The Mistake Of Many Women Or 10 Ways To Ruin Your Life

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The Mistake Of Many Women Or 10 Ways To Ruin Your Life
The Mistake Of Many Women Or 10 Ways To Ruin Your Life

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girl with tied hands
girl with tied hands

Looking at the divorce statistics, one gets a strong impression that women only do that they are wrong. Okay, everyone is not sinless. Sadder is that few people want to learn from their mistakes. Hence the

main occupation is the rake dance. Meanwhile, the main mistake of many women is the loss of femininity. Her ladies lose in various ways.

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  • 1 Method 1. Don't learn from mistakes
  • 2 Method 2. Low self-esteem
  • 3 Method 3. Fast sex
  • 4 Method 4. Fix
  • 5 Method 5. Doing nothing
  • 6 Method 6. Mom
  • 7 Method 7. Earn love
  • 8 Method 8. Competition
  • 9 Method 9. Bother
  • 10 Method 10. Appearance

Method 1. Do not learn from mistakes_1

Why doesn't it work? Because they are not recognized. How can a disease be cured if it has not been diagnosed?

Until the damsels take responsibility for themselves, no amount of talk will help. If he, such and such, is to blame for everything, then he will come the same and will also be guilty. There is only one way out of the vicious circle - to understand that what is happening is the product of one's own outlook on life.

As soon as awareness comes, there are opportunities to change oneself, and hence the situation. Why don't the ladies do this, since the result is so rosy? Because this path is neither easy nor fast. If you have learned to be unhappy for many years, you will not change in a couple of weeks. However, this is the surest path.

Method 2. Low self-esteem_2

A line from the same song about working on yourself.

When a girl is not confident in herself, she does not make a choice, but reconciles with a man's. This does not add joy, but it tunes in to humility, patience, obedience, which lead to hysteria, neuroses, depression, hopelessness. Children in such a family do not grow up self-sufficient, men cannot be called successful either.

Method 3. Quick sex_3

Again, from the opera about notoriousness. You want to feel loved, but in bed it's so easy. So he agrees on the very first date, which does not increase, but lowers self-esteem.

about the mistakes of many women
about the mistakes of many women

No matter what they say about modernity and a change in morals, give the representatives of the stronger sex real women, whom they want to look after.

Method 4. Fix_4

It is necessary to correct! But not a companion, but yourself. And this is the only possible successful scenario. The mistake of many women lies in the fact that all efforts are directed at improving the partner, which in 100% (few? 200%) cases leads to failure.

Method 5. Doing nothing _5

So deep is the fear of making a mistake, so much rake passed that he resigns himself to his inferiority, folds his hands and begins to age. And the numerous stories about those who have found happiness at 40, 50, 60 and more are not convincing. And also the recommendations of psychologists that it is better to live happily regardless of whether there is someone nearby or not. Life is beautiful, but a short thing, to take care of it, to enjoy it is our task.

ways for girls to ruin their lives
ways for girls to ruin their lives

And there are more than enough recipes!

Method 6. Mom_6

There are two aspects:

- it will be a delusion to take care of the husband. Maternal instincts lead to the fact that he associates his wife with his mother. And they don't sleep with them. And he, poor thing, has to go to the left;

- Another is to allow friends and family to interfere. There was not a single case of successful interference in family affairs of outsiders in this world. This is a rough invasion, not a correct hint from the mother-in-law or mother-in-law.

Method 7. Earn love_7

Again, about uncertainty. So, they say, he will recognize me, understand how good I am, and will love me to the grave. And he tries his best to show his best sides. And men, they are like that, you cannot get them with the winning aspects, give them a normal one, with their own worldview, dignity, and even obstinacy. You can't earn love, you can't.

ways for women to ruin their lives
ways for women to ruin their lives

This feeling, and it arises according to its own laws. And one of them, indispensable - to be yourself.

Method 8. Competition _8

You should not let yourself be trampled, but there is no point in defending the rightness on every occasion either. Otherwise, sooner or later it will be possible to defend. And they will be left alone - she and her independence.

Method 9. Bother_9

This is the other extreme, although the basis is the same - fear. But here it is already hypertrophied. The girl is filled with conviction - everything she does is wrong and wrong. Then he suffers everywhere and with everyone. There is simply no time to think about pleasure.

Method 10. Appearance_10

Men love to look at female beauty. Recently they have been denied this. Not in the sense that the beautiful ceased to be born, the beauties are born, and a lot. And the fact that theories of body positive and unisex are becoming more and more popular. Not interested.

mistakes of many women
mistakes of many women

There are many more ways to darken yourself, your beloved, life. However, no, if the beloved, then it will not spoil. But if you can't fall in love, then ideas will be found above the roof. The mistake of many women or their own exclusive - it doesn't matter. It is important to take the path leading to the correction of internal delusions. Let it be long, but it will certainly end with success and gaining femininity. Then there will be no need to search or wait, the woman herself will become happiness, warming everyone around, and to which she wants to be closer.

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