours. Then even the most ordinary-looking peasant can surprise with his capabilities. By the way, it should be noted - if your loved one insists that he needs at least 12 hours to sleep, he is clearly disingenuous. Overspilling will not bring anything useful either.

But it happens that it is very difficult to fall asleep - I watched football, sat with friends, got upset because of a car breakdown … All this makes you toss and turn, suffer from insomnia and drives sleep away.

You need to learn how to calm down before going to bed. First of all, you need to take the right pose. And this is a lying position, lying on your side or back, with your head not raised too high. Those who like to sleep on their stomachs will have to be upset - in this position, the bladder is squeezed, blood circulation is disturbed. And with the head held high (when using a large pillow), blood supply is also disturbed. As a result, the release of hormones is disrupted. Therefore, such poses should be excluded.

Healthy genitourinary system3

There is such a disease as prostatitis. Unfortunately, she is familiar to many men. But not many of them begin treatment as soon as they feel this disease. It is not known what prevents adults, serious people from delaying their illness, but a timely visit to a doctor is not an axiom for everyone. As a result, the disease brings along more serious problems.

pop Art
pop Art

Meanwhile, any symptoms that we describe below are already a reason to urgently contact a specialist:

  • painful sensations in the lower abdomen;
  • feeling like your bladder is constantly full, even if you've just visited the “thought room”;
  • very frequent urge, and the urination itself is painful;
  • loss of orgasm;
  • the erection is unreliable, weak;
  • sexual intercourse is accompanied by unpleasant, and even frankly painful sensations;
  • premature ejaculation;

Of course, it is better to prevent diseases than to actively fight them. Therefore, before you go to bed with another beauty, look at the pharmacy, pick up a condom for yourself. No, prostatitis is not a sexually transmitted disease, but sexually transmitted diseases provoke its appearance.

By the way, men should remember that he should check his health at least once a year. There is such a "male" specialist - a urologist, so you should make an appointment with him even when nothing bothers you. Just in case, because good health hasn't hurt anyone yet.

Sexual life of a healthy man4

What is a man's sex life? It's hard to find a young, healthy man who doesn't think about sex at least once a day. This is normal, because male sex is one of the main places in life. Just do not say that sex is a dull satisfaction of their physiological needs. Firstly, nothing is stupid, but quite normal, and secondly …

male health
male health

A man's sexual health is self-affirmation, this is the perception of oneself as a progenitor, this is proof of the love of a beloved woman, this is the first way to psychologically release all tension. This, if you like, is an indicator of your status! Yes. If twenty girls want you, then you are a cool macho, if 200, then you are a super macho, and if 2,000,000, then you are Stas Mikhailov. Well, if not a single girl looked back at you, think about it - something is wrong with you.

Regular lovemaking plays a positive role for men. Stress is instantly relieved and the person is ready for new actions. At the same time, both psychological and physiological health is preserved.

And this is also reflected in the physical appearance. Muscles are tightened, the skin becomes smooth, elastic, beautiful. Such troubles as stagnation of semen, prostate adenoma disappear, hemorrhoids disappear.

The importance of physical activity5

In order to keep your whole body and your health in perfect order, you cannot do without physical activity. Without them, a person suffers from excess weight, feels tired even when he did not strain too much, he is very often oppressed by illness, he begins to suffer from insomnia. You can't "go with the flow", you need to fight it. Make exercise a part of your life.

Of course, at first you will have to break yourself, it will be difficult, but after about a month of regular exercise, the body itself will require physical education. And exercise will give you real pleasure.

man shakes the press
man shakes the press

When sport is firmly embedded in your life, there will be internal changes. Putting all his best physically, the man does not have the strength for unnecessary arguments, nervous conversations, vanity will disappear, a calm, benevolent attitude towards everyone, and towards his own life, will remain.

Sami itself disappear some of the disease. Rather, the body has enough strength to fight them, but the man simply won't notice this fight.

