Women Are Prone To Cheating. Is This Really So And What Are The Reasons?

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Women Are Prone To Cheating. Is This Really So And What Are The Reasons?
Women Are Prone To Cheating. Is This Really So And What Are The Reasons?

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The heart of a beauty is prone to treason and change … Ahem, yes, this is exactly what the famous classic of Russian poetry said. Since ancient times, there have been many different rumors about the volatility of women. And different peoples have composed a lot of tales and songs about unfaithful spouses. Despite the huge amount of such information, most women do not agree with this characteristic of the fair sex. And, indeed, can we say that women are prone to cheating only on the basis of the behavior of some loving ladies?

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The cheating factor

What is adultery and why does society think women are prone to it? Let's take a look at this issue!

Cheating is when one of the partners leaves for another person in search of new sensations, new emotions, or the previous roommate simply ceases to satisfy him and meet the requirements. Traditionally, it is believed that women are more likely to cheat than men, but this is far from true.

There are several types of betrayal: 2

  • Physical. There is a type of women for whom the main positive feature of a relationship is physical intimacy. And, if a partner suddenly for any reason ceases to satisfy such a lady, then she simply throws him and goes to a sexually stronger male.
  • Psychological. A woman stays with her former partner, but begins to look for understanding and care “on the side”, with more empathetic people who can give her something that, for unknown reasons, the former partner does not provide. This relationship can develop into physical betrayal, or it can remain at the level of correspondence or romantic meetings with another person.
  • Latent. This is a kind of betrayal, when a girl does not take any action in a relationship with an old partner, but constantly thinks about better candidates or indulges in fantasies, imagining that in her partner's place is another, better and more understanding man.


There are several reasons why some women are prone to cheating:

  • Guy's behavior. If a guy behaves carelessly towards his beloved woman, does not appreciate her, then there is a possibility that she may go to a more understanding and caring male representative.
  • Features of the character of a woman. If material well-being or physiological needs are in the first place for a woman, then it is unlikely that her union with a man will be long and lasting.

As you can see, the opinion that women are prone to cheating did not appear for nothing. Read more on how to change the character of a girl in our article.

why women cheat
why women cheat

Guy Behavior4

Often the reason women are cheating is because of the guy's behavior. If a young man does not pay any attention to the girl, does not appreciate her, leaves one alone with her problems, does not try to understand her and support her in everything, then there is a chance that the girl will start looking for a more suitable man for her, who will take responsibility into her own hands and start solve problems and protect the woman who trusted him.

But, it's important to remember that there is a big difference between a busy one and an inattentive guy. If a man constantly works for the good of the family, then this characterizes him exclusively from the positive side. If the guy is just a slob and a rake, then this suggests the opposite.

"Fatal bitches" 5

Oh yes, many women of this type of character have seen world history. There are such ladies of various ages, the purpose of which is to emotionally tie a man to herself with the subsequent breakdown of relations with him. Such women enjoy the very fact of infidelity and subsequent psychological abuse of the opposite sex. Such women are prone to cheating because they do not recognize any type of relationship at all and receive emotional satisfaction from such selfish behavior.

cause of female infidelity
cause of female infidelity


Leading universities in the world have been interested in the issue of the volatility of women's preferences. Scientists conducted various experiments, recruited experimental groups, tried to determine the "cheating gene" and its signs in women of various races and nationalities, but nothing sensible came of it. The studies either failed or contradicted other studies conducted at the same level.


It turns out that a woman is cheating for a reason, but in search of understanding or because of character traits. In any case, it cannot be argued that all women are prone to betrayal just because there is a separate, really prone to romantic adventures, type of women. The same can be said about a fairly large part of men, but this does not mean that the rest of the people living on earth are not familiar with the concepts of honor, loyalty and love.

Most women, just, are not prone to cheating and prefer a strong and reliable relationship with one partner throughout their lives.

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