Scientifically Proven: Women Love A Strong Male Physique

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Scientifically Proven: Women Love A Strong Male Physique
Scientifically Proven: Women Love A Strong Male Physique
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man with vacuum cleaner
man with vacuum cleaner

If you are a man and you think you can charm the fair sex with your sparkling personality and pretty face, we hasten to disappoint you. Science is always there when it comes to refuting myths that will bring them back to reality.

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  • 3 You need to learn how to prioritize

Interesting experiment

New research published in the Royal Society journal Proceedings B suggests that women are susceptible to strong, handsome male figures. Moreover, we are not always talking about abs cubes and steel buttocks.

The study was carried out as follows: 160 women were asked to view many photographs of male bodies. Subsequently, they had to give an objective assessment of the proposed handsome men. The poll result was almost unanimous.

Research results2

In 70% of cases, women gave preference to one or another candidate, based on his physical strength. Men with a strong physique or a couple of extra pounds caused more attraction and sympathy. Those who seemed skinny in appearance elicited less positive responses.

“We were not surprised that women found physically strong men attractive … what surprised us was how strong the effect was,” said study leader Aaron Sell of Griffith University in Australia. "According to our data, no woman preferred a thin man to a stronger one, even if he was overweight."

Evolution affects everything, experts say. "Big" men subconsciously instill strength, the ability to procreate and protect offspring.

Girls prefer strong men
Girls prefer strong men

You need to learn how to prioritize3

The results obtained should not be taken literally. Appearance gives only a primary impression of a person. This study also shows that if you rush from one extreme to another, it is better to be with a couple of extra pounds than with a couple of clearly missing ones. Basically, being a strong, well-fed guy is cool and would bring comfort to many.

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