Self-esteem will increase, and a man will look at many things differently. Interesting? Worth a try.

Rational male nutrition6

Rational nutrition is when two laws are preserved.

The first law is that there should be enough food so that it is enough for our physical activity, and there is no surplus left. This is clear to everyone - we eat a lot, we get a lot of nourishment for energy, and when we don’t waste this energy, it settles in our fat "bags", that is, on the stomach, on the hips, in the waist area.

And vice versa, if there is little nutrition for energy, and physical activity is large, a person begins to actively lose weight, lose weight, if there is not enough nutrition, then death may occur. However, we are more likely to experience obesity than death from malnutrition. And already from obesity such diseases as atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease and many other diseases appear.

man eating fast food
man eating fast food

The second law is that food should be complete. That is, the body must receive proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. To do this, you need to eat a variety of foods.

It is known that some products are very beneficial to health, while others bring nothing but pleasure. You need to learn how to extinguish your craving for harmful products. With masculine willpower, this is quite possible.

The negative impact of the environment on the male body7

The increase in the comfortable living of a person on earth has led to the fact that life has become simply dangerous! Many cars emit whole clouds of exhaust gases into the atmosphere, factories and factories only increase the harmful effect. The food, which has already become half-artificial - we eat meat from soybeans, black caviar from some unknown source, there are so many additives and flavors in the sausage that the taste of real sausage has already been forgotten.

And what are the nervous overloads! A frantic life rhythm, speed, excitement, nervous stress, fuss, irritability - all these are our daily companions.

But these companions destroy men's health. To isolate yourself from the effects of a harmful environment, you need to rest more, travel more often to the forest, to nature, grow your vegetables and berries.


Hardening must begin from childhood. Already newborn babies need to be accustomed to this procedure. Nowadays, many mothers take their kids to an early swim. Great solution! Not only will children learn to float well at an early age, they will also be constantly hardening.


But hardening can begin at any age. Even the elderly will not be late if they begin to temper their bodies. It is only important to consult with a specialist and regularly perform all appointments.

Need to be wary9

And yet, exercise alone cannot cope with all male health problems. Bad habits, unhealthy diet, irritability, nervous overexcitement, stress, physical inactivity - all this, almost daily, undermines men's health.

Very often, men simply do not pay attention to some ailments. Meanwhile, you need to urgently take action if:

  • pressure surges appeared;
  • drop in vitality, decrease in vital energy;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • sexual disorders;
  • problems with the genitourinary system;
  • immune problems;
  • age-related changes in hormonal balance.

At first glance, there are so many problems that their number is simply scary. But if you follow all this and control your health, then no problems may arise at all.

What you need to do for this10

You can and should save your health if you follow certain rules. By the way, today it has become fashionable to be healthy and lead a correct lifestyle. Young and old men quit smoking, fight beer addiction, try to move more and remove junk food from their diet.

man and birds
man and birds

Let's summarize. Health can be helped if:

  • try to eradicate all bad habits. Of course, sometimes it is almost impossible to part with them. But it is worth considering - women quit smoking, does a man really have less willpower than a weak lady?
  • you need to make friends with sports. Doesn't pull too much? Do you want to be an old man at 30? But, for sure, you know someone who already at the age of 30 has a huge, unpleasant beer belly, flabby skin, sagging cheeks and, for sure, weak potency. Continue?
  • proper nutrition. Yes, I really want shish kebabs, pork on a wire rack, appetizing pink lard with mustard. It is possible, but not much. And, however, as you agree with your nutritionist. By the way, it will be generally cool if you get yourself one;
  • personal hygiene is a prerequisite;
  • compliance with the regime, constant late falling asleep inevitably leads to insomnia;
  • a doctor should be your friend. Whether he wants it or not, you are obliged to pay him friendly visits at least once a year. And ideally, every time your health causes you concern;
  • maintain a positive attitude in life.

If you constantly adhere to these tips, then for many years it will be possible to surprise women with their good health.